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Get Your Slow Groove On

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Rigsy | 13:06 UK time, Wednesday, 1 April 2009

We opened Monday night's show with a relatively obscure track by a French dude called Sebastian Tellier.

Actually, it was a "remix" of a relatively obscure track by a French dude called Sebastian Tellier.

Opening tracks on ATL are usually something massive by a well known act, or at least a local track that we've been absolutely hammering. Something familiar, basically.

But on Monday, an exception was made, because the Aeroplane remix of Sebastian Tellier's 'Kilometre' is the greatest noise I have heard so far this year.

It's one of those tracks you can play to pretty much anyone and they'll buzz off it. No one can deny the joy of that bassline in the chorus or dare not acknowledge the funk

And with this track also comes some awesome "further listening".

Aeroplane, who are a Belgian production duo by the way, were also responsible for a track which was easily in my top five tunes of 2008:

'Paris' by Friendly Fires was already awesome, but Aeroplane had Erika from Au Revoir Simone do vocals, slowed the beat down and turned it into something a little bit special.

We're told this is 'slow groove' and that Aeroplane are pioneers of a reasonably new sound - a take on disco - basically house music, but slower.

This scene is best celebrated with a recent mix put together by the Belguin duo, which comes free with this month's Mixmag. Fifteen incredible slow grooves, including the two remixes mentioned in this blog. It's the best DJ mix I've heard in years and I reckon I've listened to it, in full, about ten times in less than a week. Not bad given it's about an hour long and I'm a busy man (well, there was a Fraiser marathon on the comedy channel).

Get that mix, or at least give the tracks on their myspace a decent go, if you haven't already.


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