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Gem & Bashy 4eva : Love Don't Cost A Thing

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Producer Julie | 17:12 UK time, Friday, 30 January 2009

Its been a crazy week on the Breakfast Show as me and Gem have been running all over town doing money saving challenges for the 1Xtra & R1 Money Campaign. Cue : lots and lots of walking in the cold and rain (its free innit).
We set up stall in a slighty scary North London market to sell some booty (when all the other traders came over and started questioning our pricing we realised were totally out of our depth lol) and all the cash we made took us all the way to Bath.

Gem's challenge on Day Three was to Romance a Celeb on a budget of £13.25 for over 3 hours. But who was the object of her affections?


The lovely Bashy. - plus his beard

Gem planned to walk by the canal, feed the ducks, stare into each others eyes - but of course it rained all day!!!! Purchase No 1 : Large Umbrella for £3


She decided to stop in a caff for a warming drink £2.40 for two hot chocolates. The conversation was flowing, but Gemma did keep asking him about his ex ...Then Bashy and Gemma fed their souls at the 'Taking Liberties' exhibition at the British Library - intellectual freeness FREE


Its time for lunch - chips and lemonade - yum! £2.70

And finally the bus home - £4 for two people (how much?????)

Gemma was left with a cool £1.15 and a very happy Bashy!! (he was threatening to take other girls on free dates to British Library tho. Poor Gem!)

I asked Bashy if he had a good time and he said he

Over Enjoyed It

So come on - Do you need to spend loads of money on a date to impress someone? Personally I'm with Timbaland : you don't need the cheese or the car keys its all about the Way I Are (or something)


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