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A Winter Wonderland

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Rob Rob | 11:50 UK time, Monday, 13 December 2010

Hello, it's Rob here. I was stuck at home recently and couldn't get to the office. No I wasn't being lazy; the weather was to blame! I know the British like to talk about the weather but the snowfall last week was exceptional. Let me tell you more.

It snowed and snowed, so much so that I couldn't drive the car and there were no trains. Winter has just begun and yet, I am already up to my knees in snow! We call it 'the white stuff' and we don't see it that often in England. The mountains of Scotland usually get some but it's unusual to see much in the South of the country.

Have a look at my photos to see what I mean. It does look beautiful, like the picture on a Christmas card but it's not the festive season yet. Outside it was cold and it was also very peaceful because there was very little traffic and the snow softens the sound too.

a view of snowy fields

As water dripped off my roof beautiful icicles formed and hung to the eaves.


Icicles hanging from the roof

There was lots of fun to be had in the snow, especially for children. My daughter has been making snow angels by laying on her back in the snow and spreading out her arms and legs. However the fun doesn't last that long because she gets cold and starts moaning!

a snow angel

Making snow angels is cold work!

Sledging is another fun thing to do and of course, everyone has to build a snowman. But as you can see we have not had much success in making a good one because the snow is too light and fluffy. Can you see what we have used for his nose?!

a snowman

a small snowman

As I said, getting this much snow is quite rare so we have to make the most of it. The problem is that we are not that prepared for it. Our village shop quickly ran out of supplies like milk and bread. The railway companies couldn't clear the tracks so the trains couldn't run and I don't own a pair of skis to get about on!

After three days the novelty was beginning to wear off. I wanted to get out and about, get the cupboard stocked up and get back to work! Imagine living in a country that has snow all winter.

a snowy field

A snowy field

Well I hope you've enjoyed reading this blog. Maybe you have never experienced snow or maybe you always get snow and what I've got was just a light covering. Please let me know your stories. Bye for now.


  • Comment number 1.

    Hello, Rob
    Your picture makes me cold! Nice photo and explanation :)
    I'm in Australia now so it's summer here.
    I'm orginally from Korea. so i usually see snow in winter season like you. But This is my first time summer Christmas Yeh! It's little bit weird. anyway You now have experience heavy snow Wow Really looks like interesting!i expect your next blog. Bye for now!

  • Comment number 2.

    Hi, Rob!
    Very nice pictures, they really look like Christmas cards! And you have very cute daughter! she is a little angel herself:)
    Here in Belarus we usually have a lot of snow in winter, but it doesn't make us stay at home:( Everything is working, though snow may cause some problems with transport.
    I like these beautiful winter days here, but it is so cold outside that i can't help moaning too :)

  • Comment number 3.

    Hello Rob,

    It is Anita here. Nice to meet you!

    Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! I am just listening to this song on the radio while writing my comment.

    What beautiful wintry pictures! True winter magic, isn't it? Thanks for sharing these really good shots with us. I do believe that carrot nose and coal eyes have not gone out of fashion for snowmen. :D And making snow angels in the snow is worldwide fun too. I do agree with Veronika, your daughter is a lovely angel.

    We had similar weather in Slovakia a week ago. What annoys me is the fact that although we get snow every year, it is always a big surprise or huge shock to the people, to the towns and cities and causes calamity.

    Anyway, your blog title brought back happy memories for me. I was lucky enough to visit Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park with my daughter a couple of years ago. We spent a lovely afternoon there.

    Have a nice day! Take care,
    Anita from Slovakia

  • Comment number 4.

    Thank you for your comments. I am glad the photos gave you a good feeling and brought back some memories! It really has been an unusually snowy December and snow is still on the ground.
    It's good to know making 'snow angels' is an international past time. Are there any other snow games that we share around the world?
    Happy Christmas to you all. Rob

  • Comment number 5.

    I live in russia and we grew accustomed to heavy snow and freezing cold. I heard that Hearthrow and other airports aroung th Uk was closed as the planes could not take off. and the same day I watch BBC news and the jirnalist praise Russia as much - I deem he praised as for coping with this severe cweather conditions And it two days we had rain- snow. All trees was covered with thin lay of snow. It was quite dangerous to walk in the strrets as the tree bushes gain a lot of weight and began just to feel - the same day the domodedova airport halted it work. The ice damaged the power lines which lead to Domodedova nad to nearby districts! So we still also have problems to dealt with all that snow stff


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