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MPFree EP: 20 Sept 13

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So here on the Lauren Laverne show, we're all getting that Friday feeling and to celebrate, we're offering the week's MPFrees / free downloads in once place - binding both convenience and excellence.

Songs for Walter - Nick's Song

Bunty - Lover

Different Marks - Shiny Pennies feat. Cari Golden

Son of Stan - Corsica

And ending this embarressment of riches is...

Seams - Rilo

This is taken from the album Quarters - which was released on Monday, and bedfellow song Clapone was a Headphones Moment on Wednesday. Seams is Berlin-based British producer James Welch and he says of the song: "Rilo happened almost accidentally. It started life as two separate ideas, each of which I was struggling to make work. I was trying them out live, and realised that they went quite well together. Thus, 'Rilo' was born, taking the best bits of each." You can also catch him live - 21st Sept–London Koko, 9th Oct–London Concrete, 11th–Birmingham Bull’s Head and 12th Oct-Bristol Simple Things 2013.

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