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Vamos Argentina! from Silvia

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A Football Fan A Football Fan | 11:34 UK time, Monday, 14 June 2010

silvia.jpgHello all!

I'm Silvia from Buenos Aires, Argentina and... of course... my prays are for the team coaching by Diego Maradona... the number 1 ever !

Yes... I know we are very very football fans here and yes... we're feeling a sort of deep World Cup fever these days... but... it's sooo special...

We're all provided with TV screens at every school, every office, there is no place in this country where it's not a TV screen.... even at the parks we can enjoy all the matches from giant screens... All the streets are blue and white, shirts, flags, hats, scarves... etc etc.: vendors are very busy these days and people are buying all this stuff like if it was the last World Cup in their lives... LOL. That's funny.


The cities are empty when Argentina team is playing.. no one at the streets, no taxis, go to the supermarket if you wish...you'll be the only one there !! We stop all our activities for watching the match...

And so we Argenitinians are, people... yes... so we are...we were looking forward for this event,, we're living it with lot of passion.... we'll go crazy if we win and totally depressed if we... ( I don't want to write it ) lose...

We won our first match against Nigeria on Sat ... Argentina 1 - Nigeria 0 ... and we enjoyed a lot our players and our leader Lionel Messi... he is great,, isn't he ?

Vamos vamos Argentina
Vamos vamos a ganar !!


All the best for our team, my wish that this Cup will be a memorable tournament for all the Argentinians !




  • Comment number 1.

    Hello! I´m very glad about our last match between Argentina and Nigeria.Here we are great fans of our team and of our couch Diego Maradona.Every house, every street is a party. In all the houses families get together and share the fun drinking mate ( our national drink)and eating asado or "picadas" after the game. Nobody is in the streets, the pubs and restaurants full of people and "cábalas" everywhere. I wish we could win! Let´go Argentina!!!!!!

  • Comment number 2.

    Hello Silvia,
    Nice photos! I'm sure it has been a great time for Argentinians. It's been not different in Brazil. Wherever we are the only colours we can see is green and yellow.
    At the moment, people round here are anxious about the kick-off our team will take tomorrow against North Korea.
    There's one thing I would like to ask you... Brazilian players and fans (so many times influenced by the experts' opinion in the media) have Argentina as their great rivals, what I think is commom, since both football teams are among the best in the world. I wonder if it is the same in Argentina. Do Argentinian players and fans have Brazil as their greateast rivals?

    With Regards,

  • Comment number 3.

    Hello mirtucha and Jordão !

    Do you live in Buenos Aires like me or another city ?
    We have to get up early next Thursday so we can arrive to the office before the match and keep our place in front of the TV !

    yes, definetely, Brazil is our great rival and the team we "hate" in terms of football,, so the rules of football are, you know,, we pray for Brazil losing each match they have to play.... I guess it's the same there,, I heard of a bar there which was giving free beers for each goals made against Argentina..


  • Comment number 4.

    Hello Silvia, how are you? I can see that argentinians are very optimsts about the results of the team. That could even be very fun to see Maradona running around Obelisco with few clothes or even none as he has promissed. Well, in november I´m going to Buenos Aires, a city which I particularly love too much. I like to see your positiviness about your team. Good luck for you but I want more lucky for my brazilian team. lol

    Regards from Brazil.

  • Comment number 5.

    Hello Alessandro !
    We are all looking forward for YOUR match this afternoon,,, I'll tell you my point of view after the match....

    And yes,, Diego Maradona promised to run naked around the Obelisco,, and another people are saying they'll follow him if we win....
    MY GOD !!
    I strongly wish we'll win the Cup but I'm not sure if I want to see that show ;-)
    Anyway,, I can do nothing to stop them.. LOL


  • Comment number 6.

    Hello Silvia! That´s true.We´ll have to get up early next Thursday to see the match.But it doesn´t matter we´ll very happy to do it. I live in Buenos Aires , in the neighbourhood called Barracas, near Boca Juniors Stadium, (I am fan of it).I wish we could be in touch after next Thursday to have a positive comment of our winner team, of course


  • Comment number 7.

    Hi Silvia

    I am Gilberto, I am from Mexico City.
    I know that in Argentina the soccer its all, because really your team its good, I liked. I met the madness the soccer in Buenos Aires, in the year 2002 I went to Argentina of vacations, and I went the stadium of River, in this ocation played versus Boca Juniors, wwaauu!! it is incredible to see as much euphoria. But in this world cup Mexico team will be champion, jejeje! its a joke! In my country the soccer is very important, not as much as in your country, the cuestion is that our team almost always lost, but with all it, the mexican poblation we are with the hope, that may be in this cup the mexican team will have a better actuation. good luck for Argentina, and very good luck for Mexico......VIVA MEXICO CABRONES!! chau!!!

  • Comment number 8.

    Hi friends !
    Well,, having seen our classic rival, Brazil, this afternoon,, I must admit that they havent impressed me...I thought they were going to make more goals against the weak Corea and I didnt imagine that Corea will make a goal to them...Some people said it could have been the weather,, that it was very cold in South Africa and brazilian players arent used to play with cold temperatures.. May be they change next match,, but for what I have seen until now,, and apart from Argentina,, the other team doing good is Germany.

    Let me know your opinions !


  • Comment number 9.

    Hi Silvia

    With respect to the play of Brazil and North Korea, I think that the weather is not problem, because the players are professionals and they may play with cold or heat. The reason because the games have few goals is, in my opinnion because the teams are played very defensives, all the teams seek to win points before that goals, these are esencials to go the next stage....where will be the betters, such as Mexico and Argentina jejejeje or not??


  • Comment number 10.

    Hi giles !

    we have our second match tomorrow,,, Argentina against South Corea and Mexico against France,, we have a huge hope in our team,, a hope that increases even more when we see the few performance the other teams show...
    See that Spain,, which was supposed to be one of the favorites,, lost its match against Suiza,, I cant believe it !! What happened Spain ??? Ehhh ??


  • Comment number 11.

    Hi Friends:

    In this moment all the people and me to be really happies, today with the triumph of mexican team we are fill of illusion. Durinting to the game, was beautiful to see the faces fill up of joy, this was the better today, I liked the soccer, but I made happy to see so much pride for the our team.

    Although in my opinnion the team french today they showed much apathy, I saw a team french very by of low of their level, and with two goals doubtful today all Mexico to be enjoyed it....Mexico! Mexico! Mexico! Mexico! Mexico! Mexico! Mexico!

  • Comment number 12.

    Congratulations giles !!
    I enjoyed Mexico's victory very much !

    Well,, today it was a day of victories,,, what do you say about our victory Argentina 4 - South Korea 1 ????? Wasn't it great ??
    We got almost crazy with each goal ! This was a party !!

    Next week we're having our match against Greece and after that,, who knows ?? But, there are some chances that Argentina plays against Mexico.... that will not be easy...

    Keep in touch

  • Comment number 13.

    Hi Silvia:

    Of course!, I liked very much the victory of our brothers Argentinians, with it you will be the next stage, unfortunately with the possibility of play versus Mexico, uff!!, it will be very good, becouse those plays almost always are exciting, but first we have that win to Uruguay, if happens we will avoid play against you, I will prefer play versus Korea or Grece, teams less complicated that the great Argentina.

    Keep in touch

  • Comment number 14.

    Hello all !
    Well,, I've seen the second match of Brazil this afternoon,,,
    Brazil 3 - Ivory Coast 1
    and,, what to say ?? It seems that Brazil woke up suddenly and now they're becoming the big team they always were..
    Welcome Brazil,, we still are not afraid of you ;-)


  • Comment number 15.

    Hi There
    Hey girl , you have done a great job with answerign each comment indivitually , well done !

  • Comment number 16.

    Hi Pary !
    Thank you for your words,, I've read you're from Iran,, how nice to meet people all over the world here at this blog ! That's the good thing that internet brings...I love it !

    Regarding of football,,, I've seen today that Spain woke up,,, Spain 2- Honduras 0 - they did like Brazil,, they both woke up in their second match
    Anyway, we are all expecting our 3rd match tomorrow against Greece...


  • Comment number 17.

    Eyy giles !! are you there ??
    We have to play one against the other next Sunday....
    We made a great match today against Greece,, Argentina 2 - Greece 0
    and we are now thinking of Mexico....
    Since now,, as if you lose you go out,, wowwwww,, we all will suffer a lot !!


  • Comment number 18.

    Hi Silvia:

    aaaaaaaaahhhh!!! I may to say that all Mexico be really worried, this becouse we say that the next play against Argentina wil be very difficult. I belive that this its a great opportunity, because the team mexican will have revenge, you remember when the previous one World Cup Mexico were eliminated, with the excelent goal of Maxi Rodriguez, even in my memory, I and all Mexico to want that this ocation the things are the other way....Good Luck!! In case of lost with team argentinian, you can add with me a new fan of your team.



  • Comment number 19.

    Hello, I'm Vietnamese but I love Agentina team too :X:x:X
    My pray for Agentina team ^^!

  • Comment number 20.

    Hello Silvia,

    My name is Nebojsa and I am football fan from Serbia.
    Since Serbia is out of this tournament my favourite team is Argentina.
    I think that players like Messi, Milito, Veron...etc they all are great players and of course I can't miss Argentina coach Maradona.

    Best regards,

  • Comment number 21.

    Hi people !

    Yes, giles,, I'm listening that mexican team wants revenge next Sunday...I'm quite nervious...

    Hi Juna and nebojsa !
    Glad to meet you both and thank you for supporting my team. We need your pray !!


  • Comment number 22.

    Hello all !!

    Well, giles,, I count you praying for Argentina now,, right ??

    We need all your prays bcos the next match is a really very very difficult match !!

    I dont want to think about next Saturday yet,, but Germany is a hard team...

    Hope Messi will play better than the match against Mexico,, it seems as if he is not in his best moment...Come on Messi !!! We need you !!


  • Comment number 23.

    Hi all

    Yes Silvia, I prometed that the team argentinian won to Mexico, I will be supporting to Argentina, in fact I am really sure that this cup will be for you...With respect of the next saturday, since here I and some mexicans will be praying for the Messi and the rest of team...

    if the Argentina team will win to Germany, I am sure that the cup will be for you.....GOOD LUCK!!!

    Chau!! chaU!!

  • Comment number 24.

    i aggre with you Sylvia and think that Argentina deserve to win the worldcup even if for the moment i am with the black Stars of ghana.
    I really hope the they will do there best again the Deutsh on saturday


  • Comment number 25.

    hi writter of this blog ms silva
    hi all sweet people and all BBC friends
    it is nice feeling to encourge your national team in this amazing way
    and that is not strange specially for people in ARgantine ...........
    i think their food is football matches ,,,,,,lol ............
    thank you for share us in this blog
    truelly i think that "i am in ARGANTINA streets during reading your blog "
    the first thing and hope that do not hurt you i am GERMENY's supporter
    from 2002 it is my favorite team ,,,,,,,
    let us enjoy in nice playing anyway
    and at the end "the best who deserve the world cup"
    i am waiting saturady meeting in passion ..........................
    yes it is hard choice for my love Germeny to meet Araganrina but thet is not our choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hope great match saturday ........
    my best regards
    shadi (syria)

  • Comment number 26.

    Hi people !!!
    Wowwwwwwwwwww how much stress bcos of the matches of today !!!

    We all lived them with lot of passion,, I must admit that all argentinians celebrated the victory of Holland against Brazil,, we watched it at the office and all my mates and me prayed for Brazil to lose... That was our first goal..
    After that,, we watched Uruguay against Ghana, and we became all uruguayans,, we have an uruguayan mate at the office and we like our brothers uruguayans bcos they're friendly people and they deserved this happiness.

    Now,, we're very excited expecting tomorrow's match,, Yes,, I know Germany is a very hard team and I hope we will not suffer very much,, although I know that we will suffer...

    Thank you giles, yvette and hardrock !
    Hardrock,, I dont feel hurted bcos you support Germany,, it's good that you support the team you like,,One of us will celebrate tomorrow...I really hope I will


  • Comment number 27.

    hi lady silvia
    i am sorry for that surprised match......
    scared and painfull leaving for (maradona sons) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    but this is a game ..........
    at end will be loser and winner ..............
    sure, your country feel sad now but the most important argantina did what it could ........
    germeny and germeny's supporter around world will celebrate today and i am one of them ...................
    be strong and good luck next time ..........

  • Comment number 28.

    Hi hardrock,,,
    perhaps I go to sleep and when I get up this is not real..... but it IS indeed !

    Germany played MUCH BETTER than us... and we cant say anything more...

    They deserved the victory and maybe they deserve to be the champions...

    I'll pray for Uruguay since now,, it seems that our brothers uruguayans will do a better performance than us...

    I wish I were you but for now Enjoy your victory hardrock !


  • Comment number 29.

    hi silva
    do not be sad....
    luck plays its role in that match you must mention that also....
    i think ARGENTINA team has a special longing and race sense for goals ... for vectory .........
    organized team , and has famous players with diligent coach
    maybe in germeny meeting that sense was lost or not found!!!!!!
    was lost cuzof "earlly goal "
    that early goal at 3minuate make argantina is confused ......
    then the "referee" canceld goal for you.....
    and that effect in bad style on argantina players,and sure the decision was true , but i am talking about "bad effect "
    in the second round argantina controlled playground from 45--->60minuates
    the race was hot ......
    but the second goal which germeney scored it was "killing strike "
    that drive argantina out of champion ,,
    then match trace was changed ,,, .
    from all that analyze i wanted to indicate argantina lost by "luck role"
    bye (shadi)


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