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Hello and Happy New Year (when is it too late to say HNY? Is it already too late??)

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BBC LE Teacher Blogger | 08:54 UK time, Tuesday, 25 January 2011

From Rachel


I was the first ever BBC Learning English teacher blogger, way back in 2006 and have blogged a couple of times since then, so, if we've met before, nice to see you again!

Last time I blogged, my daughter Clara helped me out by making short videos of our house and York, where we live. She is WAY too busy with her own things now to make videos for me, but I did manage to get her permission to publish her photo here... Here she is, with her older brother, Rian. As some of the other bloggers have already said, children do grow up fast.

Clara and Rian

2010 felt like a busy year, but now I look back on it, I'm not quite sure what took up all my time... Do you ever feel like that? Busy, but not sure why? I did manage to finish writing my first book though, with a colleague from York St John University and another from the University of EL Paso, Texas in the US. It comes out on February the 9th and I am very, very excited! We are planning an interactive website where teachers of additional languages will be able to talk to speech and language therapists, literacy teachers, forensic linguists, dictionary writers, translators and so on. Basically, anyone who works with language will be able to share ideas.

In the spirit of learning from other language professionals, I interviewed my friend Chandy, who used to be an English language teacher and is now a speech and language therapist. You can see the interview here. One of the things Chandy mentions is how the way we speak influences what people think of our personality. On that topic, I'm really looking forward to seeing a film that has just come out in York about the friendship between King George VI and a speech therapist who cured him of a bad stammer, The King's Speech. Have you seen it? I'll let you know what I think when I've been!

Talk to you again later in the month....


  • Comment number 1.

    thank you BBC iD Team.sorry i first blog.sorry my poor english!

  • Comment number 2.

    very good , happy new year!

  • Comment number 3.

    thank you!

  • Comment number 4.

    i am chinese,nice to meet your son photo.happy new year! i talk with his in china.

  • Comment number 5.

    to teachers Respectable
    thank you very much for your efforts in the education of English language by writing the book and web site design and your participation meant the BBC blogs.
    i enthusiasm to see the film to know how can the friendship between King George VI and a speech therapist who cured him of a bad stammer

  • Comment number 6.

    Hello, I'm Marga from Catalonia(Spain). This is my first time I write here in the BBC, well to be honest, this is my first time I write in a blog in English.
    I hope this writings will improve my English. I'm learning the language for many years but only grammar and I wolud like to practice writing and speaking.
    Well, sorry about my poor writing, I'll try mybest next time.
    See you, nice to meet you.

  • Comment number 7.

    see your blog ! it help me improve my english ,thanks for you and your blog! In the past year all of us is busy ! I am graduating in this year so I feel a little pressure that is hard to look for job! good english is profit for working! that is why I jion the BBC blog ! I am makui come from China!

  • Comment number 8.

    Hello Rachel! Congratulation on finishing the FIRST book! The work sounds heroicaly enough for me to make someone busy. Though, as time grows me older with more ache on my bones I came to the point enjoying the right passing minute as it is without much trouble about bygone one or the future. It makes everything easier and allowes focusing just on what you really need and like to do. For me it is painting drawing and doing walks into the forrest as much as it can and than to bring a small glad-time in to days of my disabled parents. The career, money, bussy cities.. one has to find what suit to him/her the best and pursuit and enjoy it. We cannot have everything, that is what frustrates our lives the most. Now, in my town another big shoping center was built and opened recently with a bookshop, too, where there is now plenty of English books easy accesible to buy for me. Right now I am reading A walk to remember, my second book by Nicholas Sparks. They are really easy to read which is why I am able to wright here after long time again. You know I was almost at forgetting this hard acquired ability in my age! However, I remember well the wideos from your home. It was lovely. Thanks to Clara again. She looks lovely; I am almost in to make her portrait (since the beginning the year each evening I draw a series of woman portraits any age using just a wax stabs in black only red lips..). By the way, you looks perfect even younger as ever, being busy is fine for you for sure! All the best for you and all my dear mates and all lovely teachers I ever met on this fantastic learning page! marianna

  • Comment number 9.

    Hello Rachel:

    I am glad to read your blog.I admire that you have such clever daughger and son.Your interactive website is well expected by me,and shoud help more and more people improve their english ability.

    Regarding the life of last year.It is not only just a busy year,but also significant for me.There are two big events happened to me.

    One is my position in company became higher.It is supposed to a great stuff for me ,but whereas,I feel powerful pressure now.Maybe higher position means higher pressure.I believe that I can withstand the pressure,and achieve outstanding performance as before.

    The other is to buy my own apartment.It is maybe a big event for most of person.It almost cost all my deposit.Last month, I started decorating my house. Since a emergent business trip,I could not enjoy my beatiful house untill April.

    A new year have arrived,something have happened to us,and even will improve our future .I hope all of us can enjoy my life of nowday,and glory in future.

    Yours sincerely!

  • Comment number 10.

    Hi Rachel,How is your doing
    I did enjoy while rading your blog.Congratulation on first book.
    Last year for me also was busy.But when I thinking about my achievement
    I confess myself it is not right because the last year was
    successful and joyful for me.In my life happened one big events I
    bought new house.It was unexcepted in my life.There no doubt Everyone
    have wishes for this year and I hope every our wishes will be true.

    Best regards Seymur.

  • Comment number 11.

    Hi Rachel! Great to hear from you again. It is never too late to receive good wishes from an awesome teacher blogger. The web-site thing seems very interesting. Keep us posted!! Best of luck with your forthcoming textbook and cheers!!!

  • Comment number 12.

    Thanks for sharing your daughter and son's which looks very nice.

    I am Julia Wang from China Suzhou city. I am also busy in 2010.

    I will be travelling in Philippine and working with US colleague by the end of Feb or early of Mar. So I need to improve my English,specially for oral very soon. I would like to get your advice and help for my English.

  • Comment number 13.

    Dear Honorable teacher.

    I am one of those who lessened bbc from very along time it mean when i was child and my grand father was lessened bbc 1982 and i was with him now i can read news from bbc so need your help to learn English like bbc corresponded .Please let me know will you send me lessen by my email or how can i read and lessen my daily English?

    Thanks with best regards
    Your student Ataullah Farid
    Kunar Afghanistan

  • Comment number 14.

    Every success in your business!


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