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The role of an Estonian ball boy

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Producer Jamie Producer Jamie | 09:00 UK time, Wednesday, 7 November 2012


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image description Seeing triple

Being a ball boy in Estonia isn’t just about collecting the ball and handing it back to a player, there duty goes further than that. They’ve got to put off the opposition too.

But if it doesn’t work, they just look a bit silly.
image description Messi strikes

Lionel Messi rarely does anything wrong on a football pitch, so there’s no reason for him to get frustrated. But we saw just glimpses of this in Barcelona’s 3-1 win over Celta Vigo.

Perhaps it’s all those sleepless nights after the new arrival to the Messi family?
image description The definition of a scrappy goal

We’re forever hearing commentators call out scrappy play, but this youth game between Liverpool and Wolves was witness to the scrappiest goal we’ve ever seen.

We can’t take anything away from the finish though.
image description In yer face!

We’ve seen a fair share of throw-ins in which somebody gets a ball in the face, but how about being hit twice, one after another?

That’s just cheeky.
image description The worst piece of football memorabilia ever?

We’ve been there before talking terrible football memorabilia, Liverpool have joined the running for the worst thing you’ll see in a club shop with this shirt.

Would anyone actually wear this?
image description Sir Alex Ferguson & Juan Mata pick up Player & Manager of the month for October

Do you agree? Andy on Facebook says: ‘Think Clarke or Martinez should have been manager of month’. But Ray on Twitter says: ‘No complaints on manager, but Suarez should have got Player of the month. He's been class!’.

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