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Zsuzsa Zsuzsa | 11:24 UK time, Friday, 24 June 2011

Hi everybody,
Now I would like to present briefly my country with my holiday pictures. But, firstly as I promised, I would like to share my experiences from the Night of Museums.
If you have ever participated in a fete at night, it is like a festival in broad daylight. The streets are full of people, nice young couples walk, the elders are fascinated by the exhibitions, the youngsters hang around the parks and the MODEM (it is the name of our modern art gallery) is a happening place.
Here we could see the bonfire of Szent-Iván. In the background, you can see the MODEM, which was built in a modern Scandinavian style.


I arrived really late at the place of fete with my boyfriend, and we didn't enter the museums even if it was possible, we enjoyed rather the atmosphere of the Night and we took a tour in the centre of city walking on the streets. One of Debrecen's oldest and famous museums is Déri Museum which was closed because of renovation. Meanwhile a great number of people participated in the night's exhibitions. I really attached to this event since my first date with my boyfriend was in the Déri Museum, so it means a lot to me. As I know at this occasion mostly modern exhibitions were taken.

And secondly: about Hungary. It is really a small country in comparison with others. The population of Hungary is about ten million (the population of Paris with suburbs is also ten million).

In my view, my country is not a rich one economically. It has natural resources, values and rich in agricultural land. Alföld, which is the largest part of Pannonia Plain, occupies the southern and eastern part of Hungary (the region where I come from). A lot of poet was inspired by the panorama: the sky and the earth meet far away on the horizon, cattle grazes and wells evocate the ancient times, when shepherd and herdsman were ordinary professions.

We are the member of the European Union and of the Schengen Area. Unfortunately our state of development does not reach the western-European countries' level but that is the case of other neighbouring countries. The reasons are political, historical etc...
Meanwhile Hungarians are generally considered as hard working people and I hope this is a good sign.

As far as the education concerned I think that we are very good at science and mathematics. It's me who say that and I am not by the way a typical mathematician or scientist but I admit that a great number of inventors are Hungarian even if it is not well-known.

If you have time, take a look at this video, it is a presentation about Hungary's places with folk music and Hungarian inventions.

According to statistics, the rate of Hungarian people's knowledge and intelligence is relatively high but unfortunately the mass media has gaining more and more popularity in the society and it has negative effects. I can say that there are two types of people in Hungary as far as I experienced it: those who watch TV and those who not. Despite the fact that a considerable number of people spend his life in front of the telly, more and more people realise the influence of pointless reality shows and select carefully from the TV programme.

Our capital is Budapest. It lies on the two banks of the river Danube, the part of Buda is built on hills, the part of Pest is found on plate.
The image of Budapest is mostly influenced by the process of construction from 1870 to 1914 and it preserves this period's characteristic in architecture.
The two sides are joined with 8 bridges and between the two shores there are islands.
Here you can see the Chain Bridge and in the left hand side the domed building is the Hungarian Parliament Building.


Our hills are not so high and the country has a good hike-system (the hike line is marked with blue) which crosses Hungary. Here you can see a Hungarian panorama from the highest peak of Hungary, from Kékes.

Hungarian hills

One of our most beautiful places is Lake Balaton which is the largest lake in Central Europe. A lot of tourists from the surrounding countries and of course Hungarian ones also visit it because it is relatively cheap.
The photos below present the lake and a part of the Danube from the air.
On the first picture, you can see a peninsula where you can visit the Tihany abbey. Its charter of foundation as our most ancient document testifies the existence of Hungarian language in 1055.
Every year, there is a swimming competition in Balaton here. As you can see the north part (the picture is taken from this direction, so we are in the north part) and south part almost meet. This distance is the smallest between the two shores. Tihany is famous for his echo too.

Lake Balaton

On the second pictures, you can see the Danube, which is Europe's second longest river.
The Danube originates in the Black Forest in Germany. It passes through four Central and Eastern European capitals, before arriving into the Black Sea.
Poems, novels and pieces of music were born by the inspiration of Danube. For instance The Blue Danube is a waltz by the Austrian composer Johann Strauss II.


Have a nice day!
With love,
Zsuzsi (Susan)


  • Comment number 1.

    Hi Zsuzsa,

    I imagine Debrecen as an ideal place to live, study, work and also to enjoy concerts, theatres, museums. As you say Hungary is a small country but with a very special atmosphere. Its musicians, poets, writers and you through your writings and pictures express the beauty and sensitiveness of the people. Very attractive country to visit. I hope someday........! With love. Beatriz-Argentina.

  • Comment number 2.

    Hello Zsuzsa,

    your text is long but very interesting. Yes, Balaton - it was something like sea for Czech people earlier, because lots of them weren't allowed to travel far... But I have never been there, what a pity!

    This month we also had a Night of Museums in Prague. It was as nice as in Debrecen, I think, but some museums were really overcrowded... However, I love the atmosphere of the old town at night.

    I am looking forward to your next blog.

    Have a nice day,

  • Comment number 3.

    I'm happy that you're the blogger this month, because I'm from Hungary, too :)

  • Comment number 4.

    Hi Zsuzsa!

    Oh, I was right, Zsuzsa is the same as Susan :).
    The sky in your photos are breathtaking!

    Yeeees, Debrecen is a really cultural place! The Night of Museums was some weeks ago in my city. It’s quite a regular event here too, but I’ve never visited any museum at night. It must be exciting! I think next year, I’ll correct my mistake :).

    Zsuzsa, do you know what else Hungary is famous for? Kálmán Imre, who is a Hungarian composer of operettas. When I was a little girl, I loved operettas. And at that time, in Russia, some operettas by Kálmán Imre were shown on TV - the Circus Princess, Silva and others. I knew many arias from them by heart :). Now, I don’t remember all the words :), but I still like this light opera genre.

  • Comment number 5.

    Hi Susan , Lovely to hear fromyou again . Yesterday I read a persian Blog about Bodapest and Hungary . They had a lovely travel to your country two years ago ! It was great to know more about Bodapest and it 's history . She loved margaret island , too . Good to know we call your country Majarestan instead of Hungary !
    keep going the good Job
    pary from Iran

  • Comment number 6.

    Dear Zsuzsi (Susan),
    I am really very glad to read your short description about your country above.The description is really an attractive one. First of all i have got an good idea about Hungary. Actually i am very much interested to know about others country either Europe or any continent. Thatswhy i always try to search any types of information about any country of the world. Actually i am from south Asia, the name of my country is Bangladesh. Its also a very beautiful country. I visited some countries of south Asia.According to my experience i can say without any doubt that my country Bangladesh is the most beautiful country i have ever seen.I will be very glad if i get chance to present my country to the world.i am looking forward to getting this chance.
    Thanks to all
    Md. Anamul Hasan

  • Comment number 7.

    Hi! I was expecting you describing something about your country! Thanks for so many details. I heard that the Hungarian language is one of the most hard to learn in the world....is that right? I've already heard that is the "language of the devil" or "the only language that the devil respect"...I don't know exactaly what does it means but I think it's has to do with the difficulty of the language...please write something about it, will you!! Thanks!

  • Comment number 8.

    Hi Zsuzsi,

    Thank you for the very interesting post and for the video link on youtube. I liked the video very much. Honestly I was surprised to know that Hungary is a homeland of so many important inventions.


  • Comment number 9.

    hello all,
    Your shares are so nice to read and as i said you before you are good at Englısh truly ,İ wish i could narrete my thoughts one day like you..Anyway i live in a big overcrowded city in türkiye .Living in a big city is not always attractive yes it has some good sides but when you face bad sides much than goods your idea will be changed .İf i have a chance to chose where i would like to live.i would probobly chose a city that partly same as your city.i did not hear anything debrecan before thanks to you i learn many thing and i did really like Your city.She is nice and very green.
    Ali türkiye

  • Comment number 10.

    I think that the majority of linguists think the same: Hungarian language is fiendishly hard. Of course I don't know since this Hungarian is my mother language and it seems to me the easiest way to express myself, of course. But I learned latin and it was really hard because of conjugation. This feature of latin remained in our language too. If I regard my native language, it can be difficult. In Hungarian you have to conjugate verbs and even nouns and adjectives. The French I think is in midway for the conjugation of verbs and adjectives, agreement between noun and verb and adjective are required. Meanwhile English is I think the easiest language in comparison with these languages. But I know some foreigners who tried to master Hungarian. So it isn't impossible. :)

  • Comment number 11.

    Hi Zsuzsi,
    I loved knowing about Hungary. Who knows one day I could visit there???

  • Comment number 12.

    Hi Zsuzsa,

    I enjoyed a lot knowing about your country. I have a question and maybe you can answer. Is there a specific reason for Buda and Pest to have been built separated? and why were these names given?


    Junior (São Paulo, Brazil)

  • Comment number 13.

    Hi Zsuzsa,

    Great that you are here again. As I'm also Hungarian I must add to your blog some more pieces of information about our country because there may be foreigners who don't know that Hungary used to be larger before the first world war. Some 5 million compatriots live now in the neighbouring countries. Hopefully we can have better relationship with them in the near future as the borders don't separate but connect us.
    All the best, Attila

  • Comment number 14.

    Hi Zsuzsa! I loved the video. I saw a little bit of Hungary. I heard the song (in the video) and I think the hungarian language is hard, really. Congratulations for your blog this month and I believe it was a great experience for you.

  • Comment number 15.

    Hi Zsuzsa.........I´m from Colombia,actually living in a seaside town named Barranquilla.Mi town is part of the colombian´s most vibrant regions :The caribbean.I just want to tell you that really enjoyed your blog about Hungary -you have a beautiful country- and your descripcion was so realistic.Your english look great ,clear and easy to understand..keep on and looking forward to hear from you and your country again.All the best.

  • Comment number 16.

    Hello Zsuzsa :) I'm from korea, and now i am living in singapore ~ haha
    wow, your place is as good as i imagine, Hungary..is very attractive country!
    I search for more information of hungary on the internet after i view your post~
    about your tradition ,culture, food(!!!) , and so on.
    it is very interesting working to me.
    Anyway, Korea is very far from Hungary.
    But we have some similar culture like a spa haha;) i really want to go there.
    and i want to feel unique air of Hungary~~ i should ;)
    Thank you for giving a good sause about your country !

  • Comment number 17.

    Hi Zsuzsa
    As you pointed out that this country is not a rich country but it doesn't matter.
    The main thing which matter is whether the person belong to that country are satisfied or not from their life. The ultimate goal of anyone life to got happiness. Your country looks awesome. The pics shows the beauty of your country.

  • Comment number 18.

    hi Zsuzsa ,
    firstly, Your essay is really very nice and very useful for people who are curious.I noticed that as far as ı could see that is this country has little traditional trace.


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