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Carrie Carrie | 18:11 UK time, Thursday, 6 May 2010

Hi everyone,

Do you know what a heffalump is? If you've ever read any of the Winnie the Pooh stories by A A Milne you'll know that a heffalump is an elephant. It's A A Milne's idea of the word a child would use if they couldn't quite say elephant! (According to my mother, my first word was elephant!) If you've never read the Winnie the Pooh children's books, I can highly recommend them. They are easy, funny and sometimes you can discover much deeper, hidden messages. They are about a bear called Pooh and his friends Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore, Christopher Robin and Owl and their adventures in One Hundred Acre Wood. Anyway, back to heffalumps: the heffalumps appear in the books when Pooh is trying to get to sleep and counts imaginary heffalumps jumping gates: you can see an illustrationhere.

So, why am I writing about elephants? Well, it's because I saw two in London this morning! Honestly. One was in the window of a bank and one was outside India House. And I don't mean a toy elephant. These baby elephants are life-sized and are raising money for a good cause.

Do you like them? This is the elephant is outside India House:



And this is the elephant standing in the bank - it's covered in crystals and sparkles in the sunshine!


They are all part of the Elephant Parade. It's a very clever way to raise money for charity. In this case the money raised by these elephants is going to help save the endangered Asian elephant. There are over 250 elephants around London - they've been decorated by artists and celebrities and they form a sort of giant outdoor art exhibition. They are on display until June and at the beginning of July there will be a grand auction where anyone can bid to buy one of the elephants. Perhaps you would like one in your back garden? London has had similar "parades" before. In 2002 there was a CowParade which raised over £350,000 for the children's charity Childline.

You can find out more about the elephant parade here. I also thought you might like to challenge me to go and find and photograph some of the elephants? I can't promise to find all 257 (after all, I have to be in the office sometime!) - but I'll try and find at least some of them. The elephants pictured above are nos.: 33 and 226. So which other elephants would you like me to find?

Take care


first word : the first word a small child learns to say
a good cause: an organisation that provides help or benefit to people who need it e.g. a charity
auction: a public sale where goods are sold to the person who offers the highest price
bid : to offer to pay a particular amount of money to buy something
to challenge someone to do something:to set someone a task
Nos: abbreviation of the word "numbers"


  • Comment number 1.

    Hello Carrie,
    Coming in from my garden, I have just been trying to imagine that sparkly reddish elephant, which I rather like, under my cherry tree. I am afraid the blackbirds would not treat it respectfully enough though, dropping whatever there is to be dropped onto its shiny, sparkly skin. So there are more than 250 of them in all of London? I would really, really like to know what no. 48 looks like. Could you find and take a photo of that one for me? Thank you very much in advance!
    By the way, I'd like to think that you omitted (at least) one 0 in the sum raised for the charity by the Cow Parade. Could that be?
    Best wishes,
    Elisabeth (Big fan of Kanga and Roo...)

  • Comment number 2.

    Dear Carrie
    Which heffalump is going to be located at 10 Downning st.?I hope a stable one..
    All the best.Danny

  • Comment number 3.

    Dear Carrie
    Which heffalump is going to be located at 10 Downning St. I hope a stable one..
    All the best . Danny

  • Comment number 4.

    Hi Dear Carrie
    It was all fantastic to hear about Elephant 's parade ! Thank you for increasing our info about it ! Hope they will collect all the money that they have predicted . I 'm wondering if all the money will be gatehred bye auction or by individual and usual people donations ? By the way it will be your kindness to show us more elephant . They all are artistic and it will worth to see all of them . Thank you for all your efforts . And one more thing could you please introduce us India hopuse in london , if it 's possible ?
    Have fun and bye

  • Comment number 5.

    Hi Elisabeth,

    Ooops: you're right, I missed a 0 off the end. I've corrected it now. Number 48 isn't too far away, so I'll try and get there this week: there are lots and lots of elephants near number 48.

    Hi Danny,
    You made me giggle.

    Hi Pary,
    As far as I know the only money raised is from the auction. Do you know, I've worked next door to India House for years and I don't know much about it! I'm ashamed. I'll see what I can find out!

    Take care


    P.S: Once I've found the new elephants, I'll add them above!

  • Comment number 6.

    Dear Carrie,

    While many international organizations are funding to protect wild animals, a lot of people in development and underdevelopment nations are heavily depending on natural resources for their lives. This campaign raising money for Asian countries to prevent elephants from being extinction is a good idea to maintain the world's biodiversity and eco-systems.

  • Comment number 7.

    Hi Carrie,
    The elephant Parade reminds me of the Cow Parade we had in Buenos Aires last year. It was very colourful but I think that it wasn't aimed at raising money. I learned that the painted cows was part of an art exhibition that was held in various countries.
    I'd love to see you pictured next to one of those elephants :-) Maybe number 100 could be.
    By the way, the cause of this campaign to raise money for the elephants surviving is awesome and it's admirable that some people are taking care of this issue.
    Have a nice weekend. Looking forward to seeing your pic.
    Cris (from Bs As - Argentina)

  • Comment number 8.

    i really enjoy it.


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