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Guest Blog - Skibunny in NYC, Day 2

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ATL | 10:46 UK time, Friday, 23 October 2009

skibunnyNYCCMJ2500.jpgDay two in New York City, and after some much needed sleep we're up 'n' at 'em early. We head to the conference centre to meet Angela from Music From Ireland. She's been giving away our CDs and flyers at their booth and generally helping us push the Skibunny show. We get to meet Matt McDonald who basically runs CMJ. He looks pretty calm considering how busy he his. After some amazing Mexican food, we head up to the artist's lounge where Mark & Nick get free haircuts. Then it's off to Arlene's Grocery for the Canadian showcase, including free poutine - chips, gravy and cheese - mmmmmmmmm! The SXSW "meet and greet" is a rather fancy affair in a winery, then we walk downtown to meet Matt, the drummer from Holy F**k, who is kindly lending us a load of drum stuff. He also shows us the fire station from Ghostbusters!

Later, we go to The Suffolk to see Megaphonic Thrift, but first we get to see a US band called International Espionage, who we all agree are the best band we have seen in ages! We're playing the same venue tomorrow night, can't wait!


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