Brett Anderson
BBC Radio 6 Music

MPFree: 27 Aug 13

Assistant Producer

Moody Tuesday? Not likely. The MPFree today comes from Fink, aka Fin Greenal, but with an amazing bonus that’s it’s a)live and b)backed by a full orchestra. The outcome; something truly beautiful.

Download Fink - Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us

Last year Fink performed a concert with one of the world’s best symphony orchestras – the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam. Fink’s music was rearranged for the orchestra by composer and orchestrator Jules Buckley, one of the most in-demand arrangers in Europe. The fruits of these collaborations are released October 14th via Ninja Tune with the album called, funnily enough, ‘Fink Meets the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra’.

**On a quick note he was the first singer songwriter Ninja Tune signed. Impressive**



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