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London Olympics 2012

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Alice Alice | 15:39 UK time, Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Stadium for the London Olympics 2012

Today is the last day UK residents can apply for tickets to the Olympic games next summer in London. Tickets cost from £20 to £2,012 for some events.

People outside the UK and designated European countries can apply for tickets through National Olympic Committees.

Most people in the UK have left it til the last minute to apply for tickets. Applications for London 2012 Olympics tickets have hit the roof apparently as the deadline approaches.

Oversubscribed events will be decided by random ballot.

Children under the age of 16 will pay the same number of pounds as their age, and those over 60 are charged £16 for some events.

There are 650 sessions across 26 sports and 17 days to choose from and people will be limited to a maximum of 20 events each.

The most popular events, including the men's 100m final, have a limit of four tickets per person.

Despite the attempts to make this an event for everybody, there are still complaints that too many tickets are given to corporates or officials.

Have you ever attended a major sporting event? How did you get tickets? Was it fair? Will you be applying for tickets to the London Olympics?

designated - on a particular list
left it til the last minute - left it very late to apply
hit the roof - reached a very high level
oversubscribed - more people applying than there are places
ballot - a draw where everybody has a fair chance of winning
corporates - businesses or sponsors


  • Comment number 1.

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  • Comment number 2.

    Dear Alice,

    I am not good in sports as well as I do like to visit such events. But after reading your writing ,I am feeling that I should keep some interest in sports.

    As I told you that I do not like and even do not understand sports .But once I had to visit one national cricket sporting event and that was my last visit for such events . I have found nothing interesting in that sports . But I saw my family members were watching cricket or football on TV. Some of them love to watch games at stadium .

    In Bangladesh it is easy to get tickets .If tickets are not available in white market then no need to cry , still you have two opportunities ; one is gray market and another is black market .

    Now I will change my idea and thought , I will keep little attention on sports and I am giving you word. Thank you for such a nice writing.

  • Comment number 3.

    This question just remind me to recollect the memories of about a Cricket match in 2004 on the day 13th of April when Pakistan defeated by India on 131 runs.

    Anyway what had happed I can’t forget the moment and memories are attached to this defeated Innings.

    On the day of 5th April 2004 I heard a news on TV that there are series of innings starting one of them was Pak Vs India which was scheduled in Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium so being a big fan of cricket I couldn't leave this innings without watching. So I decided must to take a ticket at least for one match that was due in my neighbor.

    My parents were used to be very strike it was very hard for me to put my wish in front of them that I am willing to go in cricket stadium to have a glimpse on the cricket ground in this such a big crowded environment when everyone one from every corner of Pindi were present there at the site to watch a match as at that time every second parent were not allowing their daughters to go in this huge crowd for the match only.

    Therefore my parents simply refused me and said to me that I am not allowed to go, not at the event nor step out on this particular day from my house gate. So they had strictly imposed their opinion on me.

    On the second day I don't know what happened to my father when I back from my office my father given me a ticket that I can see cricket with my female friends only. My father told me that they were blacking tickets and selling on double rates , panel for selling tickets were not fair , anyhow I were very happy that once in my life I got chance to see a match live at the ground of cricket so I called my friends that I am coming to accompany you at the cricket ground.

    On that day I dressed up with Green shirt white shalwar and white doupata and wear white and green bangles, green on right hand and white on the left hand, and white sandals in my feet. I were looking very pretty not only me my other friends also carry the same dress with same accessories. So with this jolly dressing we reached at the place where match was had to start after 30 minutes as that was the sunny day of April was very hot day after few minutes spending there we felt ourselves diluted like an ice cubes in the heat but we were in the spirit to see the match and the cricket player live as there were a chance to see , meet and take an autographs from our favorite player not only from Pakistan team but also from Indians team.

    Finally match started at 1000 hrs there

  • Comment number 4.

    Finally match started at 1000 hrs there were a huge crowd present there to watch a match most of them whom I saw were our also from our neighbors as well. Anyhow without feeling any scared we started clapping and raised our slogans in the favor of Pakistan. There were so many groups who were doing different things at their ends some was dancing there some was clapping some was loudly supporting Pakistan teams , a little bit majority of Indians sides were also present they and they were also putting their efforts to appreciate their teams.

    Match were end with the Pakistan defeat and we felt very dishearten at that time and decide that now we will never go to see a cricket match as we were returned home with our sad faces so far.

    I know London Olympics will be fantastic event much more than our ours events anyhow it seems very difficult that it would be possible for us, as there is visa process and big money statement is involve So I think we can’t see this event live but I hopes our Geo Supper channel will might help us to see this events live on our TV at our homes.

  • Comment number 5.

    That is not the point, but I remember have been in a way sad when I learned Paris has not been designate to organize Olympics Game in 2012!

    I love sports and watching sports like rugby( especially rugbymen :)), and basketball.
    I don't live in Paris, and big events often take place in Paris, or other big city like Marseille!

    However, my town is known to be THE town of Basketball in France, that's why I often support them, and I often go in stadium !

    The support of all the Nation, song support, and all the values make the sport important for me. I wish I could go in London to support France but sadly I have not enought money !

    Anyway, I will be support French athletes behind my TV, eating chips and drinking beer :)

  • Comment number 6.

    Hello Alice
    Undoubtedly, The Olympic Games are particular event in lives of Londoners. I have never been on great scale sport events such as Olympic Games, World cup or championship, so I have never problems with tickets.
    I don’t like a sport generally and Olympic Games in particular. Sport isn’t a peace as people say. It produces an aggression and nationalism. Sport works as instrument of national identify ruling and politicians often use it in those dirty political games. They use it to form public opinion often to achieve their personal goals. For
    example Beijing Olympic Games was broadly used in mass media war against Georgians in Russia and against Russians in Georgia.
    Sport isn’t a health as sport officials say. It related to injuries and dope that sportsmen use a in a great numbers. And of course alcohol that led to blood funs battles. News reports full of bloody stories about a sport. Four years ago I read Barmy Army by Dougie Brimson its really impressing story. And of course sport is a primitive show doing man stupid. A lot of people spend plenty of time sitting opposite a TV sets. Do you think
    it is the best relaxation or entertainment? Do you think people need it? Just somebody wants to do them more stupid and more weak-willed. In this time it is easy to sale unusable things, to promote dubious ideas and to do it wholesale. The history of this subject evaluated from ancient times when Roman citizens ask for bread and show.

    Have you ever thought why officials support sport and a show more than arts and health care? Sport and show increase gregarious filling dependence personal to tribe or community. When you are watching sport TV show you think the same way as everybody around. Arts and stimulate individual thinking.
    It’s a sport and it is my opinion about this subject.
    Best regards
    Victor. Samara, Russia.
    PS. I love skiing, swimming. I love to run in the morning and play games at weekends but it isn’t a sport it is a physical culture.

  • Comment number 7.

    Hello Alice,
    I´ve been going to swim since I was in Primary School and now Í am 73 and go to the swimming pool 3 or 4 times a week and I enjoy my routine very much. I think the last Olimpic Games in Beijing were superb and I´ll be watching the London Olimpic in July. My regards. Beatriz.

  • Comment number 8.

    what's up alice!!!
    well i think sports it's a very good thing not just to our health,but to our mind too.
    and the sport brings people together.We can use as example the football game of brazilian's soccer in Haiti.
    As all brazilians i wait for the Olympic Games in 2016,and as the inglish we have a lot of work to do untill there.
    I hop many people all around the world can went to Brazil, to enjoy our olimpic games.We wait for all whit our arms open.
    thanks.best regards

  • Comment number 9.

    Hi Alice,

    Even though I like some sports I never got the chance to see live sport. Although it sounds interesting to be there and see a sport live but at the same time I believe that it's too much hassle to buy ticket, take time off work and travel. I guess there are pros and cons to everything but it probably depends on how much you value something to go through all the hassle. Since you brought up the topic, I am thinking that I should experience seeing a live support at least once and then make up mind whether it is worth seeing sports live. At the moment, I think it is better watching sports at home in your own comfort zone. But may be my opinion of watching sport on TV will change if I experience seeing a game live.

    Any way, I will keep my eyes open for the next cricket match and book myself a ticket. Hopefully sometimes in the future I will be able to discuss my experience here.

    Have a nice weekend.


  • Comment number 10.

    Hi Alice
    I like some sports but I never go to see the live sport.So,I do not very uderstand the price of ticket . I think that the government makes this decision must have their reason.Through your topic,I finally know that the Olympic next year is take place in London. The photo which you upload is the Game site, am I right? I very expect this year because the last time does not good to watch . But the saddest thing is not this , My favorite baseball country "Taiwan" was be beaten . It let me very sad and unhappy . Wish this year Taiwan can get a good grade. PS I like watching swim and baseball. I will keep high attention on sports.

    Thank you for sharing such a nice writing.

  • Comment number 11.

    Thanks everybody. It's lovely to read your messages.

    I put in a couple of bids for tickets so let's see what happens. I'll let you know. I'm not really that interested in sport - but I do love a good opening ceremony!

  • Comment number 12.

    Olymbic games are a dreams I have never presented yet, generally I love london awufull city realy If I have mony I will vist It to follow the tremendous event I'm not worried about tiecket price because it is priceless festival .

  • Comment number 13.

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  • Comment number 14.

    Hi Alice,
    Last autumn, one of my British friends in South Korea asked me to apply for the 2012 London Olympic tickets. I did so through a Korean travel agent. Some of the event tickets (worth about $1,200) got selected through lottery. He gave me the money to pay for the tickets. And he's been waiting for the Korean agent to travel to London this April to get his tickets. My British friend was happy when he heard the news that he would be able to watch the Olympic events with his family and friends. However, he is now worried about flying back to London this summer because the air fare is skyrocketing from Seoul to London.


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