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Desert Island Disco: A Heart & Spirit Lift, Careful With The Cheese

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Today's Desert Island Disco-er is Vicki Lovegrove (but for the purposes of this feature, we'll call her Vicki Lovegroove!). Vicki Lovegroove chose a set list that reminds her of friends near and far, the good times and feeling connected, and a fabulous concoction it is too. Send your tracks to and it could be your choosing tracks for your Desert Island Disco. And here is Vicki to tell all: 

"I chose tracks that transport me to another place and those that remind me of being with my friends. I don’t live anywhere near my closest, oldest friends, so I find listening to these tracks helps me to feel connected to them. I’m currently pregnant with my 2nd, so feeling close to your friends is really important. They are also a great shorthand for when we meet up, it is like we haven’t been apart.

A Heart & Spirit Lift, Careful With The Cheese

1.) The theme from shaft – Issac Hayes (the only track my husband dances to!)

2.) Viva la felicita – Franco Godi (theme from Mr Rossi cartoon, reminds me of never ending summers)

3.) Finally – Ce Ce Peniston (from my favourite film, Priscilla Queen of the Desert)

4.) What a fool believes – Doobie Brothers (a guilty pleasure)

5.) Grease – Frankie Valli (smooth! Takes me back to my friends at school)

6.) Poison Ivy – The Coasters

7.) GrooveJet – Spiller (cocktails in Greece overlooking the sea)

8.) Tainted Love – Soft Cell (Takes me back to my friends at school)

9.) Miss Fatback – Saundra Philips (a rare gem, and played a lot at a party we had. Please please play this one!)

10.) Together in Electric Dreams – Phil Oakey & Giorgio M (transports me back to the 80s and being a kid)

11.) Bang Bang Bang – Mark Ronson

12.) Summer night city – Abba

13.) Party Fears Two – The Associates (don’t know what it is about this one, but makes my heart soar! Trying to get my 6yr old Mackenzie to like this, but he has perfect pitch, and lets face it Billy Mackenzie doesn’t!)

14.) Push the Button – Chemical Brothers (such a great build, gets the floor going)

15.) Michael Jackson – Don’t stop until you get enough (because it would be rude not to)


I could listen to these tracks endlessly, was hard to just pick 15 so tried to concentrate on ones that make my heart and spirit lift, with a careful amount of cheese."

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