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Last blog from me!

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Rosie | 11:50 UK time, Friday, 30 March 2012

Hello students!

Well done to those who did the 'Mr Couch' homework. I was extremely pleased to see that everyone got all the answers right. As Pari suggested, there was more than one correct answer for this exercise:

1) Mr Couch never / hardly ever / rarely does the washing up.
2) He always / usually sleeps until midday on Sundays.
3) He never / hardly ever / rarely does his English homework.
4) Mr Couch often / always lies on his sofa watching TV.
5) He rarely / hardly ever / never goes to the gym to exercise.
6) He often / sometimes phones his girlfriend because he feels too tired to walk to her house - even though she lives round the corner!


As this is my last blog, I'm going to answer some of the questions about English you asked in your comments.

From time to time

Rajeeb, 'from time to time' means 'sometimes' and you can use it at the beginning or end of a sentence:

From time to time, I have a coffee. / I go to France from time to time.

Or have a look at Krisztina's very clear example!

Mr. versus Mr

Both Mr. and Mr are correct: the first is used more in the United States.


Sai-fung, it is correct to put adverbs after a verb in English: an 'adverb' is a word which describes a verb so it is usually placed after the verb: He read the book quickly.

So 'quickly' describes the verb 'read'. How did he read the book? He read it quickly.

An adjective describes a noun: She's an intelligent woman.

The adjective 'intelligent' describes the noun 'woman'.

So here's a summary: an adverb describes a verb and is placed after the verb. An adjective describes a noun and can go either after a verb or before a noun. Does this make sense?

Have / Have got

Tenocht, the verbs 'have' and 'have got' mean exactly the same thing:

I have an apple in my bag. / I've got an apple in my bag.

You need to be careful with the position of these in questions:

Have you got time to make me a sandwich?
Do you have time to do your homework?

In questions, the subject (you) is placed between 'have' and 'got', whereas with the verb 'have' we use 'Do + subject + have'.


And of course here is some homework for you to see if you read my explanations carefully:

1. Tell me 5 adjectives that describe your personality.
2. Write a sentence with as many adjectives as possible.
3. Look at the sentence I wrote above under 'Homework '(And of course...). What's the adverb in this sentence?
4. Write a sentence with an adverb.
5. Write a question with 'have got'.
6. Write a sentence with the phrase 'from time to time'.

Although this is my last blog, I'll reply to your comments below...

Bye to all of you and well done for all your hard work and fascinating stories! It's been a pleasure to get to know you a bit. Neil will be blogging in April!


  • Comment number 1.

    Hello Rosie,

    Oops like an old chinese proverb ever say "There's no endless party", the meaning is "All good things must come to an end". I am very impressed in your blog about "Pet and pets" that I continue to follow your blog. It make me laugh whenever I read it again, sense of humour is rarely to find nowadays. For the homework which I have never ignored :b

    1. Tell me 5 adjectives that describe your personality.
    funny, too much confidence, soft hearted, fanciful and the last one is .......

    Let's me think it over this homework of yours take several days to complete it and I will reply soon.


  • Comment number 2.

    Correction "Pets and Pests", now I learnth that if I would like to remember new words I ought to use it the more I have made mistake the more I could remember it. :D

  • Comment number 3.

    Hi, Rosie,

    I'll miss you so much. Are you no longer to write a blog? Thank you for all you unselfish sharing on BBC's blog. I've learned a lot from you indeed. Learning English that has to be nonstop interactive with others to simulate our interest. Without such a fantastic teacher like you; I don't think I can speed up my progress of learning English like now. Rosie, I would like to say THANKS once again.

    1. Here as five adjectives that I use to describe my personality,
    Patient, hardworking, annoying, bossy and reckless
    Is my character too bad? ha!!

    2. Let me make a sentence with as many as possible adjectives.
    Sai-fung is a happy, ugly, tall, thin, adorable, stubborn, nice, trouble, enthusiastic and energetic guy.

    3. And of course here is some homework for you to see if you read my explanations carefully.
    "Carefully" the word you put at the end of your sentence that is an adverb.

    Could I put "carefully" just before verb?
    And of course here is some homework for you to see if you "carefully" read my explanations.
    Is it a correct sentence?

    4. I'm reading Rosie's blog joyfully.

    5. Have you got any time coming along with your lovely wife?

    6. From time to time, I don't want to go to work coming up to my mind.


  • Comment number 4.

    1)Five adverbs that describe my character are: "active,positive,calm,cheerful,cooperative".

    2) I am "assertive/calm/cooperative/creative/sensible/determined/cheerful/friendly/optimistic" and a busy person.

    3)The adverb is given in the above sentence is "carefully".

    4) He played "extremely" well.she is "extremely" beautiful.

    5)Have you got a pen?
    What have you got in your bag?
    What kind of car have we got?

    6)I like to play my guitar "from time to time".

  • Comment number 5.

    Hi Rosie,
    What a nice farewell homework - I can't resist having a go:

    1) 5 adjectives describing my personality: curious, music-loving, sentimental, social-minded, disorderly. You asked for five, so I'll just stop here.

    2) The BAD news that our BELOVED teacher will leave has made us, her DESPERATE students, aware of the SAD reality that all GOOD things usually come to an end much too early, and being a SLOW commenter, I need to make a REAL effort now to post at least one MEANINGFUL comment before the LAST opportunity has vanished into THIN air.

    3) I agree with my co-commenters who have answered before me (-carefully-).

    4) If I counted CORRECTLY, I used 10 adjectives in my sentence above.

    5) Have you got an interesting new challenge to make up for the "loss" of the blogging community, Rosie? (See? Here I go again - curious.)

    6) During her exchange year she asked herself from time to time if she would have been happier with a different host family.

    Wishing you all the best and hoping to "meet" you again some time soon,
    Elisabeth (Austria)

  • Comment number 6.

    Hi Rosie,

    I read this blog at least three times in three different days. Each time I had different reactions, as instance when I read it the very first day, I hated it so hard that I did not visit this site for the next two days and thought of not commenting here any further. Then you know, wisdom occurred in me. Everyone has to leave, often it's the journey not the destination that remains ever memorable. By the way, farewell message appears way too often in this site, however I'm not Mr McDonald so I am free to say - I'm hating it.

    Here's my answer to your last homework. I would also love if you share five adjectives that describes you best.

    1. Adjectives about me:
    Gregarious, Magnanimous, Imaginative, Agnostic and Little bit Egoistic
    (I'm like a typical LEO)

    2. Elisabeth from Austria wrote a LOVELY sentence when our BELOVED miss Rosie bade good-bye leaving her POOR, LITTLE pupils including this TINY, INSIGNIFICANT writer to wander around the VAST sea of English language alone, without her GENEROUS sharing of knowledge and USEFUL tips and guidance, exactly as the BIG FAT WHITE mother swan does when she takes her GROWING children to the lake and leaves them alone to explore the BEAUTIFUL world by their own; now who survives and sustains this LITERARY expedition depends on Darwin's FAMOUS theory of evolution - survival of the FITTEST. (16)

    3. Carefully

    4. We, the student of this blog will miss you terribly.

    5. I have got nothing to say.

    6. From time to time, some weird thoughts were hitting my mind, will it be my last comment to you?

    Best Wishes Always,

  • Comment number 7.

    Dear Rosie

    I can just repeat myself: Thanks for every help you did.

    And here my homework is:

    1. my characteristics putting in sentences:

    1.1. I consider myself as a HARD WORKING woman both in the fields of work and leisure activity.

    1.2. I am said to be GOOD at cooking.

    1.3. I am an ENTHUSIASTIC English language learner.

    about my appearance:

    1.4. I am a slim and fit woman thanks to playing tennis twice a week for fifteen years and taking exercise in a daily routine.

    My weak point is:

    1.5. Sometimes I become a bit IMPATIENT and ANGRY during my work when the social and medical issues are mixed because of impairment of our health care system.

    2. Following the USEFUL and MULTICOLOR BBC LE webpage has given me a very GOOD opportunity to get to know some LOVELY guys and NICE teachers so eventually we can consider ourselves as VIRTUAL classmates in a CYBER classroom.
    / Maybe Rajeeb wrote about it earlier in one of his comments at the first time- and I liked it/

    3. carefully

    4. Living carefully and happily can mean avoiding all kind of extremities but enjoying all tiny little gifts of life.

    5. Unfortunately, you have made a mistake. What have you got to say?

    6. From time to time when a turn in our fortune is popped up we have to make a decision.

    Have a nice day for all of you!

    Yours faithfully

    Krisztina from Hungary

  • Comment number 8.

    Well done for such fantastic and original homework. I see many of you have a very fertile imagination!

    Jow, I'm curious to know what your 5th adjective is.

    Sai-fung, although you can get away with saying 'if you carefully read my explanations', it sounds better in English to place the adverb after the verb and direct object: 'if you read my explanations carefully'. It's a little more complicated than this, so you can read more here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/grammar/learnit/learnitv202.shtml

    Elizabeth - Great 2nd sentence! In response to your question of whether I have a new challenge: Neil will be teaching you this month, but I'm sure I'll be back very soon.

    Rajeeb – Another fab 2nd sentence! I really liked your witty joke about 'I'm hating it.' What a great zodiac sign you have (I'm also a Leo).

    Krisztina, you sound like a real tennis expert… will you be playing in Wimbledon any time soon?

    I'll be back soon with more blogs. In the meantime, keep practising lots!

  • Comment number 9.

    Hi Rosie,
    I'm an old, unemployeed, open-minded, sensitive and a bit stubborn woman and just now, I'm trying to make an interesting, long and stylish sentence but I'm only anchieve to write a boring, short and simple sentence.
    I haven't used any adverb like carefully although I can say I hardly ever do my homework properly.
    Have I got the suitable book for learning English is what sometimes I ask myself?
    I take some English course from from time to time but I hardly ever improve anything, that's why it's so depressed learning English for me
    Thank you

  • Comment number 10.

    Hello Rosie !
    What´s the right way to say the following ?
    Some weeks ago we felt a tremor.
    A tremor was felt some weeks ago.
    The earth was shaking some weeks ago.
    When should I say " tremor " and when " earthquake "
    Thank you.

  • Comment number 11.

    Hello BB... and Rosie,

    Sorry for late reply, my 5th adjective is forgetful especially for the matters that really hurt my feeling.

    2. Write a sentence with as many adjectives as possible.

    Rosie I would like to know in return your 5 adjectives, were you full of imagination, adventurous, cheerful etc....

    3. Look at the sentence I wrote above under 'Homework '(And of course...). What's the adverb in this sentence?

    After I have read all the answers from all students, they say "carefully". :b

    4. Write a sentence with an adverb.

    Every day I curiously read BB... news to know any changes in the world.

    5. Write a question with 'have got'.

    I have got quite an learning time when I learn english with BB...

    6. Write a sentence with the phrase 'from time to time'.

    I wish Rosie to visit this blog time by time and we will always remember you.

    Finally Rosie, thankyou for all your taking care of us and Bye Bye T T.


  • Comment number 12.

    i want to participate in this too. how can i ?

  • Comment number 13.

    Hello Rosie,

    here are my answers:

    1. I am very SHY, quite CLEVER, hopefully NICE, GENEROUS and CREATIVE person.
    2. I can't stay with people who are AROGANT, too SELF-CONFIDENT, CRUEL or even EVIL.
    3. In your sentence, the adverb is CAREFULLY.
    4. I think I answered your questions CORRECTLY.
    5. HAVE YOU GOT any other questions?
    6. FROM TIME TO TIME, I forget answer the last question - but not now.

    Have a nice day,

  • Comment number 14.

    Once again Hello Rosie,

    I was belated on your previous blogging and homework, however I complete it.
    It's sad that this is your last blog , but I know that you will come soon to us :-) I hope so.

    1.I am self-assertive, buoyant, sometimes pessimistic, grateful and friendly.

    2.The Easter's day was celestial,gorgeous,fascinating, crowded and noisy and we were so happy,lightened and enthusiastic for this religion day.

    3. The adverb is "Carefully".

    4.I do all your ordered home works attentively and diligently.

    5.I have got holidays for the Easter Day. I have got a lot of good energies from my family. Have I got anything wrong with not to be at whole night in the church at the Easter's night (as recommends our religion at the Easter's night)?

    6. From time to time I have sad feelings about my remote past,which is connected to Abkhazia (now, war zone). I like to see the fashionable stores from time to time, to have a notion what is the modern tendencies of the fashion nowadays.

    It's bad that you already browse home works. I will more careful to your home works and I will try to be in time:-) By the way why I can not write homeworks, Is it mistake?


  • Comment number 15.

    Hi Rosie,u've given a good task!
    1.As for me,I'm a sensitive,loyal,often absent-minded),hard-working,and heartwarming girl..
    2.My beloved friend was amicable,candid,conversable,likable,inventive,pensive,but inspite of that he was obstinate,ludicrous,pessimistic,pompous,reticent,rum and our strange and long friendship existed for 4 years and I should say it was the most strange relationship in my life!!!

  • Comment number 16.

    3.I think it's "sensitive"
    4.The Sun was shining BRIGHTLY,when Sarra came into the town.
    5.We 've got a new computers at our school.
    6.He likes visiting cosy cafes from time to time.


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