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Jinghua Jinghua | 10:03 UK time, Friday, 27 July 2012

Have you ever seen the film《Avatar 》? Do you still remember the Hallelujah Mountains on the alien planet Pandora? Of course they are fictional. But when you come to Zhangjiajie and see those peaks you will feel you are personally on the Pandora.

Not long ago I went to Zhangjiajie, which is located in the Province Hunan. Zhangjiajie is China's first national forest park, and it is known for its odd rocks, thick forest, limestone caves and beautiful streams. Everyday its beautiful scenery which attracts many tourists come here.


In my opinion the most beautiful view is the landscape of the Golden Wipe stream. Because when you walk along the stream you can see the abrupt peaks and odd rocks which are on both sides. And every independent peak and cliff has its own feature. For example, one of the famous cliffs is Mother and Child cliff. It consists of two high cliffs and a low one. If you see it from a distance, it looks like a mother holding her child before her chest. So it's called Mother and Child cliff. Besides this there are many other cliffs and peaks that get their names because of their features, such as South Pillar of Heaven, The Old Man Gather herbs and so on.


Maybe you think the peaks are very boring, because there are many mountains in the world and you have visited the more beautiful cliffs or peaks than the peaks in the Zhangjiajie. So I suggest you to visit the limestone caves. In the caves you can see stalactites which is formed by limestone after several millions years. Standing in front of them, you have to admire, the nature is so fascinating and amazing.

Another thing is worth mentioning. That is the minority people who live there. You can completely experience their traditional culture through their clothing, festival and food. Meanwhile, it's a hospitable and friendly minority. They will dance and sing the folk songs to welcome for your coming. Anyway, you can always find your favorite thing there, so come here and experience this beauty.


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    Thanks for your post. You know, my grandparents were Chinese, but now we all live in Vietnam. And it's a pity that I've never come to China for just only one time. One of my dreams is to travel around this country to learn more about the landscapes, especially the people, the life that I've been told by my grandparents since I was a child. I've learned Chinese for few years, and hope I can use it in the country it comes from.
    Patricia (My Chinese name is Xiuqing)

  • Comment number 2.

    Hello Jinghua,

    It was fun to read your blog. I think those mountains and streams you described are surely beautiful and I think whole world is very beautiful. I have never seen an ugly place. Nature is beautiful all over the world. Only humans spoil every scenery they touch.

    If you have some pictures of these peaks, please send them here. It would be nice to see pictures from Zhangjiajie.


    - Ompputhecat -

  • Comment number 3.

    Hi Jinghua,
    It the first time I comment on your blog. From your topic, I see scenery in your country is very very beautiful and attractive. My home town is a province of The Red river Delta and no mountains so I really enjoyed climb up a mountains and walk along stream. Thanks for your interested description and i hope in near future i have enough money to go round your country and special Zhangjiajie.

    Best regards!

  • Comment number 4.

    dear Khanhly
    China Welcomes You
    I live in shanghai there is a beautiful city.


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