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Jinghua Jinghua | 14:58 UK time, Friday, 13 July 2012

Today I want to talk about friendship. Everyone in the world, rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, definitely have one or two best friends, who share your happiness and sorrow, and will go together with you through the journey of life.

For me friendship is very important. Especially when I lived in Russia , just friends accompanied me all the way. I have to admit that our friendship is not so smooth, sometimes I am kind of willful, sometimes your words hurt my heart, but finally we always forgive and tolerate each other. Meanwhile, I will never feel lonely and face everything with courage, because I know you will by my side, forever and always.

Friendship is a kind of treasure in our lives. Sometimes it's kind of like a bottle of a wine, with time elapsing it spreads sweetness, sometimes it's like a diamond, despite through of time, it's still shining in the dark.

The world is so big, everyday we meet so many people, just you know me best and you care me as treasure. If you couldn't be my friend, who can? As a word in my favorite book《Charlotte's web》,you've been my friend, that in itself is a tremendous thing.


PS: Next time I will change the theme,like chinese culture or scenery!


  • Comment number 1.

    Hi, Jinghua! I totally agree with you: friendship is very important and I realized it when I started studying far from my hometown, where my family couldn't help me or comfort me and where my new friends became my second family.
    But during this period I also understood that finding real friends is very hard (I mean, those friends who are like diamonds, as you said) and so, of course, you can easily meet new people to spend a night with, while, often, you can't find anybody when you're ill, or sad.

    However, in Italy there's a very popular saying which says: Who finds a friend, finds a treasure, which I think it well sums up the concept of your post.

    Well, this is my first comment here and I'm quite awkward but I just want to tell you that I really liked this post and the theme you chose (even if I would be very interested in chinese culture too!)

  • Comment number 2.

    Hi Jinghua

    Thank you for choosing the topic for this week 'Friendship' which is really heart touching. we always try to find a good friend, really good friend who can share and care in any situation that can't be possible by others.

    Friend is the only group with whom we can share everything even those which we can't share with our parents and others family member. And their mental support is sometime also tremendously important to tackle some situation - personal and family matter..

    Though now the things are changing.... some people first think what benefit they will get after making a friendship with a specific individual. As well what is status of the prospective friend and his parents? Even sometime student to make a friend with a good student for the help. But my understanding is we should focus on the behavior and mentally of the prospective friend rather than the status of him/her and well there parents.

    I have very few friends as I just focus on their mentally and most of the cases I'm not satisfied when I read their mentally. They just focus on the benefit they will get after making a friendship and they are not prepare for sacrificing when needed.

    Thank you for the concentration and look forward to more comments and post like this one.

  • Comment number 3.

    Hi Jinghua,

    Nice to meet you! I like both your posts. Certainly love and friendship are the most important parts of our life. Sometimes they say that real friendship between women is impossible. I believe it is nonsense. Friendship doesn’t depend on the gender. It depends whether people need and want to be concerned about each other.
    As well as Tolasani I met devoted friends far from home. We were students and shared with each other our problems and happy news. Now we’ve been known each other for twenty years and I’m very grateful to them for our friendship.

    Greetings from Russia

  • Comment number 4.

    Hi Jinghua,
    It is really true. It is difficult to live without friend. Nothing want, nothing give but friendship alive.

  • Comment number 5.

    Hello Jinghua,

    you wrote about important subject for everyone. I want to bring a little bit different point of view to this conversation. Because I'm a little older guy I'm already married and I have my own life style so I can tell that it is possible to live a good life without a special friend.

    First of all my best friend is my wife. She is also much more than just a friend and maybe thats why I don't need so called special friend. Even I don't have a special friend I can live a satisfied life. I have my relatives and I have my wife's relatives, I have my neighbours and friends at work and in hobbies. I have lot of good people around me and frankly to say after the working days and hobbies I don't have energy to meet more people at freetime. I hope you don't get me wrong but I'm happy to my current situation. I exactly don't need or want a special friend.

    Things can change when you get older. When I was younger I had good friends, but nowadays all the friends are just friends not the special ones. Maybe I'm too family oriented, but It's possible to live good life like this.


    - Ompputhecat -

  • Comment number 6.

    Hi Jinghua,

    I agree with you. Friendship is very important in a part of our life and I also agree with Ompputhecat, but remember it very difficult that we live without relationship it is not matter special friend or best friends. You still be the lucky one that have this happy part in your life, especially for who not living in our won homeland.

    Like me I was chosing immigrated to Australia. When I came to Australia first few month I feel like I lost everything, my dream,evevrything is rolling again and you need to start evevrything from the beginning.It was very hard to get used to this strange Country, but whatever happened when you go to school make some friends you will find the way out of this blindness.

  • Comment number 7.

    Hello Jinghua,

    friendship is really a treasure one can find in life. Sometimes we may find it early in our lives, sometimes later. Or sometimes we find it more than once in life. It really doesn't matter when. The most important thing is to give it its true value when we find it.
    And the best way to find this great treasure is to look for it.
    And how do we look for it? By looking at the ones who are next to us. Paying careful attention to their needs and making ourselves available to giving and receiving this wonderful gift which is the possibility of sharing our lives with people next to us.
    And once we find this wonderful treasure, we must care that it's nurtured properly. All friendships need to be cared for. We must be there for our friends when they need us and we must be ready to do little things that will show them how important they are to us.
    Well, just some thoughts about friendship.

    My best regards.

  • Comment number 8.

    Hello everybody,

    friendship really is a treasure and it's worth of maintaining. Sometimes I miss those teenage days when everything was exciting and new. My friends at 30 years ago are now married, some have divorced and some have children. Even I nowadays don't know how they look like I still remember good times with them. If we could meet someday, things aren't the same. We can't have those times back and it's good. When you get older everything changes. People are not the same.

    I agree with you Kimhong. If you move abroad thing are not simple. You need to do lot of work to have new friends and if there is a different culture you need to work even much harder. In this situation you really learn the value of friendship. It is something you can't buy even if you were a miljonaire.

    - Ompputhecat -

  • Comment number 9.

    Hello everyone,
    Friendship means a lot to me because i like to make new friends every time when i feel low few of my bosom friends lift me up every time.I think without friendship person can't survive a person become depression creature which is spreading negative vibration. friendship is very pivotal for everyone . a person who had friends in his life he knows how to maintain relationship weather it may be of any kind of relationship . so at last i would say friendship teaches a lot of lessons so everyone should have lot of friends...
    Regards to my new friends on this blog
    Indiana jone singh

  • Comment number 10.

    Hello everyone,
    I agree with you all: friendship is important and a life without friends is a very sad one. I feel good if my friends feel good. I need their wellness in order to stay well in my turn. I think that we all need friends looking after us, but it’s also important having someone to love, someone to deal with. We’ve better to go out from our own feelings and worries: if you’ve a friend you have to understand her/his pont of views, opinions, concerns. But the fantastic thing about friendship is that, even if my friend needs something different from what is to me, I’ll try to help her/him because I know that the world will be a better one if she/he achieves her/his wishes.
    Maria Teresa

  • Comment number 11.

    Hi all my friends
    I believe that friendship is God giving and friendship never differentiates our country, religion, education, etc. I want to have many friends because I don't want to live in this world alone because we need one another.

  • Comment number 12.

    Hi everyone,
    For my liking, friendship is one of the greatest things that God gives us; therefore, we have to appreciate it. we might have so many friends, but we need a true friend- our closest friend with whom we can share everything in our life, the sadness, the happiness, ect. There are many things that we can only share with friends, and they completely can help us to overcome all our obstacles. In short, i feel very happy 'cause i have friends who are always by my side. i think we are the lucky ones; we have lovely friends and we know the value of friendship :)

  • Comment number 13.

    Hi guys.Im very glad to share my mind with u guys as u did.Yeah its very imortant topic among people.the friendship and relationship always effects our life.Spouse and friends always with your life time .And also it make changes our life through any measure .Before I had a best friend .We was always happy and having fun together When we keep contining our friendship.And i was thought her interest and character always fits to me.One day We had argued.Since this time there are noting left between my friend and me.It wasnt girls nonsense altercation.I had have connetion unfair on her.But its was not my fault completely.Because o my parents.And I always have got hurts for this happen.I wanna say sorry or something.but i was scaring.After that My friend always trying to make me trouble like bad mouthing , insulting .Generally she get happy when i fail.I always think than it doest matter how much she insulting and hurts me.I look back at our magnificent friendship and happy momments.What i undertood frm this story Your best friend can be real friend or real enemy.Its only depend on us. I just wanna say that Friendship is very precious If we find someone who can stay with you whever u are in affliction and happiness.Therefore we must to do right choices for friendship.

  • Comment number 14.

    hi mi name is Alex I'm new member , I'm from Brasil.

  • Comment number 15.

    Hi everyone,
    In my country there is a story about friendship, which tells about a man who had a lot of friends with which he drunk and ate every night, because he was a rich man and he always paid the bills. One day he decided to test how many of them are really friends and call them one after another and told them that he killed someone and he needed a help to buried the body. From so many friends he had, noone wanted to help him except one, but he understand that this man is his real friend.

  • Comment number 16.

    I am KHATRA posting from mauritanian capital i read your post talking about freindsheap i don't speak english very well as you but i am corrently agree whit you ; thinks for you to be my freind

  • Comment number 17.

    Hi, ı live in istanbul, name is Hakkı, ı will speak english and write a day, Now, only ı am reading. Now ı trying to understand written here..Good night ;)

  • Comment number 18.

    friendship has a great mean for each person because we cannot live alone. at the same time for being a good, we need best friends who drive us to the goodness. so everything must be done to have a good friends

  • Comment number 19.

    Hi Jinghua
    i think friendship is the gift of god to us

  • Comment number 20.

    Friendship, like the immortality of the soul...

  • Comment number 21.

    Hello Jinghua:)
    Nice to read your post:) It was a great time for me to feel that how you think about friendship is:) Hope you will have a beautiful friendship with your friends:)

  • Comment number 22.

    No words to say about "FRIENDSHIP"..........................


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