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This week's Memory Tapes comes from Anna, who writes....


"When we were 15/16 years old (1992-1995) my friend Emma and me would be avid frequenters of our local indie disco's Langtrys in Beckenham and The Venue in New Cross.

"Having met by me accosting her one night and telling her in no certain terms that we WERE going to be friends whether she liked it or not, we were soon the best of buds. I’m not quite sure how it evolved but we ended up creating a series of dances which we later dubbed ‘action women’ dances to a variety of songs that we used to hear. They were called action women dances as we used to just enact the words of the song whilst dancing.


"This list of songs grew exponentially and one night I got home from school to find a tape and a letter in the post (we used to write each other letters all the time even though we both had telephones...), excitedly I rang her and over the phone I listened to the tape in its entirety and wrote down the tracklisting - (a 90 minute phone call did not impress my parents very much).

"Over the next two years we ended up making 7 volumes of Now That’s What I Call Action Women, we would each take it in turns, give each other the tape but with no writing on, and listen to it together, the receiver of said tape being the one who got to write out the actual tracks.


"It grew from just action women songs to songs that reminded us of certain times and events, for example we were at a primal scream concert in 1994 when we found out Kurt Cobain had died and we both held hands and cried whilst Bobby Gillespe dedicated Damaged to him.


"About 6 years ago Emma emigrated to Australia where she now lives with her lovely husband Stuart and their two beautiful children. In 2006 just before she left she got married and at about 10.30pm after a few sherries we re-enacted the Whole Of The Moon by the Waterboys (the ultimate action women song) for her entire wedding party. We still keep in touch, but it would be incredible to have a Memory Tape of our first ever Now That's What I Call Action Women on the radio."


Heres The Tracklisting


Side One

1) The Waterboys: The Whole Of The Moon

2) The Pogues: Fairytale of New York

3) Lemonheads: Into Your Arms

4) PJ Harvey: Sheela Na Gig

5) Ministry: NWO

6) Janes Addiction: Been Caught Stealing

7) Sheep On Drugs: Motorbike

8) Sisters Of Mercy: Temple Of Love

9) PWEI: Bulletproof

10): Senser: Eject

11) Consolidated: You Suck


Side 2

 1) Therapy: Screamager

2) Undertones: Teenage Kicks

3) Meatloaf: Bat Out Of Hell

4) REM: Half A World Away

5) Gloria Gaynor: I Will Survive

6) Mudhoney: Touch Me I'm Sick

7) The Smiths: Please Please Please

8) The Lemonheads: Mrs Robinson

9) The Cure: Trust

10) Utah Saints: Something Good.

11) Eat: Shame


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  • Comment number 1. Posted by Ant

    on 26 Apr 2013 20:58

    This is brilliant. Have just stumbled across it having found the second instalment featured some weeks later. I too spent many a happy night in The Venue around the same time as I was in student housing around the corner. (I seem to remember Paul Oakenfold being the support act for Flowered Up towards the end of my time there.) Anyway, a fantastic tape Anna! I am going to start a social media campaign until you put up the tracklistings for all seven volumes of the Action Women memory tapes as they both capture moments that were very special to you both, but also a great record of the music doing the rounds at that time. Please post the listings online somewhere and comment here!

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