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Answering you're questions

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Mitzi Mitzi | 04:25 UK time, Thursday, 13 May 2010

Hi Guys!!

Thanks again for you're comments :)

I'm going to show you more pictures to Tepoztlan, enjoy It!!



Answering about your's questios crime in Mexico, I have to say Yes it is!, like all the world, the newspapper, magazines or tv needed to sell, so they anounced the worst and terrible notices, that's why we always known the bad and not nice and positive things.

Maybe all you're comments and things you read are true, but we still live quiet, we can walk in the streets, go to somewhere, make you're life with out problems.

Guys from Brazil and Vietnam, I'm really far !!, and I only heard a little about Vietnam, but it could be nice to known more from other Cities.

The vehicle, we named it "camión"= bus. The weather here in this month It's hot but the last days was raining, but stil warm.

Once I took aura's pictures and in that time was green and yellow, I think change with the time.

Tacos it's very easy to find here, but this subject it's so long in this days I' going to telling you more about tacos.

Well, see you soon in the next blog, more about Mexico...



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