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Royal wedding good for morale?

Alice Alice | 16:22 UK time, Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The big news here in the United Kingdom is that Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton have announced their engagement. We're expecting a big wedding in spring or summer 2011.

Image of Prince William and Kate Middleton

There's nothing like a big Royal Wedding to help cheer this nation up. With a cold winter on its way, economic uncertainty and lots of job losses we wonder if the couple have timed their engagement deliberately.

I'd like to know which recent events have united your nation? What makes you feel like you are part of something bigger?


  • Comment number 1.

    I suppose it will be just a great business too. Souvenirs, tv shows, reports in magazines... On the other hand, though, I think people need to think about nice things as this wedding in order to forget 'the crisis', don't you think?

  • Comment number 2.

    I haven't ansewered your main question. I'm sorry.

    I think last football worldcup was very important for a lot of people to forget crisis; specially in Spain. It was really nice to see people meet in bars or in their houses to watch the matches. Everything was stopped at matches time. Then, every time the Spanish team won, streets were plenty of happiness. It was a fantastic experience, but after that, everything goes the same way on.

  • Comment number 3.

    Hi All,

    Xativina, I agree with you the wedding is the business and the next romantic story is possibility to distract peopel from they personal problems. The more peopel think positive for example the wedding, the less they claim discontent.
    And also I suppose the life of the princess can be complicated for the girl. I know about her nothing: who is she? where is she from? And I hope they have genuine affection.

    Alice, this event realy make you and other people feel that you are part of something big?
    Unfortunatly, I don't remember anything what made me feel like you. As soon as something comes to mind so I will write.

    Marina from Moscow.

  • Comment number 4.

    Hi, Alice: I can´t imagine whether the news about the Royal Wedding can cheer the nation up. Times are not easy, but here in Argentina there have been two different events lately that surprised us. One in May the celebration of the 200 hundred years of Argentina as a free, independent country with millions of people in the streets during a long weekend sharing the same cheerful, peaceful spirit, something we haven´t seen before. But in the last days of October the death of our former President Néstor Kirchner called together crowds to the streets to expres their respect and grief to his memory and at the same time to give support to our President Cristina who is his widow. Both occasion were moving and we live a real sense of brotherhood, without taking into account political opinions. They were two events that united our nation and I wish this were the beginning of better times for our people. But the celebration of a wedding is always something ideal to celebrate and to be cheerful. Enjoy it! Best regards, Beatriz. BA.

  • Comment number 5.

    I agree...People need dreaming...something that get distracted from the crisis and everyday problems.The wedding is something beautiful between all the bad issues we come accross today

  • Comment number 6.

    The event which have recently united my country (read Poland) is UEFA Euro 2012. We are waiting for this event which is organized together with Ukraine. We try to prepare the best we can. I hope everything will be alright and can't wait the moment when the national stadium will be finished.
    Yesterday we could see mascots Euro2012. If you want to see them click on this link:
    You have to admit that these mascots can cheerful everybody up :)
    I like them very much and people can take their mind something else than crisis.

    Kate from Poland

  • Comment number 7.

    Hello Alice,

    I cannot imagine how a wedding could unite our Czech nation. But it is probably because of the tradition: we are republic for more than 100 years. And before, during the reign of Habsbourgs, Czech people rather hated everything connected with the royal family.

    I do not know which event united our nation recently, but today, we have anniversary of the Velvet revolution (November 17, 1989; it is also anniversary of murdering of Czech students by Nazis in 1939) - and I think, these events really united our nation for some time. But recently, I think, individuality is more important than nationality for lots of Czechs.

    Have a nice day,
    Tereza (Czech republic)

  • Comment number 8.

    Hi Alice!

    My country has been under the shadow of poor economic growth, poverty and the explosion of dearness which grows bigger every time. To add more to these already existing problems, violance comes in too. I really wish to see a time when our nation forgets everytthing for a moment and be happy.

    What are your thoughts about the upcoming royal celebration?

    Have a great day


  • Comment number 9.

    Hello everyone

    Thanks for your messages!

    Xativina - you're right. There were cups, plates and tea towels on sale minutes after the announcement. I imagine the World Cup was wonderful to watch in Spain - did people who aren't usually interested in football really get behind the team? (support them)

    Mbagema - I agree. It must be quite daunting (scary) marrying into the British Royal Family. But at least she is older than Princess Diana was when she got married (28 as opposed to 20?) and has had time to get used to all the attention.

    Beatriz - it sounds like Argentina has had a very eventful year. That's very sad to hear that everyone was also united by grief at the former President's death.

    Kate - I love your mascots! I'm glad that everyone is excited about the UEFA Euro 2012 competition. Which cities will host matches? Are you having to build many new stadiums?

    Tereza - that's very interesting to hear what you say about people losing interest at the anniversaries of the Velvet Revolution. Which other anniversaries or big events are celebrated or remembered by the Czech people?

    Naheed - tell us more. When you say the explosion of dearness what do you mean? That prices of everything have risen?

  • Comment number 10.

    Hello Alice, Your name reminds me of the famous novel of 'Alice in wonderland'. Now the movie is coming in the theaters soon. I saw the trailer and it was looking awesome. I love Disneyworld movies.
    How the news can cheer up the people of Biritan? How it is important for britshers?
    You've asked which recent events have united your nation? What makes you feel like you are part of something bigger? Well, I don't remember any recent event but when the Earth quake hits the northen parts of our country in 2005 the whole nation united and the people volunteerly worked for the affected people. That was the time when we I felt that we've sympathetic feelings for our country men. Long Live Pakistan!!!

    Best Wishes,

  • Comment number 11.

    Hello Alice!

    Oh the rise in prices of the necessities of life is a central problem right now. The gruop of people on low is already struggling with their everyday life and now the rise in prices is making their living even worse. That's why I siad we're experiencing the explosion of dearness.

    The only time I can think of now is the recent floods which brought the nation together and made them forget their own problems. And as Mehjabeen told about the earthquake in 2005, that was also the time when everyone came forward to help the victims of the earthquake. For happy days we need to change our thoughts which is more important than to think about the fall of the current government.

    All the best,


  • Comment number 12.

    Hi Alice and everyone!

    As I wrote yesterday our national union is preparation to EURO 2012. The cities which host matches are: Warsaw, Poznan, Gdansk and Wroclaw. Three of city I mentioned are building new stadiums (Warsaw, Wroclaw and Gdansk) and Poznan only had to modernize its stadium. I live in Warsaw near the place where new stadium is located so every day I can see the next steps of this building.
    On this website you can see a film from beginning of this construction

    I think it looks amazing.
    We can't wait this event.

    Have a nice day
    Kate from Poland

  • Comment number 13.

    Dear Alice,
    It seems that every royal wedding brings the magic of the fairy tales. Maybe that is because, in someway, we need to keep the illusion of our naive childhood.
    The only event that is keeping the people united is the actual economic crisis. Everybody is complaining about politicians and bankers and I didn't listen contrary opinions.

  • Comment number 14.

    Hi Alice and friends,

    Well, the big recent event in my country was the election as you know. Now, we're waiting for the annoucements about the new (or old) ministers of the new (or old) goverment.

    The football game with the Argentina's team, was terrible, too. (^_^)

    On the other hand, i'm concerned about the Exchange rate crisis and the their possible outcomes in the coming months. We'd heard about the Ireland and Portugal. It's very important to keep an eye on it !

    Cheers - Natanael - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

  • Comment number 15.

    Hi Alice,
    It's me again...
    Sorry, but i've just posted my last post. Please, i'm afraid that a made some mistakes. Could you please to take a glance on it? Thanks a lot.

    Cheers - Natanael

  • Comment number 16.

    Hello Alice,

    nice to meet you! these days, besides terrorism, I have not heard much about my country, it became usual and normal as you might notice, we are waiting for the moment something will happen to unite it, maybe the royal wedding and the successor of Queen Elisabeth will bring the illusion back in our nation
    Best regards,

  • Comment number 17.

    Very interesting question and I suppose I also give interesting answer.

    Really, the statement of a couple make me glad. Moreover I'm very glad that the UK is happy about this news.

    I can't say this about Ukraine. The Ukrainians hate very often the politics and at the last time I see how Ukrainian government of Mykola Azarov and Yanukovich Co only unite my country which is splited in two parts by language and sometimes by mentality. Tax code with strikes and protests unite my country.

  • Comment number 18.

    Hi Alice! Really nice couple. She looks better than he does and she behave naturaly and sort of princess too. The nation will like her and the couple with no doubt. What makes me feel like a part of something bigger? Definitely, it´s not religion. Maybe it´s a nation, being a part of a ridiculously small nation may produce this feeling... It´s a particular countryside around my home which put a calmness in to my soul whenever I stay a while in. And, it´s any good piece of artwork I´d look at which connect me with those who are or were absorbed by a passion of colour-painting. You may feel that there aren´t people mentioned on my list but as I write in here, actually, they are some contributors on this page. Have a great day, marianna

  • Comment number 19.

    Hi Alice! To answer your question about some event that make people be and feel part of something big, the quick idea is the participation of our national team in World Cup 2010. I do not remember such a big concentration of people as the day the players arrived here. Everybody was very happy and for a short time they forgot their differences, about politics or about rivality between local teams.

  • Comment number 20.

    Hi Alice! Sorry for writting so late, I've benn working hard at the weekend.

    You asked me whether people who were not keen on football supported our team during the World Cup. I think most people did it. It was not only considered an sports event, but a 'social' issue. A way to forget crisis, to believe in 'human' improvement, and so on. It seemed that all our dreams could be possible if they won the World Cup. Media built that 'story' and a lot of people wanted to believe in it.

    I don't really like football but I must confess I got amazed with every match of the Spanish team.

  • Comment number 21.

    Hi Alice !!
    From 8th till 13th June 2006 Thailand celebrated the 60th anniversary of His Majesty the King's accession to the throne. The celebrations incorporated series of events marking Bhumibol's reign. Events included the royal barge procession on the Chao Phraya River, fireworks displays, art exhibitions, pardoning 25,000 prisoners, concerts and dance performances.People all over the country have been wearing yellow shirts with the royal emblem in celebration of this very special event.

  • Comment number 22.

    hi alice!
    No matter why they got engaged and what is the influence has it made.we will bless the couple all the way.
    about you question some events that make people be and feel part of something big in my country i think the military review in National Day last year. on that day almost all of us watched the military review by television or internet and we also felt excited.there are many people even shed tears of excitement.
    glad to know you !
    best wishes to you!


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