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Dominique Dominique | 10:53 UK time, Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Well ladies and gentlemen, this is the supervisor ( normally at this point, you are supposed to clap your hands for me! (*_*) ).

Honestly I really enjoyed reading about your wishes it's very funny! be everywhere at a same time or be Eros, or like the sound of waterfalls... it's simply G-R-E-A-T !!!

Let me just congratulate: Nastya, Elisa, Beatriz, Marina, Elisabeth, Pary, Aliozturk, Ashish, Svetlana,Danny and Rose araujo for their answers.

But I can't forget to congratulate Natanael too, for his ability of really talk about everything except what is asked! Well done man! impressive! Also to you Liangxiaomin!

2Nastya: A violent Mountain! Impressive. And to be everywhere at the same time? Well I like it too, but why being everywhere? you sounds like a bit curious (^_*).
2Elisa: Have you noticed how spiritual you are? you like the sadness of your tree, you're talking to your pet, and ...EROS ! Wonderful! You remind me of my sister: Her name is Lisa, and she is talking to her bear and doll and just let me tell you that THEY UNDERSTAND !! (that's what she used to tell me) and I respect that Elisa, it's not stupid at all, it's a style of life.
Oh I forgot! I went to that dictionary dear friend! I did it! look (*,*)
wil·low [wíllō]
(plural wil·lows)
1. tree with long flexible branches: a tree or bush with long flexible branches, narrow leaves, and catkins containing small flowers without petals.
Some species are valued for their wood, twigs, and tanbark.

Genus: Salix

2Beatriz: It's just wonderful the Baobab, for sure it is. I don't know what to say YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED in having a supernatural..(*,*)...power?! Well..okay. Best is the best word. Yes it is!
2Pocahontas: Quietness of the mountain and sound of the waterfalls. I like the contrast...it's incredible how much I can learn from you! As I told Elisa it's very spiritual...! So subtle and refine... A world of good!
Oh dear you remind me « Both » ! yes definitely I hate this word! (^,^)
And by the way, the broken heart seems not to really care about how old or how young you are (^-^). But it's sad (*,*) but don't bother dear friend I don't care, I'm a super happy baobab (*_*)!!!!!!!
2Elisabeth: it's very funny! Convince narrow-minded people! Yes but I you sure you need a « supernatural power » to do that? (*,*) I'm sure if you keep on struggling, and you really care about it, you'll be able. Don't trust anything thing I've just said; it's just a part of a song that I've paraphrased. I don't believe it. I do wish you could have that power of convincing that people. I do. (*_*)
2Pary: Pary I love your country! and I know I'll get there one day! We do have here..no not here I don't know whether there is one here in Cameroon, but in Senegal, each year I attend the « Iranian festival » which is held once a year and where I always pay trough my nose some wonderful stuffs for home decoration.
2Aliozturk: happy to meet you! you sound « wise » accordind to the comment you post. Well actually (woo...Marina'd be happy! ACtuaLLy..acTUaLly..), reading in everybody's mind as you said, is not really the perfect thing to get. I do agree with you, but, at this time, at this tough moment I do need it. Thank you for approach.. What do you like BEST on « comprehensible «  ? the word « itself » or what it means? Stay around..
2Ashish: C-O-S-T-S. look, that's not possible! I may injured my tongue! I'll say « costs » like C-O-SS. ( I hope no English teacher will read this comment! shshshsh..it's a secret! Learning English is not that easy (^_*) ) I like your view on gender.. Well, okay. Many Thanks!
2Svetlana: Man from Mars and woman from Venus; that's nice! how come I didn't know that! wellll....(*, *) that's interesting to travel through time! Do you miss a particular moments in your life or do you want to know what will happen to you? it sounds a bit dangerous isn't? I really like the way you like English! I wonder what native speaker think or feel when they see how much people consider their language as a melody! Do stay around svetlana!
2Danny: Very very happy to read that you are happy of your gender (irony! I don't have the smiley to express it! ) what a very meaningful meeting! I amazed I don't know what you say (*_*)! I really enjoy reading about you bloggers here you are so amazing and incredible! My sister wants to fly because she doesn't like to be stuck on traffic, that's what she told me...Yes I agree with you it's astonishing!
2Liangxiaomin: I really don't know what to say, which name? the one with Chinese symbols? I'm afraid no, but my sister does! she is really keen on Japanese Cartoon and she took a course in Mandarin. She will help me I'm sure. (^_^)
2Natanael YOU! what do you want me to say? you win! At least thank to you we found out Nastya is Anastacia. (*_*) . And you have made Elisa, pary, and Svetlana talking too much! You are the winner man! you are!
2Rose araujo: Thanks! i am very happy that many people do like the baobab tree!!! i also like the way you don't want to be a man! well, that's a different approach. thanks to share with us! (^_^)

well guys that's the longuest time i spent on the computer! i do deserve a big hand !!


  • Comment number 1.

    Dear Friends and Supervisor (Too),

    It's a honor to have all of you here.
    As i have talked we have a very good opportunity to meet people from lots of places around the world, and it's amazing, fantastic, and exciting.

    It's a honor to meet people like Eliza, Pary, Sventlana, Marina and Nastya as well.
    Now, i have a neighbor (Rose Araujo - from Brazil)Where are you from specifically, Rose. It's a pleasure to have you here.

    That's right. My name is Natanael Santos, my father is Jose and my mother is Carli (like Carly Simon - the american singer)(just about the name).

    Some people talk to me that i seem with Denzel Washington (The american Actor), but i don't think, i'm younger and little thin than Denzel, but we have the same skin collor.

    I work on the Finance Department of an Oil And Gas Company on North of the Rio de Janeiro State - Brazil, and i live in Rio de Janeiro City. I thinking to change to the Lake Region, it's a very beautiful region of Rio de Janeiro State, very next to my work. I'm thinking about it.

    It's enough to speak about my things, the blogger is Dommi.

    Once again, i have no doubt that is a very big opportunity to know about people, cultures, countries and places, but really, i prefer the people.

    Have very nice day and week.

    Cheers - Natanael - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

  • Comment number 2.

    Thanks to you Natanael! You're right it's a sort of playground to get to know people and share beliefs. Keep on talking about you, we don't mind at all! Do you really look like Denzel?! GreAt!

  • Comment number 3.

    Hi Dommi,

    Thanks for your words ! In fact i don't agree, but the people say yes!

    Cheers - Natanael - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

  • Comment number 4.

    Dear Dommi!
    You are amazing! So funny! You made me laugh a lot, thank you! Unfortunately I can't reply to your post right away, I'm leaving now, but I'll be back soon (I hope)

    See you,
    Svetlana, Russia, Ivanovo

  • Comment number 5.

    Nice to meet you, Dominique.

    I have met a girl from Senegal two days ago. She was very cheerful and lively. She is my first African friend so that I think Africans has warm blood.


  • Comment number 6.

    It is just sensational !! lovely I`m speechless

  • Comment number 7.

    Hi Dominique!

    Thanks for your answers to all of us. You're such a considerate supervisor :)

    If you don't mind, I just want to explain what I meant by "a violent river" (so, not "a violent mountain" because my imagination associates this word combination with a volcano and I don't want to be a volcano:)). I used the adjective "violent" in its second meaning (very strong and impossible to control), so you can replace it with "fast" and maybe "dangerous" (just a little:)). And believe me I'm not that curious to be EVERYWHERE at the same time (my brain will burst because of information overload), just in two or three (well, maybe four) places. That's it (^_^)

    Best wishes,
    Nastya, Russia, Lubertsy

  • Comment number 8.

    Dear friends,
    it's really time to call it a day for me
    but I'd like to write some lines before falling asleep.

    Ashish, I popped in a library nearby this afternoon. I found "The Gardiner" but the book could not be lent because the only copy was printed in 1918! Too old to leave the library :( Anyway the librarian let me take a peek, and I read briefly the pages worner (by reading I think) Goood Sake! Really a revelation. I know I can find in internet a lot, but I want a book in my hands, not printed pages that fly everywhere.

    Nataneal, it's a pleasure to have an idea how you look like. Well if you are Denzel, I'm Winona (Ryder). Just kidding, Winona is prettier and older. It's a pity we cannot post a photo, only our dear Supervisor enjoys this privelege.

    Ah Dommi, by the way, I didn't get what the topic is now, but I hope you don't mind my digressions. And just in case you want to complain... with Nataneal first...:)))



  • Comment number 9.

    sorry, I missed something
    thanks for your nice comment and for addressing always all of us so personally.

    see you soon


  • Comment number 10.

    Hi Dominique and everybody!
    I'm back and I'm going to clarify my comment about a time travel thing. I didn't mean myself and my life, not at all. What I meant is I'd love to know for sure what was happening in some historical events in our past people know little about. If you have any knowledge in world history, which I'm sure you do, you may know as well that people, even historians don't know everything about our past, especially which is very faraway from now. They can only guess because of lack of reliable sources. There are a lot of so called blind spots in human history (in russian we say white spots) so I'd love to shed ligth on some historical events. To be able to see daily life of our ancestors, the ancient ones, to meet some great historical figures, to know what exactly did they look like, what kind of personality did they have - all of this (and a lot more) is highly interesting thing to me. I think that's all for now.

    Nastya! Have you been studying English at University or on your own? Just curious. And one more question, what kind of audiobooks do you like to listen to?

    Best wishes,
    Svetlana, Russia, Ivanovo

  • Comment number 11.

    Feel free Elisa feel free! there is no specific topic for the moment (^_'). Svetlana it's really strange the way you are more interested in the past than the future! i like it! it's strange!

  • Comment number 12.

    Hi dear Dommi OR "super happy baobab" :)?! Hi my dear friends!

    It's just amazing to read your comments! I was really enjoying (and I hope I will) the way you expressing your thoughts. Thank you! It's always quite difficult for people to write something even in their native language (I know a lot of people of that sort :)) But being able to express your thoughts in foreign language is doubly hard!! And you, Dommi, do it just brilliant! This post is so funny :) especially your response to our curious Natanael "Washington".

    I agree with Elisa that it'd be great to post our photos here :). Who knows, may be it'll be possible for our "community" in the future :).

    Pocahontas, Kazakhstan - Almaty ;)

  • Comment number 13.

    Dear Dommi, Elisa, Marina.

    Sorry for my long time out. I'm working hard for the next budget (2011) by the company.

    Thanks for your funny comments about me. I talked that the people says that i seem like Denzel. I really don't think so. By the way, Mr. Washington is big and consolidate American Actor and i am a simple Finance Planing Manager trying to learn english a little more (^_^), but once again it's a pleasure to have so kind comments about me.

    In fact, i'm eager to speak with you. I really think that's a big opportunity to meet other people so far from here, but for a while i'm listening the Scotland Radio (^_^)

    Dear Ladies, you're the best.

    A big kiss for you, bye - Natanael - Rio de Janeiro -Brazil

  • Comment number 14.

    Hello everybody. .
    I am new to this site. . I find this blog really interesting, as in this buzy world there are people who take out time from their buzy schedule and listen to other people.

    I feels really great to be part of it from now on.

    From tomarrow onwards i will participate in the converstaion.

    Hoping for the open hearted welcome from all you people out there.


  • Comment number 15.

    Hello everbody.

    I am trying to be part of this family but cudnot. .
    Let see how long it will take. .

    Here i liked the way people welcome the ideas and views of people.

    Good to see that. .

  • Comment number 16.

    Welcome to BBC LE Blog land , dear Rihanna , by the way where are you from ?
    wish to see you as active as some of the guys are here .
    see you around and bye

  • Comment number 17.

    Hi dear Rihanna!

    Nice to meet you! Hope you'll share with us some information about you.

    Best wishes,


  • Comment number 18.

    Dear Dommi and other friends,

    I'm now at a field visit in AILA affected area. I can't keep in touch as I ususally get out of network here. Wish to reply after coming back to city.

    Take care.

    Ashish, Bangladesh

  • Comment number 19.

    Hi Elisa,

    I'm sure you'll enjoy this revelation. Congratulations. So, enjoy yourself, my dear bookworm. Look forward to hearing about your next reading.

    Ashish, Bangladesh.


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