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Belsonic 09 - 2manydjs

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ATL | 17:10 UK time, Friday, 28 August 2009


Describe in a tweet: The most amount of fun Belfast has ever hosted.

What went down: Possibly the most entertaining performance ATL has witnessed at a festival ever. From the moment Stephen Dewaele rides a scooter onstage and tunes a transistor radio to Radio Soulwax's frequency, while specially dressed stagehands wheel on the mammoth front-of-stage light show, an incredibly infectious buzz consumes 4500 (!!) punters gathered in the centre of Belfast city.

Their remix of 'Hey Boy Hey Girl' (2manydjs, here we go!!) wrecks the place after about 30 seconds. And it only gets better after that.

In fact, the opening 15 minutes are sensational. And then something very special happens as a mammoth LSD screen is unveiled.


The highlight: Those visuals. Those incredible visuals. Such a simple idea - take the artwork to the tracks being played and make them come alive to the music. So you get a wee Van Morrison jiving, an enormous Beth Ditto waving to the crowd, a big breasted Aphex Twin giving everyone the creeps, Tiga singing 'Mind Dimension' while munching a banana, various iconic images of Michael Jackson, a headbanging Bishop from some Slayer artwork, Dolly Parton dandering across the screen with a mop and bucket and the baby from Nevermind chasing that dollar bill. It's utterly captivating and the perfect, daft accompaniment to ninety minutes of some of the finest party music ever recorded.

Anyone who thinks all DJs are boring needs to see this show and promtly take a wise. A ridiculous, ludicrous and uncalled for amount of fun.


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