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  1. Assistant Producer

    The MPFree has moved!

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  2. Assistant Producer

    Pink Teens - More Than I Can Bear

    Every now and then, a band just needs to change its name in order to establish its new course: The Quarrymen into The Beatles, The Rain into Oasis, Liberty into Liberty X. Joining that list is Temple Songs – played several times on this show - who’ve changed their name to Pink Teens. 

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  3. Assistant Producer

    Today’s MPFree is a beautiful and mellow track to soothe you into your Monday morning by L.A. based band Dive Index.

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  4. Assistant Producer

    Today’s MPFree goes global with a stunner from African musicians Tamikrest, discovered in the same Glitterbeat Records vaults which gave us Wednesday’s ‘Robot Dub’ track (Be Ki Don by Schneider TM).

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  5. Assistant Producer

    Today’s MPFree is a mesmerising demo from the woman of the moment – the very cool Jessie Ware.

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  6. Assistant Producer

    The MPFree picks up the pace a little today with “minimalist head-smashing garage rock that's going to get you jumping up and down on your desk”.

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  7. Assistant Producer

    Today's Memory Tape comes from listener Liv Siddall and, in a way, she's perfected the art of the Memory Tape. It was made for her by boyfriend-from-the-past who thought it might be a good idea to romanticise the gesture of giving her mixtape even more. C'mon, we've all been there! Remember you ...

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  8. Assistant Producer

    Onwards we roll to the second free download of the week, and it’s a bit of a banger this one. Nemone sits in for Lauren today, and she’s bringing her Electric Ladyland-vibes to the show with this reworking of a classic by German producer Jolie Noir.

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  9. Assistant Producer

    Welcome one and all to the returning MPFree. Following last week’s triumphant 6 Music Live gigs down at that there Maida Vale, there simply wasn’t room to squeeze the free download in. But now it’s back, bigger than ever, and with an absolute wonder to wash away the blues of the rainy week ahead. 

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  10. Assistant Producer

    It’s Friday! We’re bringing your Friday 12 hours early, so it’s actually late at night now, and what we need going into the early hours is a good dose of repetitive, and damn right spooky, dance-laden music for the mind. That’s exactly what Firejosé is going to provide for us.  

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