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Electric Picnic 09 - The XX (second opinion)

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ATL | 17:35 UK time, Saturday, 5 September 2009

Electric Arena, Saturday 5th September, 3pm

The XXWe're a wee bit gutted about Bat For Lashes' last minute cancellation but hopeful that we can salvage some of the day in the big blue tent. The XX are not here to bring the funky part-ay, but that's ok, we had a rough enough night and their downbeat sweepy synths, heavy-duty bass and reverbed up guitars are just the tonics for some fevered brows. We can hear elements of the Birthday Party and other early 80s doompop merchants in this new collection. This is a good thing.

Describe in a tweet: They wear black on the outside etc...

Good Vibrations:
'Crystallised' is a glistening gem of longing, and the live rendition is spot on. The brooding delivery of Romy's vocals is a comforting, gloomy blanket. It's hypnosis on a scale not seen in Ireland since Gene Fitzpatrick. *

Life's a beach: We need more time to get accustomed to these tunes before we can properly and fully submerge into their world of sweet melancholy. At next year's festivals we'll be front and centre, possibly in tears.

EP rating: 7/10

* this reference is strictly for the over 25s


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