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Poland's national sport!

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Karolina Karolina | 15:29 UK time, Friday, 4 May 2012

It's a great pleasure to be your blogger for this month. I would like to apologize for my English because I know that it's not perfect.

My name is Caroline and I'm from Poland. I live in a small city in the south of Poland. I'm studying geography and I would like to be a guide someday.

I would like to write about our "national sport" in Poland. Now we are in the end of long holiday which lasts 9 days. When I first thought about my first topic for this blog I wanted to write about our Constitution Day but yesterday I have this idea to write about the other thing.

For these days I was mostly reading a book and enjoying beautiful weather. But evenings was reserved for our favourite activity - grilling. I think that in Poland it is our new "national sport" because it doesn't matter if you are living in the big city or in the country. It doesn't matter if you love eating meat or not. Because the most important thing are people. We are gathering around grill and we spend this time talking, laughing and singing. There is also some alcohol drinks but the most important are grilled sausages or baked potatoes. I know that it isn't very healthy like riding a bicycle or jogging. But we can strengthen relations with people.

Except eating grilled sausages we like to eat baked potatoes. And here we are making it in special holder.

Baking potatoes

Here you can see how baked potatoes looks. It is mix of potato, carrot, sausage, onion.

My brother

And here my brother is preparing sausages. He needs special stick to grill sausage.

And what do you think about grilling? Do you like it? I have to admit that I love it because I can spend my time with my friends and family and there is always a lot of fun.


  • Comment number 1.

    Hello Karolina and welcome to our great family.
    Thanks also for your first blog and showing us what you call "sport".
    I perfectly agree with you about how could be great to spend hours with friends around a table or on the grass eating something cooked in the garden.
    You remind me when I was been a blog student in last November.
    This experience will be really helpful for you to improve your English knowledges and I hope you'll be able to meet a lot of readers to have some more practise with.
    I hope to read soon your new blogs maybe about the country where you live.
    Good luck for your experience and best regards from Italy!

  • Comment number 2.

    Hi, Dear Karolina
    Reading your blog I start to think what kind food we must to ate to have a perfect healthy and following this idea maybe is better chose only organic vegetables and fruits, no smoking , no drinking alcohol , no stress, exercise every week , regularly visit a doctor and go bed early .Can someone really believe that is it possible
    I used to live in a big city polluted caused by the large number of traffic and industries where the stress normally getting high level , the number of people whose frequently getting sick without knowledge cause is unbelievable .In my opinion the only chance to avoid this kind of problem is enjoy it every minute , as in your country here in Brazil we use waste our free time interacting with friends and enjoying a kind of grill (the local name “churrasco “) the meat used is according individual taste , sausage , chicken , cow , pork and can be used frequently mix all ,of course the beer and “Caipirinha (Brazilian drink)“are appreciated
    the moments when we can relaxing

    Best regards
    RS –Brazil

  • Comment number 3.

    Dear Karolina,

    Hi, Karolina. Nice to meet you here. I think it is one of the happiest things to spend time with our family and friends. Especially, having fun together. I do like to have fun with them too. In Hong Kong, it is a treasure to have time with your friends. Even Hong Kong is one of the most crowded cities in the world. Frankly, I don't know my neighbors so much even we live incredibly close. I could walk to my neighbors' home from my home under 5 seconds. But what we would do when we meet each other that is only say hi and bye. It is quite strange, isn't it? I think people live in Hong Kong that we are too much pressure so everyone probably needs their own space for taking a breath. We have enough stress here.

    Let me bring the topic back to grill, in Hong Kong we don't grill as much as you because we won't grill at our own houses except you live at an apartment with a balcony. It means you have to be a bit rich. Mostly, if we want to grill, we will go to barbecue at a park. That takes us about 1 hour driving time. As Hong Kongers, we don't BBQ that much that happens often only appear in winter because people have various choices to have fun together. For instance, Drinking, Running, watching movie, shopping and so on. Also our average working hours are around 10 so what people like the most are to stay home due to their holiday.

    And, Finally, Karolina, I have to say that writing is to effectively express what your thought through words. So you did it already. I do really understand what you mean on your article. No one could make perfect English. We always have room to improve. I used to remind myself that don't be complacent, Keep leaning and improving yourself no matter what. Learning is a life-long thing. Enjoy it! embrace it! Warmly welcome you to join us once again.

    Sai-fung from Hong Kong

  • Comment number 4.

    Hello Karolina
    Nice to meet you here. My name is Andy and I'm from Taiwan. I like grilling. Most of people in my hometown always grill in Moon Festival which is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. It's a time for family members and loved ones to congregate and enjoy the full moon. I celebrate with my friends annually. I think it's like your "national sport" in Poland. I am glad that I can see your article.

  • Comment number 5.

    Hi Karolina,

    Welcome to BBC LE blog. I am delighted to know about the barbecue culture of your country. The snaps are real good and the weather seemed pleasant to me. The wine filled glass at the left corner of the table in the first snap attracted my eyes. If I were there, I would have emptied it by now :) ..lol

    I would love to know more about your country and Polish culture. Also, please tell me why the capital city of your country is called 'Warsaw'? Is it because of the devastating war it saw during second world war?

    With Regards,

  • Comment number 6.

    Hi,Karolina.I am from Taiwan.Last year,I also had a grilling with my family and my friends.It was great that we gathered together and talked about our life.I,my friends and my family are busy in their working.The activity will make us happy and strengthen relations with people.So I like your Poland's national sport!

  • Comment number 7.

    Hi Karoline,
    Still ladies with charm have potential to attract many bloggers. You will soon find many comments and responses. In the images , I found only men !. Can i suspect that ladies in poland are good cook or .....?
    As, I am from Pakistan, we eat grilled food, cooked and marinated with spices and pickels. Usually, we do this activity during religious holiday like eid.

    well best of luck for your en-devour in BBC blog.

  • Comment number 8.

    Hi Karolina,

    Thank you for wonderfull post and interesting pictures. I love BBQ because it is always fun, delicious and just a good way to spend time with your nearest and dearest and also one more reason to go outside and enjoy beautiful nature. Here in Russia people love having BBQ in their backyards especially now when it is so nice outside. Quite often you can smell smoke of the fire and grilled meat coming out of somebody's house.
    My favorite part of whole BBQ process is starting a fire; it is like a sacred ritual for me :-).


  • Comment number 9.

    Hi Karolina from Poland,

    Nice to read your first blog here and appreciate your story of evening grilled story with your family. I think everyone there would be enjoyed preparing dinner since they will have their own responsiblity to do. Like what myself has the first priority waiting for dinner to be finished :D

    Jow from Thailand

  • Comment number 10.

    Hie Karolina .I've enjoyed reading you first article and it gave me a little insight of your life in the south of Poland.Barbecueing is a lot of fun,it is not just about food.We love barbecueing lamb and vegetable such as tomatoes ,baby aurbergine and almost any vegetable you can think of during spring and summer .Nothing can beat the smell of the food cooked on coal,it tastes so fresh and authentic.I can't think of barbecueing on my own,the more people the merrier.
    I am looking forward your next blog,good luck

  • Comment number 11.

    Hello Karolina,
    It's nice to meet somebody from my country on the BBC blog. After the frosty winter we have had unbroken sunshine in Poland. There are a few days off at the beginning of May so we're having wonderful time to meet our families and friends. There's nothing to do but soak up the sunshine and enjoy free time. This is life! Don't worry about your English. Just write for us and have fun.

  • Comment number 12.

    well! i must admit that it is poor for who read this topic with a hungry stomach and as me is a example ^^ .

    Hi Karolina! My name is Nam, i come from VietNam and i nice to meet you.
    i read your topic and all comments, it's interested in outdoor activities such as grilling, cooking, and just having a fun. i can completely visualize the joyful air of your family and i hope that someday i will be join in such a barbecue.

    As what i see from above pictures it seems this is beautiful period of time in Poland, with trees in flower, a green, and a table under trees in the corner of the garden. the scene is actually beautyful, and i am sure that the food there is excellent ( =P~ drooling )

    I thinh that such a barbecue at the end of holiday is good for you and your family, it make you feel comfortable and fill your emergy before begining your studying process, work or whatever you will do.

    and finally, learning a second language is not easy at all, it is a long journey and pratised regularly. Therefore the companions of the journey is very neccesary for new language learners ( here is English ). Let's join in BBC Learning English blog, make friend and improve English skills together.

    Thank you for your writing, i am looking forward your next blog.


  • Comment number 13.

    Hi Karolina

    Welcome to our international group and many thanks for your first blog.
    I liked it. Some years ago I visited your country, more precisely Zakopane. It was a great wellness-weekend for both our soul and body. I remember the beautiful mountains and fresh air and their beauty made much of us for some days. Polish people seemed very warm-hearted and only nice memories come to my mind associated with Poland.
    Barbecuing is also very popular outdoor activity in our country. In the countryside where I also live almost every garden contains a special place for barbecuing from the cheapest solutions to the most expensive barbecues. In the big cities a lot of prosperous restaurants can be found calling them 'grill-houses'.

    Nice weather, delicious foods with excellent vines are always guarantee a lovely evening with our friends.

    I am looking forward to reading your next blog.

    Have a nice day for all of you.

    Krisztina from Hungary

  • Comment number 14.

    Hi Karolina,

    It was nice story about your days spending with your friends and family. I can see one thing is that, all these activities make your life more happiness, and make a close relationship between friends and family. and you showed the secret of the happiness to every readers..


  • Comment number 15.

    Hi Caroline,

    Welcome and congratulations for being selected as a blogger of the month. Hope you have a great time here.

    In terms of your topic barbecue, I must admit that it is an enjoyable activity. It is not only healthy but also good for socialisation. It brings family members together and the food is tasty as well but you need good weather for barbecue. For example, in the UK and particularly in Northern Ireland it always rains, so even if you want to have a barbecue it is not always possible. We have to wait for a good day to barbecue. So I must say that you are lucky to have good weather for barbecue.

    Do you get a lot of tourists to your country because people in the UK usually try to hot places? Looking forward to learn more about Poland.


  • Comment number 16.

    Dear Karolina,
    It really sounds great! I haven’t spent my free time with my family for many months. I am eager to do something even nothing special, but just having a family time. When I was a child, we grilled once a year. As I grow up, my parents think that grilling is what people do for their children. They do not clearly know we care who we do with much more important than what we do. So, come on! Just start a family activity this weekend. Also, thanks for your writing giving me this kind of urge.

  • Comment number 17.

    Hi Karolina,
    your topic is very interesting and I liked it.

  • Comment number 18.

    Hi Karolina,
    Even heard sound of grilling is amazing. It is a very enjoyable activity , i think everyone can spend much time with their families,mates in there. It is amazing. Also,people who love eating meat , get a very nice chance to do it :)

    Best Regards
    from Istanbul in Turkey

  • Comment number 19.

    Hello everybody,
    my nam's ghizlane and i'm very happy to participate for this blogger,because it's very interesting topic ,especially for the people who speak little english for improving their apprentisages.


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