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Begbie's Memory Tape: 13 Sept 13

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Seeing as it's Sound of Cinema season, we thought why not have a very special Memory Tape in honour of cinema's most potty mouthed angry man. Used to getting his own way, it only seems right that we play out some of his tape. And here's Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh to give us more of an insight:

Desert Island Begbie

Shuddup a ya Face – Joe Dolce

Bullied again by his slumbering older brother Joe, the young Francis Begbie rose early and walked into the back green, contemplating his miserable lot. He noted that a house brick had been dislodged from the crumbling backcourt wall. Frank heard the strains of the Joe Dolce novelty hit playing in the kitchen. His mum used to affectionately sing it to big brother Joe when he was acting up. Frank picked up the brick, went into the house and thus the balance of power between the Begbie brothers was altered forever.

Play With Fire – Rolling Stones

The young Francis, drinking in pubs for the first time, was visibly moved by Jagger’s sneer in the chorus of this song, which became a personal manifesto.

We’ll Bring The House Down – Slade

As a kid growing up in the 70’s, Begbie worshipped Slade, but their finest moment in his eyes was this revival swansong 1980 hit which he enjoyed as a teenager, as it celebrated the fact that his boyhood idols had staying power.

Coward of the County – Kenny Rodgers

This is a Begbie guilty pleasure, which he would never put on the jukebox or express any public appreciation for. However, like most psychotic bams he’s a sucker for a good country and western ballad. This is the song that plays in his head as a spurious justification for all the violence he’s undertaken.

Bank Robber – Clash

As he has ambivalent feelings about his abandoning, alcoholic, thieving father, this is one of the few punk numbers that resonates with Begbie. In the case of Begbie snr, the line ‘he never hurt nobody’ is patent nonsense, but its self-justifying sentimentality serves its purpose for Franco.

Reason To Believe – Rod Stewart 

Most 'nutters' are always looking for someone to save them, and Begbie is no exception.  He secretly yearns for that one woman who can change his life and give him ‘a reason to believe’. Then, of course, he can blame them for falling off that pedestal he’s placed them on.

In A Broken Dream – Python Lee Jackson

Begbie’s weak spot; he can’t resist singing this ballad. And he has such a beautiful soulful voice. This is serious; if the wrong people learn that the hard man has a sensitive side…

Chinese Democracy – Gun and Roses

Begbie had no interest in Guns and Roses in their ‘Appetite For Destruction’ pomp, but a true, contrary Scot, he loves this over-produced work, particularly the title track, which he first heard on a flight to Spain.

Hi Ho Silver Lining – Jeff Beck

Anybody – anybody - who doesn’t sing along to this at a wedding is in trouble! And anybody who starts singing it before him will most likely get injured. **this isn't actually what was written, but you get the idea**

Hot Stuff – Donna Summer

Another Begbie guilty pleasure, he would never admit to liking a disco song but has a massive crush on Donna Summer, whom he got into through Rod Stewart’s disco phase. Not that Rod Stewart was ever really into disco – right?

Hanging On The Telephone – Blondie

Like most young men of his age, Begbie had the hots for Debbie Harry, and this song always reminds him of losing his temper when being forced to wait on the phone when he calls various government agencies, insurance companies etc about the status of his claims. 

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