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  1. Assistant Producer

    Today's Memory Tape is from listener Shahina Khan from St Albarn who wanted to share a mix CD she and her husband made for their wedding last year. It's a tale of good times, a shared love of music and a cause to celebrate - plus a sprinkling of cheese - so what's not to like?

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  2. Assistant Producer

    Ahead of the final episode of Oh You Pretty Things tonight on BBC 4, we're celebrating all things fashion on the Lauren Laverne show this morning. Aside from playing nothing but the 80s and talking to Talking Heads found David Byrne, we have ex-The Fall guitarist, and now fashion and boutique ow...

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  3. Assistant Producer

    We don't normally let a mix through that a person made for themselves, but today we had to make an exception, as listener Emma Myr sounds like such an extraordinary woman.

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  4. Assistant Producer

    Today's Memory Tape was sent in by listener Alex Speirs, who tells us about the loss of her very good friend Adam Savory, and the soundtrack to their cycle ride for him. 

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  5. Assistant Producer

    Every now and then we get a Memory Tape submitted to us that is so huge, it can do nothing but inspire awe. And copious amounts of jealousy. Today’s Memory Taper is Nev Tabb in Cornwall and he and his best mate went and travelled on some of the most famous roads in musical history. 

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  6. Assistant Producer

    Today's Memory Tape is a big of a goodie! Ladies and gentlemen meet Steve Paul Myers. He'll be our guide throughout this emotional time.

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  7. Assistant Producer

    Today we have an extra special Memory Tape from music writer, critic and journalist David Quantick, who takes us down Memory Lane with a Shoe-Gazing theme tape! You may remember David wrote a column called Memoirs of a Shoe Gazing Gentleman in the NME as Lord Tarquin back in the 90s. Let him gui...

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