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How to make the dreams come true! Part 1

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Jan Jan | 09:05 UK time, Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Today I'm going to write about dreams and the way to realize them. Everyone must have a dream! It gives us courage to live, not just to exist! Everybody has his own way to achieve the goal! But in general, every dream always begins with the castles in the air, and then it turns into defined plan. All you need is strong desire!

First of all, thanks everybody for your comments. I tried to answer to you below my first entry. Yesterday I promised you to tell why I spend almost all my time speaking Bulgarian. Well, my story began almost 7 years ago.

I was on my super sweet 20. You know how it is! It was beautiful time without thinking about serious things. I just enjoyed studying. I had been preparing to be economist. I found my education useful and interesting! And I had no need to work thanks to my parents.

I devoted all my free time to singing in Academic choir. It means that our performances based on classic european manner of singing. We were perfect team, consisted of 22 young and delightful Russian girls. All of us were music school students, and we got together after our graduation for one purpose. We wanted to see the World and take part in different international festivals and competitions! So, our career began in Bulgaria. The first event, which name was International May Choir Competition, was hold in Varna, a pearl of Bulgaria. Here we are! Isn't it sweet!!!


Russian choir "Rodnik", Varna 2003

The festival last for one week! One amazing week in the sun on the Black see coast! We met a lot of interesting people from different counties! Except Russia, other counties like Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, USA participated in the event. We hadn't won the prize, but we had great time and pleasure during that week. Just take a look at these pictures!


Varna, Bulgaria


Pedestrian Street, Varna


Black See, Bulgarian coast

As for me, I met my first love there! The boy, who was our guide, showed me his own view on Bulgaria. We traveled all over the coast! The weather was wonderful! I'd never seen before such rich green forest and blue sky, which was reflected in the boundless see.


See garden, Varna

We visited his friends' house with lovely enclosed court. We explored joyous club life and pretty bars and coffees on the see shore. Every evening we went swimming after workday.


Night life, Bulgaria


Mejana, Bulgarian restaurant

The truth was that I was keen on their usual every day life. I observed that everybody were calm and easy going. People were friendly and open heart. There was no need to hurry! And when I compared it with Moscow dynamic, I was surprised! I was used to run almost 18 hours a day in Moscow with no time for the private life. Thought to change something crept in!

I came back home and for two years I had been thinking about the boy and his country every day! We continued our friendship, of course! We exchanged thousands of e-mails and massages! Unfortunately, my love story had progress only in my yang beautiful head. After my next visit two years later, I recognized that the boy hadn't been thinking of me in the way as I did. He only was interested in me, and I loved him very much. I hadn't realized for how much before I met him second time.

It was huge disappointment! I returned in Moscow with broken heart! And my soul had remained in Bulgaria. I had been suffering for some time, when one day it suddenly dawned upon me! The thought was : «I fell in love with the county, not with the boy!» I put the picture of beloved place over my mirror and began acting. Look, such a lovely view!


Mosque in Botanical garden, Balchik

I started to learn Bulgarian language and consider the opportunities to move in Bulgaria. I registered in different Bulgarian Pen pal sites to practise in writing. Once, I received unusual massage from one Bulgarian boy, contented next text: «Hi! I saw, you are Russian. I look for one Russian modern song! Could you help me with this! ». After I'd helped the boy, he offered me his help in return. And I asked him to write to me little time every day. It was so fortunate that he agreed! By the time I'd finished Bulgarian language course, my teacher offered me to study in Sofia. Guess!!! I made my decision without hesitation!

Well, I suppose to break my story for now! I hope you find something interesting for yourself! Expect the end of the story tomorrow!

PS: Do you remember your first love? And what do you think about holyday love affairs? Could it turn into real relationships, I wonder?

Friendly greetings,



  • Comment number 1.

    Hi Jan!
    Nice to meet you and welcome.

  • Comment number 2.

    I'm happy to read your nice story.
    "dreams and the way to realize them". Lately, I have been thought too much about it,
    I think my dream is very similar with your. So I hope I can accomplish my dream like you did.
    Thanks for your story. It gave me hope and motivation.

    Friendly greetings,

    Marcus (Brazil-Rio de Janeiro)

  • Comment number 3.

    Hello Jan,

    I have to tell you, that I like the way you wrote these blog...it is really hearty... I admire your courage to write abt your first love..:)
    ...wish you all the best...

  • Comment number 4.

    Nice to meet you Jan! You have a very lively writing and besides that all the pictures are really great!
    All the best,
    Ana Paula, Brazil.

  • Comment number 5.

    Hello and welcome, Jan!
    Congratulations on your first two posts! Very interesting, very good command of English - your writing conveys so much energy and open-mindedness. I liked the part about choir-singing very much because singing is one of my hobbies, too. There is an international choral competition in Austria (in Spittal/Carinthia to be exact) every year. I've been there to listen to the participant choirs for the last 15 years or so. Once I was even a member of a participating choir; that was before I had my children. I think I have heard of Varna as the venue of a choral competition. Is it held every year?
    By the way, I met my husband in a students' choir - he has been my first love...
    Can't wait to read the continuation of your story tomorrow!
    So long,
    Elisabeth (Austria)

  • Comment number 6.

    Hello, Jan!
    Your story reminded me a film called «Secret». Have you ever seen it? The secret is to make a list of wishes and trying to visualize them everyday! If you have pictures of your wishes, you must look at them everyday! (Just like you when you put the picture of beloved place over your mirror!) One day your dreams come true!

  • Comment number 7.

    Hello everybody!

    I enjoy reading all of your comments! Many thanks!

    To Karoun: Thanks! Nice to meet you too!

    To Marcus: I heartily wish you luck!!!

    To Weronycka: It was my pleasure! I'm glade that you found it sweet!

    To Ana Paula: Thanks!

    To Elisabeth: Thank you for your great comment! You're absolutely right! This year there was 32nd International May Choir Competition in Varna and it is held every year. I haven't heard about the competition in Austria, unfortunately! But as well as in Varna, I've participated in the festivals in Italy and Poland! I have great memories, but is was long ago! To be honest, I miss that time!

    To Inna: Yes, I've seen the movie "Secret", but my story had happened before it! I think, each of us sooner or later find this way! It's a human psychology!

    Best wishes for all,

  • Comment number 8.

    Hi Jan,
    Well done! I enjoyed your second post in which, you let us know about the motive of learning Bulgarian.
    Although, your love story is so despondence , but fortunately it coudn't stop you to achieve your goal of learning the Bulgarian language!
    Jan, you are a brave Russian girl indeed as you shared your love story with friends here and talked to us so open.
    waiting to complete your story.
    Karoun from Tehran

  • Comment number 9.

    Hi Jan, are you ok?
    Very interesting this part of your blog, amazing photos...in fact here in Brazil there're a lot of beaches like Black See
    Your writing is very good and your history make people think about what you are writing. I confess that the part about choir-singing is very interesting, is a kind of culture totally different from my country.
    the history about your first love is pretty...
    Congratulations for your blog Jan! and believe me, it's helping me a lot!

    as you wrote before, is my wish to go Bulgarian one day

    bye Jan

    Rogerio (Sao Paulo-Brazil)

  • Comment number 10.



  • Comment number 11.

    Hi everybody!

    Very glad to be with you on this useful site.

    I just wanna say that i have fallen in love after my Caribean vacation this april... And i can't forget it till this day.... So... I believe in holiday affairs, but i don't know about continuation.... May be... who knows...

    Sincerely yours

  • Comment number 12.

    hi Jan? I'm a new member on BBC learning English ,I need your help about some advices for the best ways to learn English , because I have problem in listen and speaking .

  • Comment number 13.

    If you get any mistakes ,you can correct me ,its will be better if you asking any question about English and after that I will try to answer


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