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GREAT DREAM, GOOD TEAM from Beatriz, Uruguay

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A Football Fan A Football Fan | 16:44 UK time, Monday, 5 July 2010

Beatriz.jpg I was born in a little country of Southamerica, Uruguay.
Since I was a child I always heard about our glories in football. Our national team had conquered 2 olimpic gold medals in football (1920 and 1928) and afterwards the first World Cup was held in our country in 1930 and Uruguay was champion again, The same happened in 1950 when Uruguay won the final match against Brazil in Maracaná Stadium and received another title.

Football is not only the most important sport in our country. it is an important part of our identity, is a passion for a great part or uruguayan people.

Many uruguayan players are called to continue their careers abroad and are stars in european or american teams.

However, our national team could not classify to various FIFA tournaments and the last Cup in which we had a good position was in Mexico 1970.

Now, in South Africa 2010 the dream of generations of uruguayan fans is becoming true. ¡We are one of the best teams in the World Cup!

It is amazing how this team has captivated people sympathy and admiration. Everybody is speaking about the same subject, World Cup, our team, Forlan, Lugano and the coach Tabarez.
Flag sellers say that they are selling more flags than ever. Many buildings, houses and cars show the uruguayan flag. I have one on my window.
The day of a game, Montevideo appears in a different mood. Everybody is in a hurry to work or do errands before the time of the game. Many public offices and private company modified the working hours to let workers see the game on TV. During the game you can´t find a taxi, people gather in bars, clubs, working places or houses to see the match. The streets remain almost empty.
But after we win a match, hundreds of people go out to the main streets to celebrate, singing, shouting, with flags.

Everybody is happy and there are no rivalries. The thing that I can see as more important is that. The same people that last year were in opposite sides because of their political options or for being supporters of different local football teams, now all celebrate together, no matter who is at you side in the street. They sing together until they have no more voice. Our team, "la celeste" as we name it (the blue sky), has the power to join people of very different points of view, or social levels.
Last Friday, Uruguay- Ghana was themost exciting game. Before the match both captains read a declaration against racism. For me the emotion in front of the TV began in that moment. Then hearing our national anthem brought tears to my eyes. Everybody was tense with the hard definition of this long match, that in the end, after a lot of suffering put us in the semifinals after 40 years.

Is it true? We are into the four best squads of the world?
Crowds invade the streets in every city and town of our country. And thousands of uruguayan that live abroad also celebrated all over the world.
I think that this victories are also important because our country is named in the newspapers and TV in many countries that perhaps did not know anything about Uruguay.

After two days, I see that people is more friendly to strangers in the streets and shops, There is a collective change of mood. And now, we expect for more.

¡Uruguay is a feast.!


  • Comment number 1.

    Hello Beatriz! As Uruguay is the only South American team remained in the World Cup, my fingers are crossed for "la celeste". Go Uruguay! :-)
    Best wishes,
    Ana Paula, Brazil.

  • Comment number 2.

    Hi Beatriz !!
    You uruguayans have reached what we, argentinians, couldnt reach this time...

    Congratulations !!!!
    You deserve to enjoy this time !!

    And we are all praying for you this afternoon,, but dont mind how this result will be,, what you have reached is absolutely WONDERFUL.

    Vamos con la Celeste esta tarde !!
    Let's go with the Light-Blue Colours this afternoon !!


  • Comment number 3.

    Hi everybody.
    There are a lot of football funs among my friends but I can’t understand why they do it. What interesting in it? When I see a game a local team I think, who those guys? They are legionary or players who came from other cities and clubs. They are now here but in other club tomorrow. I can’t identify myself with them. As for national team – those guys do their own business, earn the money and they don’t care about anything exclude a profit. National team game is a just political show. Politicians use this one to reach their own goals. They use this show as a tool for ruling, be course this one collect persons to a crowd. When people watch a football they forget about their political requirements and become more loyal for government provided the show. I don’t like if anybody use my fillings for his own goals. Eventually I’m a taxpayer and I think this money could be used more effectively.
    I think it’s a true for all sports not only a football. I love skiing, swimming but I love those as fitness. Sport is too dangerous for health. A lot of players and fans got damages and become invalids, become nervous and aggressive people. And of course alcohol!
    It’s my opinion.
    Best regards

  • Comment number 4.

    Hi Beatriz,
    I can totally understand the festive feeling that all your country has.
    We couldn't reach the final quarters. We are very sad about it but we are very proud of having a South American country looking forward its 3º position. Uruguay played very well and deserves a victory. I like German team too. They played excellent when we did it against England and against Argentina. But the other day they couldn't win the Spain team. I'm not a football fan but I have to admit that the World Cup Football matches means a lot to me. I deeply enjoyed when Argentina became WC Champion in 1978 and in 1986 and I had the opportunity to celebrate it.

    So my friend, I wish you the best and enjoy this moment.
    See you,
    Cris (from Argentina)

  • Comment number 5.

    Thank you Silvia and Cris. They are preparing a great celebration to receive our players next Monday no matter the result of Saturday.
    Victor- I think that there is a part of truth in what you wrote.
    It would be better if players could be many seasons in the same team and if they play in our country better. Only one of the players that participated for Uruguay this year is playing in a uruguayan team and they say that he will play next season abroad.
    Thank you BBC for this opportunity.

  • Comment number 6.

    I have to correct a mistake I did. The years of our Olimpic Gold Medals were 1924 aned 1928. Sorry. Someone made me note that.

  • Comment number 7.

    Hi dear Beatriz , when I saw your photo , imediately I remember you from FB . Congrat on your football team victory . thank you for saying us about your football team history . I really needed it ! hope to be more familiar with you in FB
    Pary ( Parisa ) from Iran

  • Comment number 8.

    Hi Beatriz I`m brazilian and I want to say, congratulations Uruguay!


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