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Memory Tapes: 2 Aug 13

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Today's Memory Taper is Anna from Hammersmith - a wannabe writer who needs to get in the mood:

"I’ve been thinking about sending this tape in for a while now.

"My name's Anna and I live in Hammersmith with my husband and two daughters. I do a spot of freelance content writing while the kids are at school, but I'm also attempting to pen a young adult novel, part of which is set in the mid-90s. This mostly involves me avoiding writing at every opportunity by making playlists to go with the non-existent writing. In order to get me back into the 90s mindset, I put together some tracks to remind me of what it felt like to be 15/16 again and some of them draw up some very vivid memories. These are the tracks that I always had on repeat, or more likely, rewind. The Hole track is because this cassette seemed to be the only one my sister ever played in her car when we were going out of an evening. It was the first one on the album, and that opening riff always reminds me of her starting up the engine of her ancient Nissan Micra. 

Anyway, hope you enjoy!”

It’s Written in the 90s, or Not

Violet - Hole

London, Can You Wait - Gene

Stars - Dubstar

Frank Mills - Lemonheads

Jesus Christ - Longpigs

Near Wild Heaven - REM

Let's All Go Together - Marion

Goldfinger - Ash

Tracy Jacks - Blur

Bluetonic - The Bluetones

Disco 2000 - Pulp (bit obvious but it reminds me how unreal and far away 2000 felt at the time)

Sparkys Dream - Teenage Fanclub

Crashin' In - The Charlatans

Sitting Up Straight - Supergrass

Live Forever - Oasis

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