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Dominique Dominique | 00:48 UK time, Sunday, 5 September 2010

2Mayega: I really like the way you did when you first started learning English, I mean..as you said, you didn't rush to an English class, and on top of that you were reading the same novel as in school. It is not wonderful that "call of English"? Just the same as me, but my TOEIC results were fairly encouraging...Thank you for your comment ^_^

2Emat: I'm very happy Emat, you don't even need to tell me whether you like learning English... I have noticed how active you're on this bbcblog; you would always leave a comment...Thanks and just keep in learning

2Natanael: Waouhhh!!! It looks like I have a lot to share with all of you on this blog... Anyway I'm willing to. Nice to meet you too.

2Beatriz: I like your comment. Yes I think I like it. And...I think it's the best comment. Hemmm...please do you mind keeping in sending comments? Thank you

2Nastya: Your comment Nastya just remind me and give me a confirmation that it's absolutely necessary that we love the language we learn, in order to be able to speak... Thank you.

2Franscisco De Paula: Seven years!! Learning by yourself!! On top of that just for fun!!! I'm afraid but you may be crazy about English. Just like me. Thank s for your comment. By the way, I like your name, it sounds like a..a queen! You see? I'm not only crazy about English

2Pary: Well Pary, I just like the way you like English, I like the way English is sweet for you, I like the way you take advantage of this language to make friends,I like you feel your homeland as a paradise, and I would like you not to stop to post some comments from time to time.

2Silverize: Hmm..i'm confused, are you still Nastya or someone else with the same name? anyway I don't look like, but I'm 22 and Thank you for helping me to realize that in 22 years of LIFE I've made only four real friends. No I'm not joking.

2Elisabeth: Thank you Lisa (can i?) to send me to the dictionary, yes it is a very warm welcome. I just hope I've perfectly understood what you said..hmm..well a paradise must be endless. So it may not be one if you feel it pleasant only for a short period. But are you sure that white coat-dressed hills are not just breathtaking in spite of the temperature? It's nice to have your comment; I've learnt some new expressions, Thanks. Oh I forgot! I like Bamenda because there are many waterfalls. I wish I could be a waterfall.

2Mike: Hi Mike! Thanks for your comment, don't worry, I'll be very and really wordy!

2Ashish: I'm happy because by the end of this month, you may not only think about football when you will be hearing about Cameroon. I like your optimism when you say you're getting better in English day after day...Thanks for your comment. By the way do you still believe in Argentina's team?

2Seka: Hello you! I have just one thing to say: TheBBC learning English website is there for you.

2Doming: you're totally right, this name comes from a St. well, I think keep using the native language is not that bad, but "wasting" this great opportunity to speak English is...well for me it would've been wonderful if both languages were well taught. And yes I really try to make the most of English when I'm in Cameroon; it's a bit a shame that I realized it later .Anyway, thanks for your comment.

Here, some believe in the power of fire; there are some villages here in Senegal where there is no light. So they enjoy the firewood, sitting in a semi-circle, telling the children some wonderful stories coming out from nowhere but, according to them, lived by the ancestors.

The modern kitchens are widely used, but somewhere behind the house, near the baobab (in Senegal) or near the large farm (in Cameroon), we can always find this cute small cottage where this firewood takes in its charge the endless cooking of this famous Senegalese dish "tiep bou diene", or this cameroon's dish "ndole".

And what about the environmental issues? Of course it's terrible to use a firewood, only the weather can certify it; climate change with dozen of consequences..greenhouse effect..Global warming...
Some of us say "that's terrible! Something must be done"! Most of us say " we couldn't care less". But don't worry dear friends, we really care about that climate change when we realize in Senegal that the livestocks look as if they are on a diet (e.g. Skinny goat) or in Cameroon, when the harvest suggest you to go on a diet.
Anyway, these are some pictures of what you can get from firewood. Just let me know which one you prefer, and tell me your feelings about the environment. All right guys, I really looking forward to your opinions.


  • Comment number 1.

    Yes Dominique,

    I'm still a fan of Argentine Football. It's been started with Maradona, and I'm yet to choose another better side. Also I don't think it's necessary as we have Messi and many other talented players who have the capacity to make the world wowed. What do you think about it?

    The food items are really lucrative and seem to be delicious also. Are these all spicy? Most of us in Bangladesh (And I think also in South Asia) are habituated in taking spicy foods. What about yours?

    Anyway, I find some pieces of Maize left in the last photograph. It seems to be that you take it and chat with each other while the cooking is on. Wonderful! It makes me nostalgic that what I would do for a piece of Maize.


  • Comment number 2.

    hi, Dominique,
    It's nice to read your second blog Article so quickly.
    Talking about Firewood, people still use straw or wood to cook their food in my hometown, just like most countryside in China. Old people believe that food cooked by straw is more delicious than food cooked by gas. But it is not the main reason that people use straw, The main reason is that it's cheap, Peasants store straw after harvesting rice, it cost no money, But gas need money to buy. Actually, I really enjoy to help my mother to add straw when she is cooking, yeah, just in winter :).
    About environment, my opinion is: we enjoy food, and we will plant more trees to low the temperature of our earth. :)
    And I really care about that what kind of ingredients the food you posted has, is that fish or muttun? And did you cook it on fire directly, or you use a pot? we always use a pot in china. anyway, i'm waiting to you to tell us more, thanks

    best wishes from the countryside of China

  • Comment number 3.

    Hello Dominique.
    Thank you for your compliment about my name.
    Having said that, I have to tell you that I wouldn't mind to be a queen if I were a female, but unfortunately I'm not. Although "Paula" is a female name, "Francisco" is a male name ,and the compound "Francisco de Paula" is also a male name.
    All the dishes that you show seem delicious, but although I'm not a vegetarian, I'd prefer not to eat meat, so I would choose the second one.
    And about eviromental issues, I try to care about my carbon footprit by only driving the car when strictly necessary. When I'm in town I always take the bus. I never take the lift to get to my flat, instead I go up the stairs and I try to recicle as much as I can. It's not much, but I thik it's enough.
    See you soon.

  • Comment number 4.

    Hi Dominique ! Thank you for your reply ....It seems you know most of BBC Blog commnetator ..Good Job !

  • Comment number 5.

    hi Dominique,firstly I want to say that I couldn't catch your first post so I couldn't write anything.Anyway,as for your meal I really liked your cuisine.they seem delicious.I think they are good choices for dinner ha:) :)

  • Comment number 6.

    as a person who is fasting (you know we re in holy ramadan) these meals seem very delicious.what about you?do people who live at the same place with you fast in ramadan?see you soon.

  • Comment number 7.

    Hello Dominique! Nice to meet you!
    You have a very lively writing style and my mouth is watering because of the pics of the yummy dishes you´ve posted :-).
    Anyway, I´m loooking forward to reading more about you and your country.
    All the best,
    Ana Paula, Brazil.

  • Comment number 8.

    Welcome Dominique,

    a lovely girl from Africa with a French name who writes in English!The world is full of wonderful surprises! I suppose you are a very young and very positive woman. Am I wright? Well, I'm the opposite. I'm an elderly woman from Germany. But it seems there is one thing we share. I like learning English. I didn't learn English at school. I have been learning English for 6 years now. After work I went to the evening class, usually once a week. Can you guess why I suddenly wanted to learn English? Never, I suppose.... Let me tell you: My husband and I travelled the very first time to Africa 8 years ago. We immediately felt in love with the dark continent. And when you love somone or something you want to get more information, to have contact and to make friends. For that you need to know their language. Therefore I went to the English lessons. It was a hard way for me. I was always the oldest student in the classes and it needed a long time to find the best way for learning and having fun. In the meantime I have been 6 times in Africa. I know South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana. Each journey was great and full of unforgettable experiences. I love Africa with its optimistic people, with its great nature and the wild animals. I have got a penfriend from Kenya who is studying in Berlin at present.

    I don't know much about your country. I hope you'll inform us. It would be nice do hear about the school system, the living conditions and of course, about you. Does you study English?

    Warm greetings
    Felicitas from Germany

  • Comment number 9.

    Hello Dominique,

    thank you for your post, I think I really got some insights of Cameroon and Senegal from your short but effective descriptions. I've never been out of Europe, I can't imagine what is like places with no electricity and flocks of skinny goats. Anyway, concerning environment I don't think firewood is the major cause of damage, or I didn't get the picture. Do you mean that trees are chopped down in order to light fire?

    From the pictures, food seems delicious. I would have a try with the first dish. Is it rice and vegetables?

    Best Wishes
    Elisa, Italy

  • Comment number 10.

    Hello a young lady, with marvellous name!
    Welcome to the BBC blog. I am happy for you that you've got a chance to be a September blogger. I think it is a good apportunity to tell the world about your existence and to improve your writing skills. :-)
    Talking about environment, I would say that people underestimate the current environmental problems.Moreover, they simply ignore them and just follow the same life style they use to do, which is horrible. I personally think that every single person can contribute to environmental protection. Although, I realize that to be environmentally friendly is harder in a developing country than in a developed one.

    I am looking forward to hear more about you and your country.

  • Comment number 11.

    Hi Ashish ! well, i think you’d better choose another team (^_^), I don’t think they are as talented as you think(^_*).that’s my friendly opinion; about the maize, you’re totally right; how did you know?!
    Hi Mike! Actually it’s exactly the same, but I think it might be worse here as some of us destroy the forest by cutting trees; So it’s a double damage: Deforestation, and smoke from the firewood. if I understand correctly, in china you only use straw, not wood?! Are you really interested in the recipe? Or is it just a way to write? (^_^) Well I’m not sure I know it very well, let me check it ok? (*_*)
    Hi Franscico de Paula! Strange though it may appear, the way you behave for the environment is just as if you are trying to remain or to become fit. It’s exactly what we advise to people who want to do exercises (except that they should walk instead off taking the bus). Haha! You’re very smart! You kill two birds with one stone!! (^_^). Anyway, I have been trying, but that name doesn’t sound like a king (‘,’).
    Hi Gulumse! You should not trust these photos my friend, they are not what the pretend to be!(^_^).
    Honestly, the first is very fatty, the second is a bit bitter, you have to get used (eating two or three times) before finding that it’s rather nice, and the third, as you know too much meat are not very healthy (^_’). My aim was to show that it takes time to cook them, and usually the wood is used to make fire, and the consequence is more smoke for more environmental disasters. Anyway there are very delicious ,yes yes.(*_*)
    Hi Talha! To be honest I’m a bit ashamed of having made that post. Actually I was trying to focus on the environment than food and kind of… Of course many people are fasting here. Anyway, thanks for your comment.
    Thank you Ana Paula, nice to meet you too. I just hope you’ll enjoy!
    Hi Pary! Happy to have you there!
    Hello Felicitas! I’m happy because the kind of struggle you have had just to learn English is not very different from how I try to get that language! Apparently you’ve succeed in, so I’LL SUCCEED!! ^^
    Anyway! So you like Africa (*-*) hmmm I’m not used to hear that; which country did you like best? I hope one day you will try Cameroon, or Senegal, you may love Senegal (^. ^) Thanks to share how you did in English with us, it’s encouraging…
    Hello Elisa! Well I was actually more focus on the fact that using firewood will lead to deforestation and smoke…Which have some quite large impact on the environment.
    Hey BBC_fan! Nice to have you by there! That is exactly the conclusion I was looking for. Developing countries might not be able to act efficiently for the environment’s protection. So…what could be expected..Disaster of course. One side should try to limit the pollution and the other side would probably try to find solutions to struggle with the disaster… Thanks for the comment!

  • Comment number 12.

    Hey Dommi,

    Did you enjoy the match last night between Argentina and Spain? I don't think so. For your information, the result is 4-1. Can you imagine it, while the opposite is the Champion of World Cup 2010?

    Anyway, sometimes I also think the same you suggest. It seems to me that I'd better choose another better side but most of the time my favourite one by its outstanding performances compels me to be on the same track. Then, say, what can I do if this same situation happens time and again.

    It's another problem that I believe in skill, beauty and power of a game to make the spectators wowed though I know that the score is the ultimate goal. So, I think you can realize that I'm quite helpless in this case.

    Anyway, thanks for your suggestion. Pls pray for better performance by other teams that may motivate me in taking decision to divert to...............

    Take care. Bye.

  • Comment number 13.

    Hello, Dominique.

    First of all thanks for your response. I'm very happy to find here people around the world. Like Ana Paula from Brazil and Elisa - Italy, and felicitas - Germany. My younger sister lives in Germany since 2008. Francisco de Paula is a Portuguese name or Brazilian name.

    Ashish and Mike, and everybody... It's very nice to meet you and learn english with all of you.

    Tell us more details about your country... your pictures are wonderfull.

    Bye - Natanael from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

  • Comment number 14.

    Dear All,

    Specially Ashish and Dommi.

    Forgive me, congratulatins to Spanish Football Team and Holland too, but on the next World Cup. (^_^) We'll win...

    Hugs, Natanael - (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)

  • Comment number 15.

    Hi Natanael,

    Wish you all the best for the next World Cup, your Hexa mission. Surely Ana Paula and also many others will have a chorus with you, I think.

    By the way, do mind it that we always prioritize our guests in any case in our country, Bangladesh. In fact, it’s our tradition. We, as a host, do it to express gratitude and respect to our guests.

    So, what about you? I think you as a host of the next World Cup had better get prepared to hand over it to your guests, surely who’s the best one!!!!!!!!!

    Take care.

    Ashish, Bangladesh.

  • Comment number 16.

    Hi Dominique,

    I am new at this block, it's great to know a bit more about your country and its culture. It is also interesting the way how food is cooked in your country and the concerns about environmental issues.

    I agree with you that small farmers are not really the ones making a great impact on climate change ...(didn't you mean that?) but mass of industry activities already set up giving less interest on nature.

    By the way, the food pictures look really great!! specially the firewood one.
    Just it would have been great to have a small description of what is the content in it?

    best wishes

  • Comment number 17.

    Hi Dominique,
    and here again, ....and HELP !!! I) just would like some more examples of the phrase to hop to (something)

    thank you in advanced

  • Comment number 18.

    Hi, Ashish

    In fact, the world Cup is a big party, and i hope that our country (Goverment and Private Companies and people) to prepare a big party to all of teams and people to come here in Brazil. We have a culture to receive all the people very well, and we are very happy to receive the World Cup (after 60 years) and the Olimpic Games 2 years later. I'm very happy because the Olimpic Games will be almost on my "backyeard" in Rio de Janeiro and the last game of world cup on Maracanã Stadium, next to my house, too. So, it will be a very good oportunity to meet lots of people from many part of the world.

    Certanly, it will a big opportunity to be prepared and to play well (our footbal team). In Brazil, we have football almost like a religion. It can be strange for some people, but every place have theirs costumes.

    At the end, I'd like to tell you that is really a pleasure to know you and keep in touch with somebody on the other side of the world. It's really a honor for me.

    Many Thanks for it, Natanael - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

  • Comment number 19.

    Hi Dominique: Nice pictures, except the last one. You ask some comments about the environment, well in my opinion it is essential to protect and defend our environment but I am not sure wether we will succeed some day. It is not an easy topic to afford and as always education (schools,at home, mass media) can help to create conscious about the serious reality. But big economic and finantial interests are reluctant to cooperate with the issue. Looking forward to your news. Beatriz from Argentina.

  • Comment number 20.

    Hi Natanael,

    All the credits go to BBCLE, I think. It really has provided us all an opportunity to keep in touch, share our views and learn English undoubtedly through making a lot fun. And, it’s also my pleasure that I can wander and meet friends all over the globe through this blog.

    Anyway, best wishes to you for upcoming World Cup. I really envy you living besides Maracana Stadium. But, I’m in doubt that you’ll get your team here in the last match or not ): Ha….ha….



  • Comment number 21.

    2 Natanael & Ashish: am i dreaming or you are gossiping about football! you are very far from the topic!! we are talking about EN-VI-RON-MENT !! stop making noice!!!
    haha! (^_^) just kidding! You both are very funny i just hope you can kick a ball at least ! (*_*)

  • Comment number 22.

    Hi Dommy,

    Yes, you’re right. Not only we’re making noise but also we’re breaking house rule just commenting on ‘unrelated to the topic’. Ha…..ha….. Yes, I appreciate the topic you addressed here. (I think you’re a good facilitator, who always is tense to keep all participants in track).

    In fact, I’ve no way but welcoming such type of issues as I come from Bangladesh. You know, ours is one of the most vulnerable countries in the globe due to climate change. In my view, it (Environmental Climate Change) is a global problem that makes a lot local sufferers. Moreover, I work as a team member of humanitarian programme of Oxfam GB, an affiliate of Oxfam international. And, so, I’ve got an opportunity to work with the victims of SIDR 2007 and AILA 2009, two successive disasters that have tremendously destroyed our country. And, honestly speaking, I can pronounce nothing while any discussion goes on about this topic. At the moment I simply think about the faces of the countless victims. I can’t find any end of it, as we’ve hardly anything to do against it.

    However, I agree that raising voices is the first order condition in stepping further. So, undoubtedly I’m with you. I believe there’re two groups of people in the earth in terms of this issue. One is 15%, other is 85%. One is responsible, another is victim. So, why don’t we keep united to fight against those 15%, who are bringing such curse to us others.


    Ashish, Bangladesh.

  • Comment number 23.

    Hi Dominque

    The dishes look interesting but it would have been better if we could try it to see how it taste like. Just joking! It would be nice if you let us know what they are called so it least we know the names of them if we can't try them. I like the dish which is likely to be a chicken dish. In my view, food taste much better if cooked on woodfire as this seems to be a natural way of cooking. The fire picture is nastalgic for me as in my childhood in Pakistan we used to have woodfire. Food was cooked on woodfire and it was also used for heating the room. We used to sit around the fire, listen to stories from elderly people and we also played games. As the TV in those days was not very common so most people sit around the fire to enjoy their time and most importantly to be heated. I really miss it as it kind of disappeared and people most often use gas fire for cooking and there are different types of heaters available to keep the rooms heated.

    Concerning your topic about environmental issues, I would say it is a global issue and we need to do something about it. I don't think woodfire would be that damaging to the environment and even if it is, it can't be avoided as we have to cook our food before eating it anyway. There are so many other things which need to be considered for saving our environment. For example, trying to use our personal transport less and public transport more or walk to places if possible. In UK, each family would have at least two cars and in some cases every member of the house own a car. Also, all children are dropped to schools by their parents and then picked up from schools, even if the school is five minutes walking distance. Making small changes to our lifestyles will diffenitely help our environment. No matter how small our effort is but we need to keep doing something about it.

    I guess my message is getting quite long so I better stop writting or nobody is going to read it. Looking forward to your next topic.

    Take care



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