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My Main Passion and My last post.

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Natanael Natanael | 19:02 UK time, Monday, 29 November 2010

Dear Friends

As I always to talk. "It's a pleasure ..."

First of all thanks for all, for your attention, for your words, for your comments, for the opportunity to show you a little more about my country, my people, my land.

I know, in fact, that I'm going forward all of you, but for now, it's enough. I think that we need to know a little more about other people, other place.

At the end, on my last post, I'd like to talk about me and my family...

Let's together...

I think that the most important adventure of our lives is the family. The family is the within society and I love it.



As you know I have a little daughter called Lidia (my popcorn) and I have a queen (my wife Evelyn). I could to talk about my parents but it's too, big (My father Jose and my mother Carli (my heroes), my younger sister Cristiane that lives on Germany, my sister Viviane and my younger brother called Tiago), but it would be a too long post (^_^).

I'm married for 14 years and I'm very happy on it.



In fact I'd like to have more kids, but we have to make a life plan for it, nowadays is not so easy to do it, due to the lots of things (cost and others). But, we're thinking about it.... (^_^)

Evelyn (my wife) is a special woman, she's my friend, my partner, my girlfriend, my lover and I love her.

Lidia was a gift of God, and she was planned in every things, every singer thing and she is a person that crown our relationship.

I just to thank you for all my life. I live in a beautiful country, in a beautiful state, in beautiful county, in a beauty house. Thanks God for it.

Reading the above words, you must be thinking, "so he has not problem", it's not true!

Of course, all of us have problems !!

In my city, for example, we are on the middle of violence problem, but the fact that we working to minimizing it.

Money... sometimes money is a problem, but I prefer to believe that money is a kind of solution, if you can control it.
So, I prefer to work on the direction of... the problem doesn't exist. Yes...

If the problem has a solution, there's no problem... and if a problem hasn't a solution... solved it is.

I prefer to live and to live in Peace.

At the end I'd like to thank the BBCe for this opportunity and all of you for this amazing adventure.

Cheers - Natanael - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

p.s. If you come to Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), please let me know (^_^)


  • Comment number 1.

    Hey man! What a beautiful last words!! Great family, no wonder you are happy! It was nice to know more about you Natanael, it was great to know about Bonito, to remember how awful football could be (#_^), and what's more you saved the best for the end!! At last we saw the little popcorn!!! Thanks Natanael, thanks for having shared part of your life with us.
    oh i forgot! Also thanks to let us break our neck to see the third picture. (*_*) And no need to see say good bye, should we?

  • Comment number 2.

    Course nt dear Dommi. Course not (^_^). Thanks for all. Cheers - Natanael

  • Comment number 3.

    Hellow, dear Natanael: Thanks for your blogs and photos. The best of all was the one with your little "popcorn" Lidia and your "queen" Evelyn. I totally agree with you, if a problem can be solved with money it is not a problem. Apart from that if all of you, the happy people in the pictures want more kids, try again! You know I´m an elderly woman and I can say that our children, young or adults in my case, are the real treassure of our lives. Peace and love is enough to live. The best for you, your country, Lula, Dilma, etc.......Beatriz.Argentina.BA.

  • Comment number 4.

    Hi Dear Natanael! Thank you for your interesting Blogs! See you around. Keep in touch.
    Best wishes,
    your friend Emat.

  • Comment number 5.

    Hello Natanael,
    you have lovely daughter!
    I wish to you and to your family happy life without problems.
    Tereza (Czech republic)

  • Comment number 6.

    What a lovely family - and what an amazing country! It's a pity Brazil is such a long, long way to go from Europe because after reading your blog posts I'd love to see more of it! If I should ever come to Rio de Janeiro, I'll get hold of a big megaphone and have your name called out, so that I can find you...
    Thanks a lot for your posts and I hope you'll stay around!
    Say hi to Evelyn and Lidia for me, will you?
    All the best,
    Elisabeth from Austria

  • Comment number 7.

    everything is intresting about your family and your country, but the plan you have to have more childeren i think according to family planing it is not good, i wish to visit your beautiful country in the future

  • Comment number 8.

    Hi Natanael! :)

    Please forgive me for breaking my promise (to be a good girl and leave comments in your blog regularly) and having been absent for so long (^.*) I was horrified when I saw today's date - the 1st December. The November said good-bye to us too early, don't you think?

    Anyway, I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts, your world-view and your dreams with us. And special thanks for brighting and warming up this month - as you might have heard it's very cold both in Russia and Europe now (my Celcius thermometer shows me frightening 24 degrees below zero).

    And at last we saw your dear wife and the little "popcorn" ;-) They're amazing.

    I'm sure this post is not a good-bye and we'll see your comments very soon in the next student's blog :) I'm looking forward to it (^_*)

    Nastya, Russia

  • Comment number 9.

    Hi Natanael , I 'm so sorry that I was absent In the commenting area in the past month . I was busy with family issues ( my both sons were ill most of the time )but I have been followed your post any way . Happy to see your Popcorn and your lovely wife shots . You all three looks great in the photos and I think it 's not bad to think for the second child as Dommi said . The kids are really gifts of God for the families
    . I think there is no need to say goodbye as I 'm sure you will be around here as you were in the past few months . You are so energetic and kind so you are the hero of Blogging and commenting here in BBC le Blog !
    Plus : Could you please explain about the huge statue top the mountain which you show us in the previous Blog . I 'm so eager to know more about it .
    See you

  • Comment number 10.

    Hi, People.

    Thanks for your words. I'm really happy to participate of this.

    Well, let's go...

    Me and my wife are thinking about a "new kid", maybe next year we have news (^_^). Who knows? God knows?

    Thanks for your words. I regard you a friend.

    You're special person. Believe that... Thanks for all.

    I'll talk to my Little Popcorn and Evelyn about you, dear friend. Take care.

    God bless you dear friend. I wish you a very good new year.

    My dear friend Nastya. I'm so glad to hear from you. I saw about the european wheather and it's too cold. Believe that the love heats in our heart, so love, just to love. I like you very much and i wish your have a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I wish that your dreans become to in a reality on next year. Take care.

    Dear Friend Pary. Always worry about your family... like me (^_^). God bless you dear friend and i wish that you have a wonderfull new year.
    Just about the photos. The first is very close to Teresopolis (a county) of Rio de Janeiro, one hour and a half far from my house, by car. You cand see a mountain that we called The God's finger, very very famous in Rio de Janeiro. Its in a reserve that we called (Parque Nacional da Serra dos Orgãos) very, very , very beautiful. The others photos are in a square very close to my house. We called this square of (Square of Whale)and its stay in front of Blue Cost Beach.
    Take care and see you around.

    Thanks for all people. See you on the next month. BYE BYE

    Cheers - Natanael - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

  • Comment number 11.

    Hi my dear friend Natanael!
    Thank you for this amazing job you’ve done this month. All your posts were very interesting to read. It’s a shame I had no time enough to comment on each one of them. But surely you can perfectly understand it being very busy yourself, can’t you? Anyway, it’s been a pleasure to know more about you and your country. No wonder you love Brazil very much, everybody knows what a beautiful place it is, besides, you are a patriot, you are very proud of your country. It’s understandable. But what I’m especially glad to hear is how you care for your family, your wife. The way you speak of your spouse… it's just so touching. She is a lucky woman to have such a devoted husband! I wonder, whether my husband feels the same way about me and speaks lovely words about me behind my back after having spent 13 years together. I don’t think so, we’ve quarreled a lot lately… :) By the way, I can see only first photo on which you are together clearly, the rest of them are somewhat blur. Is something wrong with my sight or my computer?

    All the best for you, your wife and your lovely little popcorn.
    See you soon,
    Svetlana, from frozen Russia

  • Comment number 12.

    Dear Natanael,

    Thank you for your amazing blogs! That's great to know a lot of new about Brazil and Brazilian history and traditions and so many beutiful places. And especialy I liked to know new person for me, about his live, hobbies and family. Natanael, thank you very much for sharing your personal life with us! Now I know open and kindly man. I like you very much!
    Please give your wife and daughter my great regards! I wish your family all good.

    See you next month,
    Marina from Moscow.

  • Comment number 13.

    Hello Natanael
    I didn't manage to keep up with your blog, sorry.
    I know it's the 13th of December, but I reckon it's never too late to say goodbye!
    It's Christmas time and I can't hold out for it any longer. It will be my first Christmas away from my country.
    I wish I had more time last month. I've been rushed off my feet in these last three months because of my job. The end of the year, just for change.
    You look as if you are a good man, a great father, a nice husband.
    I wish I had talked about soccer as well as your amazing players who played / play around the world.
    Anyway, you've done a great blog. Well done
    I hope everything work out well for you.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  • Comment number 14.

    Hi Natanae
    I've just joined BBC communication and I read your post first. You have a wonderful family. you must be so happy, and I feel happy too when reading your post, seeing your pictures :) I love your optimistic attitude. I have many troubles too, but I'm not like you, I complain day by day. I know it's not good, how terrible I am. From now, I will follow you and people ily who are like you. wish you and your family always happy!


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