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Tech Know How: 11 June 13

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Lucy Hedges from pops in every week to give us all the latest in tech news, gadgets and apps – listen back after the show to hear her talking about Apple’s new iOS7 and discussing the below:

Gadget of the Week - Projecteo

This is a miniature LED-powered Instagram slide Projector. The projector is about the size of a matchbox and has a slot wheel in which you can view images with a flick of your finger.

Website of the week –

This website explores the fascinating history of food: culinary history and heritage, culture, vintage recipes, historical dishes and origins of different ingredients and recipes. You'll be able to discover the stories behind your favourite foods and recipes from the influence of food and drink on the literature of Charles Dickens to making the cocktails of Mad Men and everything in between.

App of the Week - Official Glastonbury app, Free

This year’s Glasto music festival app includes features perfect for those who are attending and those who want to enjoy the event at home . It currently provides news in the run up to the festival, but later in the month it will get full line-up details and a customizable schedule, interactive maps including pin drops, real-time news, you'll be able to set meeting points and share social media. Alternatively, the BBC iPlayer Radio app will have dedicated Glastonbury button for audio and video on the go.

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