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My little Meaw

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Jane Jane | 15:46 UK time, Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hi again everyone, and Hi to Jennifer and Rosie too.
Thank you so much for all of your encouragement messages for my last blog. And thanks Jennifer for your advice in improving my writing. Your explanation is very clear and helpful.
Today I want to tell you about the newest member of my family. Her life was very sad. Her mother died after she was born just 2 week. She has 2 brothers and they also died from a fight on the same day as their mother. She was left all alone. So my family took her in that day.


She is sooo cute, isn't she?

When she first came to my house, she cried so much (with meaw meaw all the time). And she was so small; I can even hold her in my hand.

In my hand

Normally, at her age, she has to drink milk directly from her mother. But because of the circumstance, we decided to feed her this way.

Feeding her

Feeding her

We learn that while she's drinking milk, she will stay quiet and starting to feel sleepy.


So we gave her a lot to shut her up... ahem, I mean, to let her rest ^ ^!
(Btw her voice was so powerful. I don't know how such a little thing can cry so loud like that). Let's see more of her cuteness ^ ^


Now about a week has passed, she seems to accept our family and not crying all the time anymore. Great, now I can sleep quietly haha.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. Her name is Midi. It's come from MIDI that refers to midi karaoke file, a song without a word in it (And she seems to sing a lot ^ ^). Actually there was a disagreement in naming her. In the day of the tragedy, before she came to my family, she was with my friends first and also with the people who found her mother's and brother's corpse (Y^Y). And they gave her another 2 names, Teletubby and Nattarica. In the end, we all agree that her full name is Teletubby Midi Nattarica. And her nickname is Midi. (I don't think I will call her with her full name though, hahaha)

Now as I write this, she is sleeping beside me. Owwwww so cute !!!!
What about you? Do you have pet? How is your bond with them? Tell me tell me ^ ^

Cute Midi

PS. as some of you are curious about the photo of me and my friends jumping so high in my last blog, we take the photo so many times until it came out like that. Thinking back now make me laugh. That day was so tried because we have to jump so many many times. But it was very fun and full with smile and laugh.


  • Comment number 1.

    Hello Jane,

    I’m happy to hear from you again. Your MIDI is very cute but she seems to be very small. She’s lucky to be with you now. She could grow normally and be happy thanks to you. For my part, I’ve also got a cat named “minette” (French name). But, it’s not enough because my husband and I love animals. We’ve got a big field behind our house and a pond with ducks in it. Years ago we had white and grey gooses. They were very nice and it was very funny because they walked same as the gooses in Walt Disney Cartoon “The Aristocats”. First, we had a male and a female and then one or two babies but one time, a female sat on 6 eggs and all of them hatched. It was a sort of celebration in the pond. The adult glosses formed a kind of guard of honour to introduce their goslings. Unfortunately, these animals make lot of noise, above all during night, because they are fearful. So, as they were old and very noisy for our neighbors, we decided to make them killed for excellent potted meat (French pâté). After them and always today, we have miniature goats: 2 adults female and 3 babies. They are very nice, very cuddly and very funny when they rear and jump all over the field. We lost one female baby in January (she was 9 months old but the veterinary told us the male couldn’t be a danger for her) and actually she was gravid. One friend of us tried to help her to deliver but she had 2 dead babies in her and she couldn’t deliver them. After many tries by our friend but also by the veterinary, we had to euthanize my little goat. We were very sad, I cried during 2 days. But the most difficult was to see her mother looking for her in the field. Fortunately, the mother was also gravid and she gave us two little babies, one month ago.
    I wanted to put a photo of my goats but it is impossible. I tried in pdf and png extensions ;=)
    How do you manage to do it ?

    I wish you lots of fun with your MIDI.
    See you,
    Best regards,
    Ingrid from France

  • Comment number 2.

    I feel campassion since I love cat madly I have a cat as long , but I did't know thier perants and how it feel now but when I was reading I remmber it, when I run out together , and I used to go to shoping and pick food up for her, I ask my self ,how I could live without her . I'm going to get ticket for new friend to live with me In border .

  • Comment number 3.

    Hello Jane,

    Your baby cat is so cute! I respect you, because you have a lot of work to do with her. I have three cats. My sister was a cat-lover, but she moved away to the capital.
    My oldest cat name is Marci. He is about eighteen years old. I don't like him too much, because he is very loud. He loves singing at night, so it is very difficult to live together with him in a flat. The second cat's name is Mummy, becuase she was a mother and delivered my third and youngest cat, whose name is Little Paw. I gave this name to him, but nobody called him on this name, only as "little" or "tiny". My favourite cat is Little Paw, because he is my best friend. He loves me, always comes with me, like a dog. We sleep together. When I go out to a concert or anywhere at night he is sad and waits for me. We play a lot with together. He loves playing with nuts and running in the room.

    I love reading your blogs.
    Have very nice day!

    Virág from Hungary

  • Comment number 4.

    Hi Jane , It was interesting to know you had to jump many times o have a great shot finally ! Like others I had the same question in my mind :)
    Midi is so cute ….she is lucky to find a new home ! I didn't know little kitten might cry like human babies ….. so now you know what does it means to have a baby at home ; ) as you said the lord give them ability to daman their needs ( in this case their cry ! ) She will grow up really soon . When I was a teenage my sister and I found three little kitten left alone so we did care of them for while . please keep up good Job of Bloging !
    Have a nice day
    Pary from Iran

  • Comment number 5.

    Hi Ingrid , Nice to read your fab comment ….I didn’t think taking care of animals might have those troubles . I 'm so sorry for that little goat !She had a tragic life : ( I do wish to see your shots but you know you must be student blogger of month to publish your shots . As readers we just can put our text comments . So let's make a try and register to be a student blogger ! I think you will have lots of stories to say us ….won't you ?
    Pary from Iran

  • Comment number 6.

    Hi Jane,
    Nice to see you again. I liked your little cat and your blog too. To me it appears as a photo-blog, it seems to contain more snaps than words. A picture speaks thousand words - that's how, I guess, you did not had to write much.
    Wishing Midi and you a long and happy life.

  • Comment number 7.

    Hi Jane - It's such an interesting blog I was expecting. Different people have different feeling but my observation is most of the people love to have a pet. Though it's tough to have it due to some limitation as I have one of them. Most of the time I live out of my house as I have job. So it's not possible to have a pet currently but I'm so happy to hear your and some members feeling having a pet.

    And of course it's good to reading different kinds of blog to get the idea of different subject and increase the ability of writing on various matter as our aim is to learn with fun and sharing.

    Your pet MIDI is soo cute!!! But sorry to become know that she lost her parents and brothers on this early age. Obviously she is very lucky to be a pet of you - one of the very good person who is taking care from the bottom of heart.

    Thank you again Jane for this wonderful post and waiting with full of hope for the next blog.

  • Comment number 8.

    Good Morning Jane:
    Is a very interesting story and I love it specially the pictures.
    I don't have pets in my house, but my mom she has a farm with cows, donkeys, chikens, cats and dogs. When I visit her I enjoy their company and of course all the sounds of the farm. I hope in the future have my own pet I want to have a Peruvian dog in my house, who are hairless, that would make my job more easier at the moment to clean my house.

    Good luck in your proyects and was nice to read you post.

    Take care.

  • Comment number 9.

    hello jane i would like to thank you for all your blods they are interesting, your cat is very small but nice and so cute she's lucky because she found you to take care of her . unfortunately i don't have any pet , i had a cat he died he was ill. i can't forget him i loved him he was very kind i missed him lots,his name was ^"Minouche"^ i will have one soon
    best regards from algeria

  • Comment number 10.

    i don't have pets but there a friend of mine who has a nice cat called Principe,i love him. when i stay at her's he sleeps with us,plays with mi hair and loves playings with my scarf.

  • Comment number 11.

    Hi jane, I started to follow this blog recently.I don't have pets because I live in dormitory at university and university doesnt' allow to take care of animals like cat,dog but we have a lot of fishes in our aquarium. When I look at them, I feel relaxed and this time is end of the fatigue for me. By the way, your Midi is so cute but she is skinny.You should feed her a lot.
    I like your blogs,
    Best wishes
    Ozan from Turkey

  • Comment number 12.

    hi jane this is mehvish...I am in love with this cute cat...I also have lots of cats in my house actually most of the cats itself stay in my house..
    cute blog
    Mehvish from pakistan

  • Comment number 13.

    Hi everyone

    I love cat too more than dog. Dog is too nuisance and noisy while cat calm and beauty in its style. But you should beware of disease "rabies" which come from them especially in hot climate. Do not forget that eventhough they are lovely and friendly but deep down inside they still have wild instinct and they will hurt you sometime if you don't careful.

    Jow คนบ้านเด๋วกัน

  • Comment number 14.

    Hey Jane
    How are you?
    It is interesting story,We have 5 or 6 cats at home, but I'm afraid from it :)
    you have a cute cat ,it seems a small body.
    I like your blog
    thank u so much for story
    Good luck

  • Comment number 15.

    Hi Jane
    Nice to read your blog. Your little Meaw is tiny and cute! I love this lovely cat.
    I live in the country. The air in the country is fresh, and the wather there is clean.
    I am very close to the nature and I can make friend with the flowers and animals.
    Our family members all like animals.
    We have dogs, cats, chickens, gooses, ducks, buffalo, tortoise, fish, hedgehog, birds, musk pigs, beetles and so on.
    We always say our home is a little zoo. Everyone who first comes to our home are very surprised to see this wonderful place.^_^

    Best wishes
    Tanya from TAIWAN


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