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Happy New Year!

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Chrystel Chrystel | 11:54 UK time, Friday, 30 December 2011

Hello everybody,
I am very pleased to read all your comments from so many differents countries. It was a real pleasure. Thank you at all of you and thank you at BBC learning english.

To finish my blog, few notes regarding new year time in Paris...

First the weather : rainy rainy since several days ! We seem to be in autumn not in winter ! And the heat is hot around 10 degrees ! Amazing ! !

One week after Christmas time, pleople continue to buy gifts, food for the last night of the year. Everybody try to do, something special ! For this night, it is a real competition : go to bed the latest possible ! !

But as you know we only pass from Saturday to Sunday, from December to January, from the 31st to the 1st ! ! Nothing will happen.

Since my adolescence, I do not like this period. Indeed, I have never waited the end of the year to have pleasant time with friends.

One year, I made photos in Paris and other years it was an evening between friends at home : speaking, laughing, games.

For this year and as ten years, I will have a delicious evening with my lover. Champagne, foie gras and good music.

The day after, we will have a brunch at home with our sons. The essential for us.

But in Paris, as in New York and may be many towns, there is a tradition : kiss his/her lover in the Champs Elysées.

When I made photos the 31st december in Paris, I went on the Champs Elysées and it was completely crazy : too much people, completely drunk.

Although, I wish a happy new year. Can we hope less violence, less crisis, less individuality ? I hope so for all of us and for our children.

Now I am waiting your own blog to explain how is it in your country.
Friendly 


  • Comment number 1.

    Hi Chrystel,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences of celebrating new year's eve. To be honest, I don't do much on new year's eve which probably sounds a bit boring but that is the way it is with me anyway. Like you, I also think that everything is going to stay the same, it is just the start of another day or year. I will be still the same person, I might try to bring some changes in myself for the better but that seem to last only for a week or so. After a few days in the new year I forget it is a new year and just continue with what I was doing in the previous year.

    In my opinion, if people want improvement in their daily routine they should try to reflect on daily basis rather than on yearly basis. This will help in what good and bad things we have done in the whole day rather than the whole year. I think reflection on daily basis will be more productive if we can spare a few moments each day and do it. So new year does not have much meaning for me and that's why I don't do much to celebrate.

    I agree with you about the weather, it seems to be the same in the UK as well-rainy and mild - not too cold. I keep thinking that the bad weather is still going to come but so far so good.

    I am not sure whether this is your last blog but if it is then I would like to say good bye to you and wish you good luck with learning English. I have learnt quite a bit about Paris which was good and hope to share comments with you on this site in the future.



  • Comment number 2.

    Aoa guys new year means to make commitment to meet the all challenges in new year, our commitment is that to make the world peace, prosperous, justice and clean.

  • Comment number 3.

    My experiences of happy new years are always the same. The weather is usually cold on that day. I always watch concerts and firework shows held by local governments on TV with my family. Maybe it sounds boring in my country, but I always think one thing. That is to do what I want to do during that happy time. Unlike others, they may go outside with their friends for fun. However, there are many people everywhere, so I stay at home every new-year-eve. It is hard to say whether my decision is right or wrong in my country. I think everyone at that time just wants to have a hope no matter what you wish for, and I do, too.


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