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Dominique Dominique | 19:51 UK time, Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Working land and prepare soil for land are the principal activities run by most of the population, especially here in the western province.

In every house, you are very likely to find a small land where are growing tomatoes, yams, potatoes, beans...etc
Many farmers may either sell their harvest, or use it as personal provisions.



About farming, i find very interesting the activity itself, as a very physical exercise. I say it because these holidays i spent some time in the north-west province where i was working in a pharmacy, and there, every Tuesday and Friday, diabetes patients used to come for a check up. One of the advice they were given is the physical activity. I thought immediately that it would be very unlikely that a man living in a remote area think of practising some exercises to keep his body fit and healthy.
And i was very happy to hear the clinical pharmacist say to the patient that he must keep on working in the farm! Yes i know it sounds very banal, but, strange thought it may appear, i was very joyful about that! Because if we think about how important the physical activity is in that pathology and not only there, but so is in general for a healthy life, we must be HapPY about!
About farming I also find fabulous the way how some people don’t bother about what they are going to eat, as there is behind their house a large farm full of “food” !
I like what we feel: When after some laborious months of working hard the land, sowing seeds for crops, the smile on your face when holding and looking at your harvests is simply wonderful.
Have you ever enjoyed using anything you made by hand, or anything you sowed yourself?
We can have it everywhere if we want to turn into a sort of philosophy: We can maybe think the simple meal we cook is a real achievement! We can be proud of our garden, we can be so delighted when we look at the shiny car we washed ourselves with our teN fInGeRS !!! We can also feel so joyful after polishing the whole house, we can be proud of our decoration, we can even feel so ecstatic when seeing how beautiful and perfect is our child! Or it’s unsayable how happy and satisfied you are, when you succeed in making your husband give up smoking or drug, and turn him into the world best husband and dad!
And finaly, i like the kind of misery that comes out when looking at people working in the farm, which is rather a cold feeling of autosuffisance and dependence, notice how rudimentary the tools are, we can even say we work the soil with our hands, our ten fingers (In some area of course) and dealing with climate change, according to agriculture, well, ....
This last paragraph i know is completely incoherent! I think it’s rather emotional than disjointed.
(‘.’) (~.~) (*_*) (^_^)








  • Comment number 1.

    Hi there!
    I am the first one who is going to comment on your today's post. :-)
    I totally agree with you that hard labour like farming only makes us healthier and stronger. And there is no doubt that the most satisfaction you get is a successful outcome of what you have done.
    I personally have planted some parsley in a pot, and every day I water my lovely parsley. It is like my child that I have to take care of. I don't even want to use it for cooking, I just want to see it growing! :-)

    Best wishes,

  • Comment number 2.

    hello, dommi :)
    me and Nastya just shared about our enjoyment being alone, but we are not lonely (i guess) lol. about your post now, actually i don't like farming, i just don't know why. but it's cool. really. :) i love the moment when i can resolve the problem of mine or my family or my friends. it's a gift when you can make them who cries to smile again, don't you think? hehehe...
    dommi, in the first photo was that you? which one?

    for Nastya, it's a pleasure to know you too :)
    well, it's a gift from my pastor. he said it is a name of a city, called Nicaea in Bithynia (now we known as Turkey). there was a council of bishops, it called First Council of Nicaea. he Council was the first effort to attain consensus in the church through an assembly representing all of Christendom. (truly i copy-paste this statement from wikipedia, because it's hard to explain it from indonesia into english)
    how about your name? it sounds interesting for me :)

    for Natanael, how do you do :)
    i'm amazed when i saw your corrections, i think your english is good, Natanael :)
    hm... as you know, Indonesia is a country with a thousand islands, a country with many cultures, a country with many kind of people too. have you ever heard about indonesia? have you ever gone to Indonesia? many tourist like to come to Bali, but believe it or not, me (as indonesian) haven't gone there yet :(
    i'm a student of international relations in Parahyangan Catholic University at Bandung, a capital city of West Java. now i'm in the 3rd grade. i have a sister, called Mercia, she's a student of visual communication design in Maranatha Christian University at Bandung too. she's in the 1st grade. we live in a different boarding house. and i have a brother, called Albert, he's a student in elementary school grade 6th in Sukabumi, a small town in West Java. he lives with my parents.
    by the way, Nilcea is a male or female? :) sorry, i just can't figure it.
    what's your daily language, Natanael? because i guess all the people in America use english as their daily language. (i know it's wrong, sorry...) my knowledge about the world is little...

    hear from y'all soon

    best regards,
    Nicea - Indonesia, Bandung

  • Comment number 3.

    Hi dear Dommi , OK finally you published your new blog . Where were you girl ? I liked your entry about farming . I 'm totally agree with your says about farming . Actually I 'm a fan of gardening .My hubby and me are planning to buy a small land in the countryside to plant fruit trees , although it s a very hard work which sometimes you may don't have any good harvest . As I used to work in my family small garden when I was a teenage , I deeply know how much it 's a bit more than elbow grease !
    By the way I have seen the plants in the second shot in the pots . They are huge and beautiful !
    Hey girl times flies …. Hope to read more Blogs in your remaining days . So you were in summer holiday ?If yes your university will be open in a few days ….Tomorrow my first son will attend his first class of second grade ! Happy opening schools opening in the north hemisphere …. The hard Job is starting … have fun . learning is very enjoyable and I 'm sure your study time in University will be very memorial in your future life as it is for me .
    Pary from Iran

  • Comment number 4.

    Dear Nicea,

    Thanks for your kindly words. I'm glad to read you again.

    Well, let's get to the point (^_^).
    First of all. Unfortunately my english is not good. I'm trying to speak more correctly, but i confess is too hard. I've just finished a conference call with our headquarter on Aberdeen (Scotland), and i didn't understand 60% or 70%. It's amazing. isn't it?

    Unfortunately, I've never went to the Indonisia, but i'd like go there. Certainly.
    I heard about to Indonisia, your history and culture too. About the history there is a interesting thing about the "born" of islands. Very interesting.

    Congratulations for you and your family (Brother and Sister)certainly they are winner like you. If come to Brazil - Rio de Janeiro in particular, please don't forget to let me know.

    Names are funny in fact. Nilcea is a wife of a friend of my. she's around 45 years old and they are (she,her husband and their daughter)our big friend. So Nilcea is female (^_^).

    Ok that's right ! The Americas are 3 (North America (EUA; Canada and Mexico)); Central America (Lots of country)and South America (where i live). Almost all Americas speaks Spanish (Oficially) or castellano (A language almost the same of Spanish, at the end Spanish), but on EUA (English language) (Canada - Franch and English).

    On South America, we speak Spanish in almost all countries, but in Brazil, we speak Portuguese (due to the Portuguese Colonization) on the beggining of 1500 (Sec.)

    Our portuguese language is little diferent of Portugal due to the rules of language and accent, but it almost the same.

    The Brazil is very big territory. We are the fifth country of the world in territory.

    About me and my family is:

    Well, I'm 37 years old, i'm maried for 14 years. My wife's name is Evelyn and i have a daughter called Lidia (she's 3,5 years old).

    I'm graduated in computer Science and I'm about to finish my 2nd MBA, in Oil & Gas, my first MBA was in Finance and International Commerce.

    Unfortunately, i have no international experience like a tourist or professional but a i'd really like to have it. I'll get there.

    It was a pleasure to talk to you Nicea.

    Send me your news...

    Cheers - Natanael - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

  • Comment number 5.

    Dear Nicea,

    Sorry... thinking fast and sometimes i forget some words and letters.

    But I know that you'll undestand everything. Otherwise please let me know if you have any doubt.

    Cheers - Natanael - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

    P.S. Do you told me "a thousand islands"?
    Amazing !!!

  • Comment number 6.

    Dear Dommi,

    I'll never forget you !!!
    How are you? More calm ? what about your car or sister's car? Is it everything ok?

    That's right!!

    You know Dommi. Your last post sounds like a poem. Really !!

    I can see on your words, i can feel it on your photos. and also, i can tell you... you are great person. A winner person.

    I loved your last post.

    God bless you.

    Cheers - Natanael - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
    Families working hard on your garden.

  • Comment number 7.


    Congratulations for your son, man !!

    You're good !!!


  • Comment number 8.

    Where's Nastya?

  • Comment number 9.

    By the way, Nicea.

    Nilcea and his Husband Joel are Missionary and Pastor respectivelly. His is the Musician Director of the Chuch near to my house.

    Bye - Natanael

  • Comment number 10.

    Hi Dommi! Hi everybody!

    Dommy I know it's your blog but please take no offense I can't help it my first words will be for Natanael.
    Dear Natanael! It's just unbelievable! You are amazing! You know so much about Russian history! WOW! I'm impressed! To tell you the truth I doubt many Russian schoolchildren have the same knowledge as you. They sometimes can't say the difference between Lenin and Stalin which makes me sad deeply. But you... And you even not a historian! Unbelievable! It's a pleasure to meet you.

    Dear Dommi, how are you? Is everything OK?
    I used to work at our family's kitchen-garden when I was a child and adolescent. I recollect I was so relieved after harvest was done. You are right there is a great deal of satisfaction about observing the fruit of your work (whatever it is). Unfortunately we have the kitchen-garden no longer but there are lots of people in Russia who just crazy about farming.
    Is it a landscape of your country on the last photo? It's green. Have your country enough water? I know there are many territories in Africa in need of water, they come short of it. Do you have such problems? Tell us please about the wether and the climate in Cameroon.

    Take care,
    Svetlana, Russia

  • Comment number 11.

    Hi Dominique and everybody! :)

    I'm sorry I've been absent for so long but summer holidays are over and I've got loads of homework to do now (don't be sorry for me, I like it :))

    When I was a child I spent every summer in a Ucrainian village where my Grandma lived so I know what it is to work in a garden. My Gran was a very hardworking and energetic woman, she never watched TV or listened to the radio, she spent all her time in her enormous garden. She also had a cow (sometimes even two cows), chickens, pigs so she had to make hay and grow a lot of crops to feed them. There were ten apple trees and two pear trees in the garden and it was my duty to collect and sort fruit. I really miss those happy summers. But now I sometimes go to my parents' country house where they have a small garden and there I participate in growing cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetables. But my most favourite occupation in the garden is to rake leaves or mown grass ;-)

    I one hundred per cent agree with you, Dominique, that when we do someting with our own hands and we can see the result of our work it brings us deep satisfaction. Besides physical activity helps our body to produce serotonin, the hormone that contibutes to feeling well and happy.

    Your country looks so beautiful and GREEN (^_*) in the photos, I just want to go there :) Great pictures!

    And now I'm going to digress from the subject again to answer to Nicea if you don't mind :) Dear Nicea! When I asked you the question about your name I didn't expect that there was such a long story behind it. It was really very interesting to read about that. Now over to my name. "Anastascia" (my full name) is of Greek origin and it roughly means "resurrected" or "brought to life". It's one of the most popular female names in Russia.

    Best wishes,
    Nastya, Russia

  • Comment number 12.

    Thanks everyone! it's great to see how wordy you are!

  • Comment number 13.

    Hi, dear Dommi: Very attractive the blog on farming and the photos. I've just read that there are fewer farmers each day. Probably in certain countries small groups are using simple tools to cultivate the soil, but technology and multinational companies spread their activities and control most of the land. But to live and work in contact with nature has been an ideal or utopy for many of us, but.....all the contrary, reality is: crowds, rush hours, noise, polution. Meanwhile, to compensate in part, I go swimming 3 or 4 times a week trying to keep "a healthy mind and body" Thanks for your blogs. Best wishes. Beatriz.

  • Comment number 14.

    Hi talha! I’ve got your point but I think you must have got me wrong. If you don’t mind my clarifying I’ll try to explain what I meant. There are hundreds different methods or techniques of learning English in the Internet. I know it and I believe that some of them are good enough and can be of help indeed. Of course you are absolutely right when you say that listening to audio stories is very useful and more interesting than learning grammar books by heart. I myself have a great experience at listening, thanks to it I managed to develop an ear for English speech. Thank you a lot for this piece of advice but now I’m in no need to download anything (except for audiobooks) for I can easily catch what people are saying. You know when I decided to learn English by myself I tried different methods. And then I came across a book written by a wise man who speaks fluently several languages and is an English teacher in the USA. I found this book very interesting. The main point of it is: Nobody can teach you a language… but you can teach yourself. The author warns his readers against believing anyone who promises you fast and easy ways to learn English. He emphasizes significance of reading, listening and mimicing the speech of native speakers in his book. There is a stipulation about it - one should do it on a regular base, every day and not from time to time. He says if you want to achieve a goal you should work hard. If you want to learn a language fast you should put your back into it. You may try any method you want, if it helps – go ahead and good luck. But nonetheless you should work hard. The author has his own method which is very popular in Russia. I followed some his advice and I figured his system works out. I’ve been studying English in earnest for two years but still I have a long way to go. So my friend, you see I have nothing against your teacher and his system, if it helps you I’ll be glad. I wish you good luck on improving your English!

    Svetlana, Russia

  • Comment number 15.

    Hi Dommi and every body writing comments on this interesting blog ...i'm new member in bbc learning english website and this is my first comment...well my name is Soumia ,i'm 32 years old and i'm from Algeria i'm interested in learning and improving my english cuz i'll pass an exam on it october 26th ...i'm glad that a cameronian girl ( you Dommi, becomes blogger of this month wish you all the best .
    concerning " farming" i have a nearly common story as Nastya well i grow up at my grand mother home and as we live in a small oasis where you can found thousands of palmtrees, ten of them only were my grand mother's so in my childhood , every automn we went there( me , my grand mother and the majority of my cousins to recolte and collect dates of many kinds ( different colors, shapes , tastes ,.... it was and still one of my inforgotten days. my grand mother had no tv or radio too she was a kind hard worker she used to share the dates of her ten palmtrees with all family ...neigbours,...etc in nowdays my father has bought a small land where he spend most of his time , becoming a retired teacher , in planting vegetables and from time to time i went there it 's good feeling to be in nature breath pure air and listning to the calme around you.
    Dommi , recently i was reading about multilingualism in african states ( senegal , cameroun , cote d'Ivoire ,... ) i discovred that in Senegal there are about 36 spoken languages 8 of them became national languages is that true Dommi ? i want you to tell us about the causes behind the maintainance of french and english as official languages in Senegal and Cameroun and what's the statues of your indeginous languages . sorry if i make it so long waiting forward for your next post take care Salam

  • Comment number 16.

    Hey Dominique
    I feel that this post about farming is quiet diffrent from the previous posts.There is a kind of glominess here and there...I'm not sure but I got that feeling..I like your insights about the sense of contentment after doing something by youself...The images are so nice.Are the persons part of your family?
    Cheer up

  • Comment number 17.

    hello Svetlana.first of all thank a milllion for answering my personal opinion.your advices are too value for me.you can be right at some of them.you say ı have great experiences in listening and ı catch every word what people are saying.ok that great.may you tell me how did you had all of these experiences?ı must say ı m very good at writing.and middle at speaking.but ı m not enough in listening.you said ı came acroos a book and followed its methots.could you tell me what sort of methods are these?and what the name ıf book and its author.(the name of wise man)write me if it doesn t matter for you.ı m planning to have a look it on the internet.and finally are you an universty student?ıf so what do you study on?thanks in advance TALHA FROM TURKEY

  • Comment number 18.

    Hi talha! Excuse my curiosity, but is it your true name? What does it mean?
    First: I didn't say I could catch every word. It can be quite difficult for me when people speak too fast, or too low, or have poor articulation, or swallow (not pronounce) endings of the words (for example some americans). To understand every word might be impossible even for people speaking the same language. For instance my mom has sometimes a hard time to understand my husband, when he is excited about something he starts sputtering, words come out his lips like blur. And then my mom tells me 'Svet, what is he saying? Can you translate it for me?' So I have to translate from Russian to Russian. I can catch what people are saying. How much I can understand depends on articulation of speakers. On the whole when I listen to audiobooks, radio, and watch news, TV programs or different interviews on You Tube in high quality I understand almost everything. But american movies are still a challenge for me. Some of them, it depends...
    Second: about listening. It's simple enough. Take a book you want to read. It should be in print and in an audio version. At first start listening the audio, bear in mind that the audio (the sound of it) should be good quality, it's important that an English speaker reads the book. Listen short pieces of the book over and over again until you are able to tell apart (recognize) every singl word. (It might take you a lot of time to do this, and at first you may need to listen 8, 10, or more times) It's no big deal if you don't know the meaning of some words, and you miss the point. Read the same piece of the book in print and the meaning will be clear for you. You should try also to say aloud sentences after you've heard them several times and imitate intonation of the speaker. It's very useful because this way you learn how to pronounce words correctly. This advice was in that book I mentioned. It's written in Russian by Russian. He lived in the USA for many years, was a translator and a teacher. Knowing of his name will possibly mean nothing for you unless you speak Russian. His book was not translated in other languages. Do you speak Russian? Sorry, but I don't think so.
    Third: As for your other questions, you are likely to find the answers to them if you click my name (blue letters) above my comment. There will be a list of all my comments on BBCLE blogs. Read them and perhaps you'll find what you are looking for.

    All the best,
    Svetlana, Russia

  • Comment number 19.

    2Misou: hello and welcome here! i think in these countries french or english are maintain because the dialect can not be teach in such a way that every one could have the ability to use it. In addition in order to communicate easily and efficientcy around the world, english or french are used. you may find also in a country such Senegal that actually the main spoken language is neither french nor english but "Wolof" used by the majority of senegalese. But it remains that french is the national language. In Cameroon, it is french and english, officialy. you may come across " pidgin" which is a sort of broken english, and use by anybody who speaks neither french nor english. People use their dialect, but more in family as each dialect is different from a region to another. If there are about 36 local languages in Senegal, there are about 940 in Cameroon. Thanks for your comment!

  • Comment number 20.

    hi there:)
    I agree with your opinion!
    In modern society ,people can easily get satisfaction.but most of the people do not treasure what they get.
    Many of us buy a luxurious thing,at the beginning we feel very joyful..but this feeling is not long lasting,because these "satisfaction" is just material thing.
    I hope that people will change their mind!

  • Comment number 21.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 22.

    Hi you!
    I like your feelings, I'm too. Because I was born in a villager, it is so beautiful.

  • Comment number 23.

    Hi dominique :)
    first I want to tell u that everything that u've done is everything that I want to do. :D

    .....ur question that u asked "Have you ever enjoyed using anything you made by hand, or anything you sowed yourself?",u know...I can feel it....even I ever did anything by my hands,I mean like growing some veg,,,in fact I ever once,,,,anyway they died before i could b picked lol :)

    BUT!!I always dream that one day I'll have life like this....I usually
    thougt that human beings should have life this way,,,,cuz in every day we always eat a lot of junk food,,,,and that is the reason why we got sick,,,,why we got fat,,,,,,cuz we work hard BUT eat harder!....then go to bed lol.I think if we grow veg by our hands,,,cook them by put a little bit of attention,,,,we'll have a wonderful meal that full of proud,,,,,SLOW LIFE IS BETTER~....u know wat i mean right? :)))

    Boo - Thailand,BKK. :)


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