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Tech Know How: 30 Apr 13

Assistant Producer

Lucy Hedges came in to tell us all about the latest in tech. Her picks of the week are thus:

Gadget of the Week – WeMo Switch and Motion

The WeMo is a simple home automation system that lets you turn things on or off using motion detection or remotely via a smartphone. Stick a WeMo switch between a socket and an appliance, pair device via Wi-Fi with dedicated iOS or Android (still in beta) app. TV, stereo, lamps, straighteners, fan and away you go.

App of the Week – Ninja Jamm by Ninja Tune, iOS

This app lets anyone easily remix music from a variety of Ninja Tune artists, from Coldcut to Mr Scruff. It’s based around Tunepacks, which is simply a collection of loops and samples taken frm original songs.

Website of the Week –

This website points you in the direction of ‘cool things’ found on the web from a different daily curator. Each day pertains to different bit of pop culture: Tech, literature, culture, design and food and each edition features three things within that theme. You can have people who make art from food to blogs about unique and affordable art


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