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This week's mix was made for a'travelling. As Brian explains...

"It's a decade old now, first created in late 2002. I was pleased enough with it to upload it to The Art Of The Mix site.

"The mix itself is based around travelling. At that point I had a job which kept me moving, travelling and flying a lot. I find the whole experience of airports and flights and checking in/out, the buses, taxis and hotels quickly becomes rather unreal. It's not your real life. It's not what you actually DO. It's just the process of getting to where you can actually do things. To compound things, my family were at home in Scotland. My kids were both under ten at that point and I missed them.

"I wanted something which kept the whole idea of travelling and transit, as dreamlike as possible. It kept the whole thing at a distance and allowed me to treat it all as something which wasn't important and certainly wasn't real.

"So, I came up with a mix which involved a lot of my favourite elements. There's a little post-rock/shoegaze in there (Mogwai, Bowery Electric, Mogwai), some trip hop and chill out (The Aloof, Portishead) and some slightly more up beat trance (PPK, Chemical Brothers) since I didn't want to actually fall asleep and miss my plane/train/whatever.

"This is still my favourite mix for travelling. It's gone from the original C90 mix, to a minidisk, to MP3, Spotify (though they're missing a lot of the remixes) and has helped me cover some serious ground. I don't travel nearly as far or as often these days, but it's a mix I think anyone who's away from home on business would get a lot out of."

Here are the tracks:

Mogwai - Tracey

The Aloof - Wish You Were Here

Stone Roses - Fools Gold (Grooverider Remix)

Underworld - Cups

Arab Strap - New Birds

Bowery Electric - Saved (Ripley Remix)

PPK - ResuRection (The Perfecto Edit)

The Dandy Warhols - Godless (Massive Attack Edit)

Moby Feat. Gwen Stefani - Southside

Garbage - Cherry Lips (Howie B Remix)

Neil Young - Dead Man

Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar

Spiritualized - Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space (Original Elvis Mix)

Regular Fries - The Pink Room

Saint Etienne - Cool Kids Of Death (Underworld Mix)

The Hissyfits - Giant Ants

Placebo Mix - Pure Morning (Howie B remix)

Archers Of Loaf - White Trash Heroes

Massive Attack - Be Thankful (Paul Oakenfold Mix)

The Wedding Present - Carolyn

Gabriel Yared - C'est Le Vent, Betty

Art Of Noise - Moments In Love

Ruby - Paraffin (Richard Fearless Mix)

The Beta Band - Dry The Rain

Puretone - Addicted To Bass

Portishead - Theme From To Kill A Dead Man

You really should email Lauren your Memory Tape, no? Yes.


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