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Oxegen 09 - Joe Echo

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ATL | 19:41 UK time, Saturday, 11 July 2009

IMRO Stage, Saturday 11th July, 6:35pm

Describe in a Tweet: Anthemic beatsy epic sounds from the small troupe fill the ears of many a stranger.

What Happened: The rain just keeps on pouring but thankfully for Joe Echo, aka Ciaran Gribbin, he's got the comfort of playing in the IMRO tent. Along with the perk that is shelter, a rather great crowd packs into the tent for some anthemic beatsy soulful tunes - if they know it or not.

Joe Echo, as an entity, makes a far bigger noise than its numbers. On top of the backing tracks and loop station, Ciaran is joined by his younger brother, John Gribbin, and songstress Shauna Tohill on stage.

They play quiet a diverse set from the fairly well known,'Tillys Cowboy' to the slightly darker 'Damage' and the incredibly beatsy 'The Heart That Knows Desire' and 'Sold Out Hallelujah'.

His vocals are strong and the songs are there. My only real gripe with Joe Echo is that I wish he had a huge band to play live with him. The ridged electronic beats grind a bit after a while and there's some aspects that are just crying out for more energetic performances. At the same time though, there were 'rave' like moments which gave an incredible burst of energy to the set.

This Is a High: The sing along moments in 'Sold Out Hallelujah' and John Gribbin announcing there's a party in B26 on stage. 

This Is a Low: My personal longing for more live performers and less backing track.

Oxegen Rating: 7/10


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