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Electric Picnic 09 - Simian Mobile Disco

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ATL | 17:44 UK time, Sunday, 6 September 2009

Electric Arena, Sunday 6th September, 5.30pm

With a couple of hits and played out remixes under their belts and a second album ready to go, it's resonable to expect Simian Mobile Disco will have developed some kind of a decent live show. They haven't.

Describe in a tweet: Good tunes badly presented.

Good Vibrations: The tracks played out are all great, don't get us wrong. 'Sleep Deprivation' is dark and vicious, 'It's the Beat' is bouncy and fun. 'Audacity of Huge' is a decent stab at pop-crossover and 'Hustler' is becoming something of a classic.
Life's a beach: The problem is that this really does seem like a "hit play then mince about" kind of "performance". ATL has no issue with dance acts not doing much onstage as long as the effort has been put in developing the set and lighting before the tour begins. But with SMD there's no visual aspect worth writing home about and those tracks are barely reworked. We appreciate these guys are usually pretty busy producing other peoples' records, moonlighting with the Arctic Monkeys and DJing at every hole in the hedge, but they really should take five minutes out to decide how the Simian Mobile Disco live experience can somehow become even vaguely special.

EP rating: 5/10


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