Memory Tapes: Godt og Blandet 1999

Friday 22 November 2013, 10:27

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Today's Memory Tape comes all the way from Denmark and is eclectic to say the least. Bob Dylan and Wu Tang - we've always wanted to see these two next to each other in a mix, and now the dream is happening! Here's listener Naja Winter to tell us more:


"I thought it was about time to send you guys my memory tape. Since it’s one of my (many!) favourite moments of the show; to hear from all the other nice listeners when sharing their lovely mixtapes.

So I was moving house, which is not solely an amusing task. I had no internet or TV for two weeks (yes two weeks!). So obviously I wasn’t able to stream radio and spent most of the day’s waking hours with my head inside dusty boxes. BUT… as wise people say; something bad always comes with a little piece of something good on the side. In this case it was true, because in one of the old and dusty boxes (that has been travelling with me from one student resident to another – but somehow never been opened) there was a surprising 90’s memorabilia of forgotten CDs and tapes from my old and dusty youth. One tape was labeled “Godt Og Blandet, 99” which is Danish for “Good and mixed, 99”. This is THE mix tape that has meant the most to me out of all the ones that I’ve made. I remember listening to it while riding my bike to school or sitting in the back of a bus looking out of the window, dreaming.

It was made in 1999 and consists of songs from that year as well as some oldies and a few goldies. Well it was anyway, now I suppose it’s merely a mix of old and… even older. The very old stuff on there is mostly from classic great songwriters that my dear father, who is a folk musician, used to spoil my ears with when I was little. The merely old stuff is pop songs from the time, but there’s also some darker sounds on there, due to teenage angst and all that. It also has some excellent electronic tunes as I was really starting to get into my whole techno obsession thing at the time.

All of the songs still mean a lot to me; I especially remember listening to Wu Tang when the tape started and feeling I could reeaaally relate to that – now listening to the song, understanding the lyrics fully, I see that I can relate to approximately 2 percent of it, but still, it’s all about the feeling and everything, right ;)

I would be honoured to hear some of my memories played out loud on my favourite radio show.

Lots of love and dusty hugs, Naja."

Godt og Blandet, 99


1. Wu-Tang Clan: C.R.E.A.M from Enter the Wu-Tang (1993)

2. Supergrass: Moving from Supergrass (1999)

3. Bob Dylan: I want You from Blonde on Blonde (1966)

4. Kraftwerk: Boing Boom Tschak from Electric Café. (1986)

5. Pet Shop Boys: Boy Strange from Nightlife (1999)

6. New Order: The Perfect Kiss from Low-Life (1985)


7. Supergrass: Mary from Supergrass (1999)

8. Nine Inch Nails: Where is everybody? From The Fragile (1999)

9. Silverchair: Ana’s Song from Neon Ballroom (1999)

10. Paul Simon: Under African Skies from Graceland (1986)

11. Paul McCartney: Hope of Deliverance from Off the Ground (1993)

12. Bruce Springsteen: Dancing in the Dark from Born in the U.S.A. (1984)


We want your Memory Tapes please - drop a line to, with your song lists and memories, and it could be you telling us all about it very soon. 

Naja's Memory Tape

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