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Sunvibes festival

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Olga Olga | 19:04 UK time, Tuesday, 22 February 2011

It is no doubt that at least once everybody had experience in clubbing. The same about me, I was a clubbing animal for a couple of years during my studies. What is your view of mixture of clubbing and nature? Can they complement one another?

Once in 2006 I had an awesome trip to Altai, it is an absolutely astonishing place, yep just for clubbing. Sunvibes is an open air festival which takes place every year since 2002 in Altai mountains. It lasts 3 days and 3 nights under beautiful sky. There are a few things you should take from your home : tent, sleeping bag, and a scoop of energy:)

We started our journey in a big bus (also you can travel there by car, if you have one) around 6pm. The bus was full of young people, laughter, and drinks of course, because it cheaper to bring it with you, rather than buy in on the spot, in short everybody was ready for the party! We arrived at the final destination at 2am. Of course it was dark outside but we had to install our tent, and go to dance!

This tent belongs to my parents. I think they bought it around 20 years ago, , and used just a few times, it seems old-fashioned. But I liked that! It looks very funny and it is natural, breathable material but we had to cover it with polyethylene to prevent it from getting wet.

I can't say exactly amount of people attending this festival, I would say it was about 3000. In spite of that it wasn't overcrowded at all, because you have plenty of space around, and nearest village is quite far from there.

And you dance dance dance all night, during the recovery time you can look at stars, I think I saw whole Galaxy, because it is a virgin place, they are all visible:)

Your awakening starts around 11am and goes very slow, as you feel fatigue after tough night:) As you "worked" hard during the night, at morning you should fill yourself by proper portion like that

We call it "buterbrod" though it is the German word. And then you have a plenty of time to roaming around because the place makes it possible. Have a look what it is about

I forgot to say that it is such a pleasure to warm yourself by sitting or standing beside a bonfire, I adore the crackling of natural wood logs...and easily can spend hours observing that. As you know one can't get bored of watching at water, fire and work of other people:)

After 3 days you don't want to leave this place you want to stay longer, but the festival is over and you should go home and take a shower!:) The nature of Altai will cordially welcome you next year...


  • Comment number 1.

    very nice thank you next year i will go to this place.

  • Comment number 2.

    Another occasion to learn something new. Wonderful Altai; I'm sorry but I didn't know the existence of this place until today. I had to check on google maps to understand where these republic is. Through Your blog I'm also changing the idea about siberian's behaviour. I was thinking about people everytime fighting the cold weather and It's a surprise to see that You organise such a type of clubbing in the wild nature: Wonderful.
    Olga go on with other new surprises!

    Marco- Italy

  • Comment number 3.

    Hi Olga,
    Super landscape photos - I must confess, I'd go for nature without the crowds - probably an issue of age... But I like your tent, and the toilet (if it is one) and the bonfire; and the "buterbrod" made me smile. I had completely forgotten - but I came across this term when I learned my first bit of Russian. The funny thing is that in German we would just call it "Butterbrot" when it's actually a slice of bread with some butter - and nothing else - on top. But very often foreign words tend to get a life of their own in a different language, don't they?
    All the best,
    Elisabeth (Austria)

  • Comment number 4.

    Hello guys!! Thank you for comments! Altai is a gem, I would say it is a must-see place!
    Yep Marco, you never know what is the next thing you will discover for yourself, it is never too late;)
    Elisabeth you are right, very often foreigh words get a life of their own:)And your guess about wooden structure is correct. How is your Russian btw, do you practice sometimes?

  • Comment number 5.

    Hi Olga,
    You had made good effort to give the glimpeses of Altai.Including a lot of photos of scenery are very nice.I really don't know -- where is this? I am very greedy about it.
    Amit Ranjan

  • Comment number 6.

    Oh Olga, you've touched a sore spot there. I've forgotten most of my Russian, I'm afraid (and it has never been that good anyway). It would just be enough to survive in all-Russian surroundings, I guess. The last time I got a chance to practice a little was when I visited the Baltic countries - there are quite a lot of Russian speakers especially in Latvia. But as soon as I plan my journey to Siberia - and it's on my list of things I want to do - I'll brush up my Russian, I promise!
    Take care,
    Elisabeth (Austria)


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