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Gemma | 13:42 UK time, Friday, 29 May 2009


What could Trevor and I be discussin on sunny friday afternoon??

Trevor Does The Apprentice Episode 10

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Producer Janine | 11:28 UK time, Thursday, 28 May 2009

Week 10: The home shopping challenge

The competition is heating up, here's what went on last night....


Who Got Fired : Howard
Who Should Have Been Fired : James

Watch the whole episode via the BBC iPlayer

Read Adrian Chiles (You're Fired host) weighing up the final five


Gemma | 08:17 UK time, Wednesday, 27 May 2009


We know loads of you have just finished school, so have a look at me on my last day of school! We went wild that day... The main question is why is one bunch longer than the other??....

P.S I'm knida regretting this as I post it.. I'm cringing hard at myself!

Trevor Does The Apprentice Episode 9

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Producer Janine | 11:50 UK time, Thursday, 21 May 2009

Week 9: In the words of Ashanti, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby !!!

Its the business end of the competition, here's what went on last night....

Who Got Fired : Ben (Does Sir Alan actually have a heart while firing Ben)
Who Should Have Been Fired : Not Ben

Watch the whole episode via the BBC iPlayer

Hear Trevor and Gem talk to latest reject Ben Clarke

STRANGEST internet buy ever...

Gemma | 10:08 UK time, Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Ha ha... lovin Christian's online buy - an orginal 1995 Argos catalogue that he bought for £10!

and here he is with it... along with this text:

"Honest, there is a £329 vhs player! Honest, there is a £329 vhs player on page 365"

Nice one..
Gem Xx


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Gemma | 10:27 UK time, Tuesday, 19 May 2009


The shirt... Everyone's laughing at this morning.. Not THAT bad..!??

THE WEAKEST LINK (literally)

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Gemma | 13:59 UK time, Friday, 15 May 2009


What a night, what a night, what bloomin mad night! Everyone in the 1Xtra office is currently throwing sympathtic looks my way with twinkling eyes, or brazenly rinsing the fact that I didn't know the answer to this, complete the sentence...

" A rolling stone gathers no...."

I've NEVER heard that saying in my flippin life! So therefore, I was the Weakest Link and got voted off in the first round (Pretty much what EVERYONE told me, I just simply couldn't do!.... For example Treble T has just come out of his show and hugged me whilst shaking his head). But it was an amazing experience to be a part of the recording of such an iconic British TV show, not to mention the sheer fear of standing on that podium surrounded by some people that have had careers that make my jaw drop with respect. The line up is below... Talking of legends I thought Anne Robinson was awesome in action. She was piercing, on point and looked intensely hot.

I'm not going to tell you who won, because it will ruin the surprise. But I was happy with the end result, though pretty gutted that I didn't even get the chance to rep 1xtra a little bit further and had the chance win some cash for my chosen charity - Help the Aged.
Ah well, alls well that ends well.

A couple of funny things that happened behind the scenes...

Suzi Quatro, gave myself and Dave Berry a psychic reading.

Anne Robinson heard the wrong version of a word when being taught to speak slang by Rickie and Melvin and ended up repeating something very, very rude indeed. But had us cracking up.


Christian O'Connell, Janice Long, Dave Berry, Pete Murray, Suzi Quatro, Rickie and Melvin, Davind Diddy Hamilton, Terry Christian.

Oh and btw - just found this nice recent blog from Adele...Thought you might like it?

Gem Xx

P.S On a genuinely honest level.. did you know the answer to the question?

Trevor Does The Apprentice Episode 8

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Producer Julie | 11:48 UK time, Thursday, 14 May 2009

Week 8 : "Cool" Margate

Its the business end of the competition, here's what went on last night....

Who Got Fired : Moaning Mona
Who Should Have Been Fired : Debra (Big Uniiiiiiiiiiit)

Ice Creams in Margate

Watch the whole episode via the BBC iPlayer

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Gem talks football with Micah Richards

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Producer Julie | 12:16 UK time, Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Jay, Gemma and Micah Richards

And who said Gem would be lonely without Trev...

Trev is still recovering from his R1 Big Weekend shenanigans so Gem was riding solo today.

Not only did she have her interview with the dreamboat cast of Star Trek, but Man City and England footballer Micah Richards passed thru the studio to introduce his cousin Jay (brand new artist) and his blinging outfit.

Hear the show


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Gemma | 12:15 UK time, Monday, 11 May 2009

Literally still buzzing from the weekend! Couldn't really sleep last night, so much to think about, so much to write about, so much to talk about. I'm literally beating myself currently for not taking a camera with me (EXCUSE: analogue girl in a digital world!).. I've been informed that I was allowed to be as over excited as I was, because it was my first ever R1 Big Weekend, but if I'm honest I didn't see one face that wasn't genuinely beaming to be there...

For example.. R1 DJ's, that have been to the Big Weekend before sprinting from stage to stage to intrduce acts, present shows, chat to press, and Swindonians alike, generally working their butts off with glee. I've decided to list my favourite moments... I will hunt down more pics, for now paint the pics in your head and listen again to when Trev let me join him on his Saturday show...


A local school was getting a tour of the site being set up and literally SCREAMING at Chris Moyles dressed in a suit on a golf buggy!

Pretending to be in a band and taking over BBC Introducing Stage...



Florence and the Machine's acoustic in BBC Introducing tent on Saturday, including Edith Bowman's heartfelt introduction. But at the same time, enjoyed the pant flashing main performance on the New Music Stage equally.

Seeing JLS gyrating on top of the Switch bus. So much soo, that Dellessa and I happily wore our JLS hoodies into the early hours... Look at pic below.

Exchanging general joke with Dizzee Rascal.

Having a proper rave up moment with my friends to 2Many DJ's on the Outdoor stage.


Getting a lift with a local hippy called Jake the Jugglar to the hotel for drinks with Tom Deacon and his Switch team!


Trevor discovering his inner rock and roll side and sporting a stubble on Sunday morning!

Running up to do 'Heads Sholders knees and Toes' on the Outdoor stage followed by R1 producer, Dellesa doing the Tribal Skank on stage.

Feeling the celebratory vibes and dancing with Ras Kwame and Twin B's twin to Tinchy and Dappy perform 'Numba 1' live .

Intense head bobbing from various astonished people watching Gossip from the side of the stage including Ladyhawke (who'd earlier perfomed on the same stage)...

Meeting a Swindonain lady with a giant pink afro wig on.

Meeting another Swindonian lady that offered her bra up for Trevor (listen to the show, to know what I mean!).

Getting addicted to Becky cam.

Watching Dappy and friends brazenly approaching the prettiest girls in the guest area.

Akon and Shontelle going past on the back of a golf buggy, giggling.

Dev's illuminous earplugs.

I am overall exhausted yet invigorated... I would like to do it again sometime!

Gem Xx

See Gemma in Swindon on the Webcam!

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Producer Julie | 19:16 UK time, Friday, 8 May 2009

Gemma Hijacks The Webcam

Our Gem hijacked the Radio 1 Beckycam in Swindon during the Ace & Vis Show today. Even Producer Crispin got in on the act.

Gem and Crispin on the Webcam

Check her "waterproof" afro

Gemmas Hair on the Webcam

Hear Friday's Ace & Vis Show with Gemma in Swindon.

Don't miss Trev and Gem live from R1's Big Weekend on Saturday from 7pm.....

Gemma in Her Buggy

Trevor Does The Apprentice Ep 7

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Trevor Nelson Trevor Nelson | 12:10 UK time, Thursday, 7 May 2009

Week 7 : Oop North

Here's my take on last night's adventures...

Who Got Fired : Pantsman Phil
Who Should Have Been Fired : Pantsman Phil

Phil Loves Kate

Watch the whole episode via the BBC IPlayer

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Trev + Gem hit the Queen Vic and audition for a part in EastEnders!

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Producer Julie | 11:43 UK time, Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Today the Breakfast Show was all about our EastEnders Drama-rama-spectacular with interviews with the actors on the set of the show.

Check out Trev & Gem's adventures in Albert Square

Watch possibly the worst EastEnders audition ever here...

Bradley and his new girl Syd in the dressing room
One for the old skool Eastenders heads

Kathy pic

Garry, Tamwar and Amira - a brand new character not yet seen on screen (!) chat to Trev at Walford East Station


The lovely Queen Vic


See more pix
See Trev dig for dirt with Masood
See Big Mo's Credit Crunch Tip
Official EastEnders site

EastEnders Video : Big Mo Credit Crunch Tip

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Gemma | 06:51 UK time, Friday, 1 May 2009

Going on the set of EastEnders was awesome. The attention to detail was extraordinary... Even down to the overpriced Chicken Tikka Massala in the Argee Bargee (Walford's finest curry cuisine!), at £9.75... I noticed on the menu!
Even more impressive was Big Mo's likeness to the real Big Mo?! If that makes sense?

Gem Xx


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