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Cheerful news...

Alice Alice | 17:15 UK time, Thursday, 4 November 2010

Now we're almost at the end of a week, I'd like to share some cheerful news with you. A football team who hasn't won a match for 25 years has had its first victory.

The team come from Pohnpei an island in Micronesia and it has won its first match in Guam. Well done! I imagine everybody there is very proud of them.

It made me think of great long-term achievements - events that have taken a long time to happen. My personal one is learning to drive at age 37!

And it also gives me an excuse to show you a beautiful picture of a Micronesian island which I hope you will enjoy.

Do you have any cheerful news to share with everybody? And any successes which took you a long time to achieve?


  • Comment number 1.

    Hi Alice,
    It is very nice to read your posts and have you as teacher.
    Welcome to this virtual window to the world.
    In the previous post I read your question about fireworks, and as you have been living for two years in Japan, I am sure that you know that in the land of the Rising Sun people love fireworks, and there are a lot festivals in summer and autumn with a big display of them while huge crowds express their delight with shouts of admiration.
    About your question on achievements, which is taking me longer is learning foreign languages since after many moons, I am still fighting with English and Japanese (especially written Japanese can be a real challenge). So, talking about success maybe I could say that today I know a little more than yesterday, and perhaps tomorrow I will be able to know a little more than today. Only a small step everyday to avoid frustration.
    Warm regards,

  • Comment number 2.

    Alice, I just want to say briefly Hello and Welcome! Unfortunately, I wasn´t at the BBC in 2000 even not on the net neither with a cell phone. So, you are new to me but at the first glance at the picture along with the name I thought "Wow, this England really has the Alice from Wonderland!" And it is a cheerful news, isn´t it? Now, I have to tell that you are only the third Alice I met in my whole life. The first two of such name I met when I entered Karl´s university in Prague 33 years ago. The older was single, academic, assistant for our group the other was my age slovak student, very pretty, with big potencial and ambition to become a doctor. Instead, she fell in love with discos and the freedom which offered the life as student in Prague and married in course of the first year at uni and left the studium. Until we ended the six-year long studium she become a mother of two boys and wanted to start studium at the hotel school. For you, I believe you will drive happily at the end. I did my drive licence in my 34 and I can´t imagine it without driving daily. Hoh, I´ve written pretty long post but it was due to a pleasure to talk to you. Marianna, Slovakia

  • Comment number 3.

    Hi Alice!

    Pleased to e-meet you. We usually let off fireworks on New Year’s Eve, on Assumption’s Day and when it is the last day of our local village fete. As for the latter, it is a widespread tradition to wind down a village fete with fireworks here in Italy. Sadly, I cannot give good news cause last week my city was hit by floods. There are still several displaced persons and tons of mud to get rid of. As for me, luckily, I was not deeply affected by the floods. We have just had some short power cuts and phone line problems. About personal achievements, I was over the moon when I graduated from university and got my first job. Best of luck with your driving licence! Trust me, once you get it, you will definitely take a load off your mind!! Happy Guy Fawkes Day!!!

  • Comment number 4.

    Hello Alice!
    It’s good to know you speak Russian! If you don’t mind let me greet you in my native language. Alice, я очень рада познакомиться с Вами! Добро пожаловать на эту чудесную землю любителей английского языка! Alice, answering your previous questions I can say I’ve only been the member of this community for two months and a bit. Some people write regularly, the others do it sporadically. I myself try to write whenever I have a spare moment to practice my writing English. My speaking skills are rather poor because I have no opportunity to practice them. I unfortunately have no one to talk to in English. At the University where I study English I’m only a part-time student (two days a week). We speak there but it isn’t enough. So instead of speaking I write as much as I can. All the people here are very welcoming and friendly, that’s why I love this place. I would refrain from evaluating who is who here in order not to offend anybody inadvertently. If you know what I mean, I may forget to mention somebody or misjudge them. I’m guessing you are going to find out what we like very soon by reading our comments. You’ll make your own picture.
    I unfortunately have no cheerful news to share today, though I have a lot of questions to you. I’ll spare them for next time I think, I have to leave now.

    Best wishes and kiss your little daughter please (kids at two and a bit are just adorable little creatures)

    Svetlana, Russia

    @Filippo I’m sorry to hear about your flood troubles.

  • Comment number 5.

    Hi Alice,
    I just wrote my first post hier, and this is just now the second!!
    I could tell you about my success in studying German language, as I really love it, but I hope to be able soon to tell you about my success in improvement of English! Well, I have to admit, English is my nightmare, I have to improve it for job necessities, and also to be more independent by travelling, but it is very difficult to me. I hope to have found this site will help me, having also fun reading these pages!
    Thank you and bye!!

  • Comment number 6.

    All the memories of the BBCle e-mail discussions are back and this is a cheerful news for me today. It was an addiction for me to sign in to my email account and read those messages by the learners as well as moderators. I still remember your lines when you used to write for new members to introduce themslevs. It's really good to read about your baby, my best wishes to you.

    My biggest achievement of my life was to do my bachelors in Commerce which was a completely new experience for me and then continue to study to become management accountant. Another stage to complete my Management accountancy is yet to come as it's got a bit slow due to some reasons. I wish you good luck for your driving lessons!

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful picture. Eagerly looking forward to reading your posts over the next month:)

    All the best,
    Naheed (Pakistan)

  • Comment number 7.

    Hi Alice,
    nice to have you here and gongratulation to your driving licence.

    At the age of 17 me and my parents moved to a new country. At that time I did not speak the language. I would say my greatest achievement so far was to find my way in a new country, to learn the language and to get an university degreen. I was 7 as I got to the school and at the age of 27 I got my degree. It was a long way, but now I'm happy to have a great job.


  • Comment number 8.

    It should be 'congratulation' of course.


  • Comment number 9.

    Hi teacher Alice, It's wonderful to meet you here. Mostly the firework celebrations took place in my country on the New year's eve and also on the 25th december. The biggest firework I saw was on the new year's eve of 2001 near seaside. It was fun to watched it with cold breeze :). I remembered lots of families were gathered to enjoy the fireworks.
    B/w the good news related to my country is that our Cricket team has won the 4rth ODI against South Africe last night. As far as my personal achievemnts are concerned the biggest one is no doubt the day when I did my bachelors in Computer Engineering and after that when my thesis got approved for my Masters degree program. I can't share you my feelings, I was over the moon :). That's all for now.
    Have a nice weekend!!!
    Mahjabeen from Pakistan.

  • Comment number 10.

    Hi dear Alic ! Please accept my very late welcome ! OK already I have read your two entries and dear friends comment, About loyal BBC LE BLOG fans , I think in the end of November you will know ….
    I think it 's better to have a short introduce about myself , of course if you are interested :
    I 'm pary from Iran , north west province Ardebil . I 'm a workwomen , mother of two cheeky boys , my first cheeky monkey is in the second grade at school and my second son is about your little child age ( 25.5 months ) . I fond BBC le coincidently In BBC Persain ( Farsi ) . As I love to learn English form , 2006 I 'm used to visit this site most of the times . At first I tried Discussion group and I was going to used to it , which The BBC BLog was created and form then I 'm a fan of BBC BLog . Don't forget to say I 'm about in your age .
    About recent cheerful news , I can just to mention my second off spring being two years old .As you may know from then he had changed a lot and it 's more easy to deal with him . About 1.5 months ago finally I became aunty Parisa and I love her to bites . I think you has already accomplished your driving license , good Job . There is no fear about driving , you just must be used it and as you know practice makes perfect !
    By the way I loved the island photo , it 's too seductive to visit although I don't know where on earth it is …
    Speaking of the bonfires , Iranian people have some deep route in fire . There are some ancient temple to worship fire in Iran . One of almost saved fire tradition is in last Wednesday of the Iran year, before starting of new year in the beginning of spring season . About one month earlier you can hear the big sounds of explosions every where . Silly kids try to throw it toward cars and it 's really frightening to walk specially in city center …. Main celebration take part in last Wednesday ( Charshanbeh soory ) . You can see big fireworks in lanes . People will cook some feast meals And jumping over the fires is the main part of that night ceremony .
    Unlucky bonfires in the sky is not so common which personally I prefer , it just might be done in some big cities in special dates . Unfortunately youth love to use hand made firecrackers which is legally banned and you can't believe how many kids and young people will hurt because of accidentally explosions :(
    Hope you haven't be bored with my long late comment ( late better than never )
    Wish to see some shots of your family
    Pary from Iran ( Ardebil )

  • Comment number 11.

    Well, this year has been full of nice experiences. I worked for 12 years as a chemestry technician and for quite a while I thought to change my career, so last year I finally enter to uni and now I´m in the 4th semester of a licentiate course in English/Portuguese and I´ve just started teaching at a language school.
    I know I have a lot of things to improve, but everyday I´m learning something new which it's helping me to develop my skills as a teacher.
    That´s something that takes me a long time to achieve but it´s been very very rewarding :-).
    See ya,
    Ana Paula, Brazil.

  • Comment number 12.

    Hi Alice,
    although I am younger than you (24), we two seem to have the same aim - to learn to drive. Well... I got my driving license in June, but I do not think I can drive. I was practicing during the holidays with my father (he is, fortunately, very patient) but I am still a beginner. And now, the winter is coming... I am afraid of driving on snow. But what to do?
    And what about you? Do you have the driving license or are you still at the start point?
    Have a nice day,
    Tereza (Czech republic)

  • Comment number 13.

    Hi Alice,
    Nice picture just to let you dreaming for a nice peaceful holiday!
    Have a wonderful time
    take care

  • Comment number 14.

    Hi Alice,

    It's a good news for the Pohnpei people. I think the Hungarians'd need similar news in football :) I don't know exactly for how many years.

    The november's my second month on BBC LE, so I've talked with only few people yet but I've already known that here everyone's very kind and freindly :).

    The best news's for me that the end of this year's coming with the holidays. Slowly everything's becoming a scene of enchanting holiday where the family can be together.
    And what is my success that I've achieved for long time? :) I think I have to wait for it. Maybe in the next year we'll finish renewing of our flat and it'll be our success. Or never can be a flat ready ;) ?

    All the best,
    Ditta, Hungary

  • Comment number 15.

    Hi Alice,
    Well, as far as achievements are concerned, i haven't achieved much in my life. The one which I desperately want to achieve and is, of course, taking a long time is getting a good command over English language. And I look to you for help. And here is my problem: "A football team who hasn't won a match...", this has been picked up from your first paragraph of this post. You have used 'who' for 'team'. I would like to know whether we can use 'who' for a 'team', as I think 'who' is used for living thing(s). And in the next paragraph you have written : "The team come from Pohnpei an island in Micronesia and it has won its first match in Guam." Here you have reffered 'The team' as 'it'. To me it looks contradictory use of 'who' and 'it' for team. Is there any rule for such use? I would be glad if you could help me understand this use.
    Thanking you,


  • Comment number 16.


    Thank you for your cheerful news and nice picture,i can enjoy the pleasure inside,as the chinese going says:To share your joy with others, you'll fell double happiness.wouldn't you agree?

    Best regards


  • Comment number 17.

    Hi Alice,

    i joined today. and great to read the cheerful news from you. i agree, great achievements come in long time. i will definitely share cheerful news if any.take care.


  • Comment number 18.

    Hi Alice!
    So happy getting the opportunity to comment on your nice blogs for the second times.
    Interesting events! The football team's victory after 25 years! And your personal achievement(to learn driving)a little late!
    To be honest,reading your second blog persuaded me to tell you about a fact that happened for me as a victory just today!
    You know, I'v been here on bbc learning English blog since one year ago.During this time, i put much time just on reading blogs and comments in order to be prepared to take part in this forum and comment on the blogs here, and I have to confess that I learnd a lot from them.
    In addition to this, sometimes I have tried to comment on the students blogs however, not very often. unfortunately each time that I have decided to write on a teachr's blog, I was afraid of making mistakes and this issue has made me discourage!!
    Finally,I decided to overcome this problem and fortunately I did it!

    " I sent my first comment on your blog( fireworks festival and firefighters "! That was my cheerful news as my personal achievement!
    I thin it is worth reading.
    Sorry for my poor English!

    Best wishes

    Karoun from Tehran

  • Comment number 19.

    HI Alice
    My name is Seymur
    Accept my very late comment.I read your news about driving.I wish you patience in driving.Take care and Drive safely.See you

    Seymur from Azerbaijan

  • Comment number 20.

    @Svetlana – thanks for your words! It has slightly improved, but the flood has left some unrecoverable damage

  • Comment number 21.

    Hi Alice and everybody eager for cheerful news!

    Well, I'm not quite sure if the following qualifies as cheerful news, but at least it made me smile. To begin with, I should probably mention that we Austrians get very upset by the fact that our country seems to be forever confused with far-away Australia, which of course is much bigger and more important and all that kind of thing. So much so that T-shirts with the print "No kangaroos in Austria" have become a best-selling item around here.
    But now for the bit of news that made me smile: When the G-20 summit started in Seoul the other day, the host city displayed cardboard figures of the participating delegates in their national costumes, holding their flags. And guess what: Australia's prime minister Julia Gillard, or rather, her cardboard counterpart, was wearing an Austrian dirndl (our national costume). She was carrying the Australian flag though, which is a little inconsistent of her, I think... There may not not have been too much excitement about it internationally, but it was in the headlines in this country - and I think we Austrians feel a little bit gratified that the mistake also happens the other way round, and while in real life in no way would we be included in the group of the powerful 20 of this world, this unassuming cardboard dirndl gives us the impression that somehow we are taking part in the meeting, too... Well, that's nonsense, of course, but let's call it a symbol, a reminder to the powerful 20 that it's not just all about themselves, that they share this planet with others!
    Cheerful after all, isn't it?
    So long,
    Elisabeth from Austria (Europe!)

  • Comment number 22.

    Sorry for the duplicate "not" in the middle of my comment!

  • Comment number 23.

    my little bird finally know ways to speak, it manages to say 'luck luck' !
    despite its specie in category of medium speaking ability , and youth and being selected as superior one(more costly) among others ,
    the result is not ideal after several traning months given by my junior brother .it seemed all works in vain .
    however , it performed really well and responded to my brother's word after a moment ( that is a time lag ,like a computer with not high speed CPU)yesterday ,it repeated with its cute and high-pitch voice !
    To me ,that is what l endeavoured to .it is pretty plesant and worth remembering.

  • Comment number 24.

    I like the way you express your feelings

  • Comment number 25.

    Good news for the Pohnpei people! Thanks Alice for nice post.

  • Comment number 26.

    It is very nice story. I proud of your successful. Now I'm not successful yet and I also have a dream but it takes a long time for me.If that day coome I will be really proud of it.

  • Comment number 27.

    I really appreciate people who are open-mined to share what good news they have to others.Good news might seem to affect positively only to a person who got the news his/herself.However,sharing good news can bring many good things,it gives hope,happiness and also make people's day.
    for me,my good news that i want to share.. and even scream it out to the world if i can is my biggest successfl achivement.It is getting accept into one of the best university in Thaland,Thammasat univerity in faculty of Liberal Arts in Russian studies.I went throgh hard times and many problems while trying to achieve this goal.I have to overcome family's compulsion and tension of pressure from everyone around. I remember clearly that I was trying so hard to achieve it.At that time,I realized one important lesson that the only person who always be there for you and cheer you up when you are seriously breakdown and even your family doesn't understand is myself.Everytime i feel tired,hopeless ans have no motivation to pursuing my dream,I always smile to myself and tell that if i can dream it,i can achieve it.If people got accept in this university,I can be one of those lucky people too.Finally,my dream came true as now i'm a student of this universiry.Im proud and I wanna share it to all of you in order to let you know that you can do whatever you dream of,just never give up.

  • Comment number 28.

    This comment has been referred for further consideration. Explain.

  • Comment number 29.

    Hi, Alice

    Is a question that's answered a lot. I feel like that all you have to have success in itself and it's a good thing. That we should share ideas to other people to know. For me. I was elated. I like fun. I have a lot of my friends are very happy to be with my friends and family. Last I just went out with friends I went to see the theater with friends and went shopping at Thammasat Tha Phrachan Valley as the very fun. I bought the souvenir for my father and mother. It is great to be with friends.
    My cheerful day is plenty Each day we should be doing what good is a good idea, but good things come to life.,My success in life. Is to be located at Thammasat University. I feel very happy. Because I have good friends. And a good teacher. Make a good society. I had intended to attend to it.I intend to read the book, I think we need an effort. Ability alone is not enough, there must be try and diligence. To do things. We will only succeed in life.

  • Comment number 30.

    Dear Alice,

    I'm Thao from Vietnam, you can call me Tina. I'm glad to be commenting today and becomming one of your students. Well, one of the most achieving things with me is I have made friends via the internet safely, which was found seemingly ridiculous as for different cultures. I was so afraid I may meet very bad persons but it has been no problem with me so far! :) The New Year Eve is coming and I wish you prosperous, happy with your family!


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