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Memory Tapes: Tim Miller's Mix

Friday 8 November 2013, 10:44

Ashley Team Laverne Ashley Team Laverne Assistant Producer

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Memory Tapes time, this one is from Tim Miller, over to you Tim....

"In the late 80s/ early 90s I used to get together with a number of mates at a mutual pal's flat and watch movies, Subbuteo table football (sad) and play computer games. Alcohol may have been involved but I wouldn't want to give away too much. We'd listen to old and current albums and all pass our thoughts and criticisms on them. There came a brief spell when there was nothing we could all agree on. It somehow fell to me to put together a mix tape. I produced several tapes over the next months and years and these were put in the tape deck after all the CD selections had been exhausted.

Andy, whose flat it was, ended up holding on to the tapes after we all drifted apart from being best buddies to old mates. I bumped into him a couple of years ago when we went to see the Icicle Works. Then again a week or so ago we stopped in the street and remembered the tapes we'd listened to which prompted this e-mail.

Below is a track listing from memory, I know I've missed a load out and if Andy or any of our mates are listening I'm sure they'll be more than happy to remind me"

Tape 1 - Now that's what I call anarchy


Step on



Stevie Ray Vaughan

Scuttle Buttin'

Happy Mondays

Wrote for Luck

The disposable heroes of Hiphoprasy



Smash it up

Led Zeppelin

Immigrant Song

De la Soul

3 is a magic number

Country Joe and the Fish

Fixin' to die

The Icicle Works

Understanding Jane

Orange Juice

I can't help myself

Bob Dylan

Rainy day women #12 & 35

The Senseless Things

Got it at the Delmar


Move any mountain

The Prodigy


The Clash

Lost in a supermarket

The Beatles

Hey Bulldog

I'm the Slime

Frank Zappa

Sex Pistols


Black Sabbath

War Pigs

The Smiths

Oscillate Wildly

The Stone Roses

Sally Cinnamon

Bomb the Bass Justin Warfield

Bug Powder Dust

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