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Tech Know How: 20 Aug 13

Assistant Producer

Every week Lucy Hedges from pops by to give us all the latest tech news and reviews. And here are her picks of the week:

Website of the week –

This is an archive of classic and legendary interviews, features, profiles and album/gig reviews dating as far back as the 60s to present day – includes full text articles and audio interviews. The library also includes previously unpublished pieces about The Beatles, The Doors and seminal interviews with major artists from Bob Dylan to Radiohead.

App of the week – Wibbitz, iOS, free – coming to Android soon

This app turns news articles into one to two-minute videos within five to ten seconds. It extracts the salient points from the text, pulling in images and infographics and converts summarized text into a video. It currently pulls stories from around 100 different sources, including the BBC, and features several different categories, including world news, technology, business, sports and entertainment.

Gadget of the week – Muku Shuttr

This is the world’s slimmest Bluetooth remote camera control for iOS and Android. A tiny remote lets you shoot selfies, group photos and video. It’ll also let you take pictures in rapid succession, as quickly as your phone will allow.

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