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Fish market

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Lito Lito | 14:37 UK time, Thursday, 19 May 2011

Getting up the bed at 5:30 in the morning, rushing into the car thinking that you are gonna be late catching these fish vendor selling live/fresh fish at the fish market. Thats my days off habit by the way.

I think seldom you can find live fish at the fish market anywhere around the world. often you find them at the mall supermarket but not as fresh or live as you are expecting. Here in the city where I live, person like me that loves eating seafoods are gathering every friday at fish market not buying a ice preserved fish but a live and fresh one.


The deal of buying those fish are sometimes not per kilo you can get them as much as what is in the fish net or a pre-set amount or per piece, you can have a best deal if you are good in persuading sellers or vendors. If you feel that you've been ripped-off by them in getting fish that you bought in high price, I must say no you haven't, because its worth it.


Not only fish that you'll find at fish market that i'm talking about, you can have also a fresh vegetables, fruits and the other bits and pieces that your kitchen might need.



  • Comment number 1.

    Hi Lito

    It looks very attractive! You are so lucky that you can buy fresh fish. You are right there are a lot of places where people cann't do it. Here in Russia we often have to buy frozen fish. In big supermarkets it's possible to buy cooled fish e.g. trout. But it isn't healthy food because this fish was grown artificially in ponds and fed with antiboitics and growth hormones.
    But we have a chance to eat fresh fish. Fishing is a very popular hobby in our country. People consider it as a kind of relaxation. They say that no one thing can be compared with the pleasure to seat for several hours in a quiet place listening to the silence and watching a float. Unfortunately no one in my family fishes so I cann't but buy frozen fish.((

    Looking forward to your next stories about your culture, customs and people.
    Best wishes,

  • Comment number 2.

    I love eating fish! My favourite fish is carp. And I like fish soup too, which is a Hungarian meal traditionally.

    Have nice days,

  • Comment number 3.

    Hi, Lito:

    The fish looks really tempting but too early to go to the supermarket to get it at 5:30 am. I imagine how delicious meals you can prepare with so fresh ingredients. I´d like you to post us a simple, natural recipe with fish and vegetables.

    I´m looking forward to your recipe. Thanks and the best for you. Beatriz.

  • Comment number 4.

    hi lito,
    by reading your blog i fill that i'm in fish market........and looking for good delicius fish so that in the evning i can enjoy dinner!

  • Comment number 5.

    Hi Lito,

    The idea of catching fresh fish is very good but I think its to hard to get up early at 5:30 to go for shopping.

    You seems luky as you mentioned that you can get fresh sea foods, where I live there is no such market where live fish can be available.


  • Comment number 6.

    Hi Lito,

    Looks pretty fresh) reminds me of the fish restaurants on the seafront in Balaklava, they cook fresh, right-from-the-sea fish there)

    And plus one to Beatriz's request for some Philippine recipe for fish)

    have a nice day,

  • Comment number 7.

    Hi Lito.
    It is very interesting to read your blog. There are some special things about everyday life I couldn’t find in a tourist guide. Traveling I love to visit a ‘nonturistic’ areas to know more about ‘actual’ culture. It is always curiously to see a likeness or a difference in everyday’s activity. And of course it is interesting to socialize with locals who can show some places where tourists visit seldom.
    In a city I live now was a big fish-market. The city is placed on rivers bank. Unfortunately now muddy water of Volga (it is a name of river) is poor of fish so we under the necessity to eat frozen one.
    Somewhere down the river we still have big fish-markets. If you traveling by train along Volga River, you can see fish markets near the railway stations so you can buy a smoked, dried or fresh fish even without getting out of a carriage.
    Have a good luck

  • Comment number 8.

    Amazing,,, it's so fun can buy fresh fish, I like fish, because fish is low calorie, in the other hand fish make us healthier than we consume beef or other meat,... I'd like to go there and buy many fish, but, it's impossible,because the market fish is far from my home,,, great,,,more to consume fish...

  • Comment number 9.

    Hi Lito,
    Wow, that was a nice place to shop I think. We can find any nutrition here. Fresh fish, vegetable, even fresh fruit. In my place, the thing that sold in fish market was only fresh fish. So, when we need vegetable or fruit we will not find it. We need to go to market or supermarket fo find vegetable and fruit.

    I think it was a nice one stop shoping....:) also one stop nutrition place. Great!

  • Comment number 10.

    Hi Lito,

    Very interesting topic indeed! I love fish but not all types. My favourite fish to eat is trout and salmon and only recently I developed taste for prawns which I never thought I would. This topic on fish took me back to my childhood. We used to have a stream near our house and as a child me and my other siblings would go there to play around. We used to enjoy fishing there even though the fish were too small to be cooked. We would only catch them for fun. Sometimes we would through them back in the stream other times we would keep them in a big jar as a pet but they never lived for more than a couple of days.

    Thinking about it made me realise why we did that when the poor fish were of no use to us. But I guess that is the beauty of childhood. Childhood is a carefree time, you don't think about things too deeply. You just do things to have fun, that's all.

    Have a good weekend.


  • Comment number 11.

    hi all friends,

    it is a very great ,informative article . But iwant to know if we continuou eating fish as much as we do,wil this affected on the nature. I think we should organize fishing activities and make a law for doing that.

    I dont want to live that day we could'nt find life under the sea.
    imagine how much fish we will save if we stopped eat fish for one day a month at least.

    thanks for this good article ,don't attract the others to do that crimnal actin plz.


  • Comment number 12.

    Hello Lito,

    really, we do not usually have fresh or even live fish here in Czech. Only before Christmas: our traditional Christmas dish is a fried carp which is fish living naturally in Czech ponds. In December, fishers catch the carps and sell them alive. People then have the live carp in a bathroom and kill it just on the Christmas day. But in other parts of the year, we have just frozen fish from supermarkets...

    Have a nice day,

  • Comment number 13.

    Hi Lito,
    Coming from a landlocked country, I am always overawed by descriptions and photos of fish markets. That's something rather exotic for us - though many of us do have their carp at Christmas too, like Tereza in the neighbouring Czech Republic.
    Hi, Tereza - do people really keep their carps in the bathroom (presumably in the bath tub) until Christmas? I've heard about people doing that but have always thought this was just a joke. I'm not sure I could handle the situation - I mean, carps are big, and once you share your tub with one of them, it will be like a pet - but still it is your future Christmas dinner and you'll have to kill it (God knows how...)
    And - by the way, I wanted to confess to you that I was very fond of Winnetou, too - though that was a different topic....
    Best regards from Austria,

  • Comment number 14.

    hello lito,
    Hello Lito,greetings from Türkiye

    Your shares are very nice.to learn new things from diiffirent cultures like yours makes me more curious.İN my country we can provide fresh and various kınds of fishes.Even i used to catch so many.And i want to recommend you bluefish,its taste wonderfull espacially grilled ones.
    Thanks god for living in a penissula.

  • Comment number 15.

    I am from Malaga (a south city of Spain), and here it has a very good fresh fish in the markets all days of year. In our culture and in mediterranean diet eat fish is very important. And the city of Malaga is worldwide known with his fried fish ("pescaito frito" in spanish) and his brochettes sardines ("espetos de sardinas").
    It usually eat in restaurants on the beach, and I love it!
    Who want to know what is a brochette sardines, you can put in google "espetos de sardinas", and you will see.

    I invite you to visit Malaga, you are welcome to enjoy these pleasures!

  • Comment number 16.

    i like eating fish too. in my country you can buy a fresh fish in the market in the morning but you must wake up early to buy .if you are late ,you can't buy anything.
    fishs are very helpfuf for health and fish-oil help us cure many disease.
    Best regards from Viet Nam

  • Comment number 17.

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  • Comment number 18.

    Fishes are one of the best food ever, they are so delicious.
    But we have to be careful How has trasportated since they were caught.
    They need proper refrigeration.
    You can identify the quality looking at their eyes.


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