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Memory Tapes: An Imaginary C90

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Here's listener and Memory Tape-r Richard Draycott describing this Memory Tape in his own words: 

This is an imaginary C90 cassette giving glimpses, recollections and re-imagined moments from 65 years on the planet related to the musical background to a life.

1. Paul Robeson. Ol’ Man River (from Showboat). 4m 19s. Sung by father in childhood. The song has a message that is timeless.        

2. Harry Belafonte & Miriam Makeba. Hurry, Mama, Hurry! 3m 28s. Also from childhood…

3. Eddie Cochran. Somethin’ Else. 2m 10s. The first 45 I ever bought.

4. Freddy Cannon. Way Down Yonder in New Orleans. 2m 34s. Was the record playing when I first ventured to dance with a girl in public.

5. The Marcels. Blue Moon. 2m 15s. Announced my arrival at boarding school, where I soon shared a study with John Foster who had every Kingston Trio LP on vinyl, hence

6. The Kingston Trio. Tom Dooley. 3m 05s.

7. But much more important was my introduction in that study to John Coltrane. Ole. 18m 19s. His 1962 masterpiece that led to

8. Charles Mingus. Pussy Cat Dues. 9m 14s.

End of side 1, we’re off to Southampton University

9.  Where I soon find the Mothers and Brown Shoes Don’t Make It. 7m 14s and am delighted to be enrolled as a bouncer for an early Led Zeppelin gig…

10.  Let’s have the “One night stand” live version from the BBC Sessions  6m 20s

11.  And to get to the Albert Hall for Cream’s farewell concert so Stormy Monday 8m 09s

12.  But far more important was drifting around the St Tropez area busking….I went round with the hat whilst my 2 chums played guitars and sang in restaurants….in a restaurant in Grimaud, we were invited to go upstairs to the private room and entertain a party. The invitation came from Alain Delon so I felt I could enjoy the party and not worry about collecting….and dance with the prettiest girl in the room, Brigitte Bardot, to a rendition of Fred Neil’s Everybody’s Talkin’ 2m 46s

13.  Moving on, we find Jill continuously, repeatedly and drunkenly stripping and dancing in the middle of the night to Jessica by the Allman Brothers 7m 35s

14.  And then, post punk, we discover Giant Sand and all the magnum opus of Howe Gelb so Yer Ropes 3m 54s

15.  And the brilliant cover of Johnny Hit and Run, Pauline 3m 07s. These 2 are for Linda, who is just starting chemo for a lymphoma and who was there 30 years ago when we first found Howe’s music.

16. Finally, we’ll let Annette Peacock play us out with Free The Memory 4m 40s.

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