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ATL Round up # 1

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ATL | 17:50 UK time, Thursday, 4 December 2008

Hello y'all, time for our weekly 'here's what we're at' blog, in which we tell you....what we are at.

Loads happening at the moment - the collective ATL team are currently basking in the glory that was our gig last night - Fight Like Apes, LaFaro and Cutaways were all brilliant, in very different ways. Really lovely atmosphere as well - everyone seemed so happy, especially when Fight Like Apes started performing songs in the middle of the crowd. It always helps, having a big haired lady-loon in hot pants sing a song from point blank range.

In honour of the 'Apes general greatness, Monday night's ATL will be almost entirely dedicated to them. We've an hour co-present, during which singer May Kay and keyboardist Pockets will join Rigsy to play some of their favourite tunes. Expect random anecdotes about dead dogs as well.

Then, we'll broadcast most of the gig, alongside a couple of tracks from both LaFaro and Cutaways.

As if that wasn't enough, we'll also have footage of the gig online pretty soon. There was five cameras, so we just need to find time to sit down and edit the thing together!!!!

Other things that have been happening in the ATL office...

- Build up to Republic of Loose performing in Belfast next week (debating their best album/track)

- Rigsy trying to work out whether he's happy about or depressed about his birthday (he's turning 30!)

- Listening to Joe Lindsay sing hit singles, but in the style of Billy Bragg (so far: 'Crazy in Love', 'Firestarter' and 'Run')

- Raving the bit out to the podcast mix Fergie has done for us

- Picking what classic carols will join new tracks for the legendary ATL carol service - coming on December 22nd!!

So there you have it. Fight Like Apes mania, basically.

Before we go, what will be our semi-regular column from our clueless presenter (honestly, this is the kind of thing he comes out with regularly)

'In these credit crunchy times, why not just get an extra Visa card? They're rally easy to get your hands on and it's basically free money. Just let your next of kin pay it off, pass that debt right on. Seriously, it's fool proof.'

* Please NEVER listen to Rigsy, as we certainly don't. He is a fool. In fact, probably best doing the opposite of absolutely everything he says.


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