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Copper: Worth Its Weight In Gold

Sarah Sturdey Sarah Sturdey | 16:30 UK time, Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Copper wire

It's hard to believe but the record prices for copper could be the reason you've been held up on a train, all because someone's thought they could make a bit of easy cash by stealing a few metres of signalling cable.

The cable contains copper.

And it's not just here in the UK - copper is in high demand around the world.

The metal has just reached around US$10,000 a tonne for the first time and is still rising. And it's all down to the Chinese. In 2010, the country accounted for about one-third of total global demand. And their consumption continues to increase. So global markets are linked to small-time thieves or even organised gangs in this country.

But how does the theft of copper affect you?

If you've been delayed on a train because of 'cable theft on the line' and you've missed an important appointment or meeting, or been seriously inconvenienced, we want to speak to you..

We're planning a day looking at the issue of copper theft and how it affects some of our day-to-day activities - catching a train, making a call or receiving a regular electricity supply.

If you've been affected - email me. Or feel free to tell us your story here on the blog.

Sarah Sturdey is 5Live's East Midlands reporter.


  • Comment number 1.

    I work in a call center for the gas distribution industry, and we get no end of calls coming in stating that the copper pipework to a standard domestic property has been cut and removed, resulting in gas escapes, or sometimes the whole gas setup (meter and pipework) is stolen. this is up and down the UK.


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