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Break away from the City

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Mitzi Mitzi | 03:35 UK time, Thursday, 6 May 2010

Sometimes it's necessary take a break, relax and forget the routine, so I know of an excellent place to do it outside the city.It's a beautiful place and I really enjoy going there.


The name of this place is Tepoztlán. It is located 71 km south of Mexico City and here you can find a lot of different meals, beautiful landscapes, historical buildings, local souvenirs, and places that give massages or read your aura, etc... it's like a mystical and magical place.

The weather most of the time is very hot, and I have to give you some recommendations if you go.

1. Use sun block
2. Wear comfortable clothes, sunglasses and a hat
3. Drink a lot of water

I give you this recommendation because I ended up with sunstroke.

I'm going to tell you how my trip started. When we got there we were really starving, so we decided to have breakfast and when we go to tepoztlan we usually eat "quesadillas" in the market. In Mexican words we say "desayuno en el puesto de quesadillas".

In Mexico it's very common to eat in the market, but these kinds of markets not only sell food but you can buy clothes, flowers, everything you can imagine.These markets are in the streets or some are established in a big place, and "puesto" it's a very informal place established inside the market, and the "puesto" is where people exhibit their merchandise.

Perhaps not many know what a quesadilla is; it's a typical meal because the main ingredient is corn. With the corn we make tortillas and this is the base of quesadillas.

The basic quesadilla: tortilla with oaxaca cheese. Inside the tortilla you put the cheese and you have to wait until it melts. Then you can choose different ingredients to add to your quesadilla, like mushrooms, chicken, squash blossom, meat, potatoes, etc... and don't forget a delicious sauce.

We love a specific puesto in Tepoztlan, that's because the owner who prepares it, makes a lot of different sauces, for example: pineapple with habanero chilli, green tomato sauce, morita chili sauce, peanut sauce, coriander sauce etc...

A famous quesadilla in Tepoztlan is prepared with grilled grasshoppers and maybe it sounds and looks awful, but it isn't. Taste crunchy, salty and lemon, I really do not know the exact words to describe it but believe me if you want to try something different you have to do it, for me it's very very tasty.

As I told you in my first blog I love eating and I can't keep quiet and not tell you about our nieves (ice cream without milk or cream.) They are made with natural fruit, and served in glasses of different sizes. My favourites are pitaya and mandarin.

Tepoztlan has a lot of tourist sites, but the main attraction is Tepozteco hill. On the top is a prehispanic building, it's a very energetic place, and it's more attractive for the visitors during "Spring Equinox". To be honest I've never climbed it, I'm too lazy to walk a lot and even more in the sun.

Other important places in Teploztlan, are the Ex-convento de la Natividad which is gorgeous and it was constructed between 1555 and 1558. The village centre is a quiet place, and you can find cultural events, expo-craft, etc.The Carlso Pellicer museum is famous here for the archeological pieces that were found in the ex-convento.

On the main street of Tepoztlan every week-end and days off there is a big market, with a lot of people, and so much typical stuff from Mexico, and some are not so typical.

Another touristic stop is the "Paraje Ecoturístico "la Canasta", this place is beside the Atolongo river, it's fantastic to rest or having a camp day.

In my trip we didn't have time to do all that because one day is not enough time to do everything, but if you have the opportunity to stay for more than one day it's an excellent idea and Tepoztlan has beautiful hotels.

Anyway this trip for me was amazing, I hope you have enjoyed it too.


  • Comment number 1.


    In your picture, I could see some delicious fruits. Among them, I like Mango in these times. It's so soft and sweet and very chief in Georgia, U.S.

    Take care hot weather and strong sunshine. Yours oh

  • Comment number 2.

    Hi Mitzi,

    Mexico is far far from my country Russia, it's probably on the other side of the Earth :)

    I would like to know from your posts about crime in Mexico city and in the whole Mexico. From our local news it seems that you can be easily pinched in the center of Mexico city. Is that true?

  • Comment number 3.

    Hi Mitzi,
    I'm going to visit Mexico in autumn, that's why I'm reading your blog with great interest. I've noted down "quesadillas" and "nieves". I'll certainly taste "nieves"- I like ice cream and fruit. But "quesadillas" with grasshoppers- it's quite unusual indeed! Tastes differ. Maybe I try tasting it or maybe not (I haven't made up my mind yet).
    Looking forward to the next message.

  • Comment number 4.

    Ola Mitzi
    I have wonderful memories from your country.You didn't mention "mariachis" there in market but I'm sure they are there and I can imagine their music.Am I right? Please paste a picture of a group of mariachis ...Is the amazing place Sochemilco with the small boats still attractive?
    Asta luego

  • Comment number 5.

    Hi everyone,

    I never been in Mexico, but I have read a lot of bad news about Mexico, for example kidnapping, drug cultivation and smuggling of. I never been there but after this news likely I don't traveling there. I love the safety places and I think thats not Mexico.

    Best Regard Ungi.

  • Comment number 6.

    Dear Mitzi

    Congratulation for this last enter on your blog. For me it is wonderful, not for the fact that I come from Mexico too; better said, your post is so great because the way you describe the place (Tepoztlán)was done in a particuler style that you generate on me some feelings. While I was reading it, I began to feel the wish to go there. Thanks!

    At last I'd like to suggest to you to post someting about the Ungi and Igor's curiosity about the style live at Mexico City and the security.

    Att. Edu

  • Comment number 7.

    Hellow Mitzi, I'm very happy because a compatriot is blogging here, I'm from Monterrey Mexico, and I wish that you make a great job being a Mexican spokeswoman.

    Saludos, y muchas felicidades.

  • Comment number 8.

    Oh guys, hi! :)What kind of nonsense is this, your questions?! I beg your pardon: I object! Is Mitzi some expert in crime detection? Please, don't digress her from our fave raves and movies what about we are going talk, or whatever she likes.

  • Comment number 9.

    Hi Mitzi,
    it's interesting all aspects of your post, and also for me the one about the opportunity to read your aura, although you write about this in passing as some mundane events, it would be fine for me find out the practice a little more? Did you read already your aura? And what's your colour? What is it at all? Is aura an equivalent of the word soul? Did you ever hear something about Karlos Kastaneda and his guru Don Juan? Sorry Mitzi, here too much questions for one comment. You can reply by a single phrase if it's not so dificult with the time for you. Thanks.
    Have a nice day,

  • Comment number 10.

    Hello Mitzi,
    I'm from Brazil and i've been accompanied your blog
    Mexico is more or less far from here. So i could appear
    in there at any time!!

    Congratulations for your initiative here
    Please, hold us updated about Mexico.

  • Comment number 11.

    Hi Mitzi,

    Its great that we have a blogger from such exotic (for me, of course :D ) country as Mexico. I hope you'll attach more photos, they look awesome) I always wondered if locals visit all those ancient monuments like this Tepozteco pyramid in Tepoztlán and you gave me an irrefragable answer: no climbing piramids, but "desayuno en el puesto de quesadillas" and enjoying views instead :D I'd like to know more about recipes of your traditional food - you mentioned you like cooking :) and are Mexican soap operas as popular in their homeland as they are in Russia?))

  • Comment number 12.

    Hello Mitzi,
    This post of yours has been so interesting to read, thanks a lot! I definitely want to learn more about your country - and I definitely need to broaden my horizon as to the things one can eat - and enjoy eating. Showing you that I'm a bit narrow-minded on this subject, I'd like to dedicate this poem to you:
    I like the crickets when they chirp,
    or fly about, or even - burp,
    I'm not so sure, once they've been killed,
    if I would like to have them grilled...
    Yours, Elisabeth

  • Comment number 13.

    Hi Mitzi,

    Thanks for your pictures about Mexico country. This country is the same my country as: fruits & the people is the hospitality.

    Have you ever hearing about Vietnam country? My country is near Singapore & Malaysia, Combodia, Laos. If you are free, you can be able to search on Google to know about my country.

    It's nice to meet you!
    Tan Dat

  • Comment number 14.

    Hi Mitzi!
    I think you blog is very interesting!!
    I would like to ask you a favor! :) I'm writing a dissertation about learning English using blogs. I wanted to ask you if I can interview you.
    I'll be really grateful! :)

    Thank you in advance,

  • Comment number 15.

    Hi Mitzi,

    How r u? It's interesting something again. Thanks a lot. All the food you mentioned is mouth-watering, I think. Wow, If I could take some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm surprised that you never climbed Tepozteco hill. A 'More than Maria' can never be too lazy to step on it, can she? I don't believe.

    Ashish, Bangladesh.

  • Comment number 16.

    Hi Mitzi,

    How is everything going? I'm from Mexico City just like you!! I'm an LL M student at the American University in Washington D.C. I love Tepoztlán!!! It's really a magic place.

    It's great that BBC has a mexican blogger for this month.

    By the way, is it easy to find "tacos" (traditional mexican food) in UK?

    Good luck!! :)

  • Comment number 17.

    hi mit...
    Mexico is quite far from where i stay but your blog is like a bridge. I read it and i reach mexico or to be specific right at Tepoztlan...a magic place...its does feel magical...a small market under the shade of lush green trees in the base of a lofty summit;tourists on the roof a bus and the guide with a microphone may be pointing out one or the other thing of interest...a shop full of juicy fruits... especially those dangling banans...very expressive in itself...keep writing...we will keep reading and commenting...

  • Comment number 18.

    Hi Mitzi! I think your place is awesome. What do you call that vehicle by the way? I wish we had double-decked buses 'cause I think it's more fun to ride in them. Haha. How hot is the weather in your place? If the weather is bad, that would put me off from going there because I'm already in a country where it's too hot. As a matter of fact, we're already on summer. It goes from April to May. And the temperature is too high, like it can get to 37 degrees Celsius or 40 in other areas! Can you imagine how hot it feels? Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed your trip! Have fun with the next! :)

  • Comment number 19.

    Hi Mitzi,

    You are absolutely right about taking a break from your busy schedule. Because if you are working too hard then everything becomes boring after a while so taking a break refresh your mind and get you ready to be dedicated to your work again. The place you went to looks amazing. I can see hills in the pictures which look great. Also, you have really nice fruits there, mangoes and guavas. These are both my favourite fruits but unfortunately they are not available in N. Ireland. They look mouth watering. The weather also looks good.

    I would love to visit this place one day when I get the chance. I am definitely going to try quesadilla when I go there. It is nice to know about some of the main dishes in a place you visit. If you visit a completely new place and you don’t know what to eat, it will be really difficult to enjoy your stay.

    Looking forward to your new blog. Have a nice day!


  • Comment number 20.

    Hi Mitzi,

    I am glad that you shared such this information of Mexico to us. Mexico is one of the coutries where I want to visit the most.
    If you have time come to visit Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonders!

    Best wishes,


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